20 Replies to “15 Things You Didn't Know About The Textile Industry”

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    Speaking of textile, check out the Fashion Industry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu_44ceTAX8&

  2. You're saying India is the second largest textile exporter after china. But actually Bangladesh it is. You should have researched more.

  3. Our experience in textile industry can be traced back to 1970,with more than 40 year experience. our company website: http://www.strength-machinery.com; http://www.suntech-machine.com

  4. I am into garment manufacturing
    The market here has changed a lot
    The minimum wage here for a factory employee is 180$ a month
    No cheap labour available
    China has killed indian garment market so far
    The quality of materials what we produce here are very expensive
    And not all of india is rich
    And as taxes goes only old players are able to push through in export market
    Startup’s are struggling like anything

  5. 🤣🤣🤣 , I think they need to check their facts about vicunas. They are not goats or sheep, they are related to alpacas and are apart of the cameild family. But the fiber is crazy expensive

  6. I did not know about that, East Africa gets donated clothes to resell. Now I understand the cost factor items made of vicuña wool.

  7. You are not making any sense. You want us to stop wasting clothes and hurting the environment, by not throwing our old clothes away but give them back to people who can use them. Okay I'm understand that. But then you say some clothes go to Africa. I say so what let them have it, you've gave it away let it go. But because it's used there you say "No go deed goes unpunished." Are you that prejudice/racist?
    How and where are you getting hurt helping those in need? Please explain this pile of mess you just spewed.

  8. Lovin the vids❤️ Keep it up, great work!👍 You got a new watcher 😍, I make similar stuff, if you could come check it out that'd be awesome👌

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