23 Replies to “16 Best Oscar Dresses of All Time”

  1. Bad choice not that beautiful color help make a dress beautiful Julia Robert's dress was not petty black and white can be beautiful. not this dress someone missed the beautiful fashion mark

  2. "NYON'GO":We don't pronounce the 'n' and 'y' separately dear but together as 'ny'. BYEBYE!!!❤🇰🇪❤

  3. Creo que te has olvidado de la flamante Penelope Cruz el año que ganó el oscar, o incluso de ladyGaga este año

  4. The most stunning dress ever to be seen on the red carpet was Brie Larson's gorgeous blue Gucci from a few years back…it brought tears to my eyes because of its beauty. None of these dresses come close.

  5. Michelle Williams don't deserve to be in the list her dress so normal and boring instead you talk about halley berry dress in Oscar 2002

  6. The dress wear by Julia Robert always remind me of Skunk.., sorry…coz I watch the whole oscar show that year…and its stick on my mind..

  7. Thanks for all your comments and youtube please curry on comments mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube

  8. 6 of the top Artists in Hollywood fantastic presentation fashion styles dresses new York London Paris Italian style very conffy beautiful colour quality royal wears love it public sector voted 200k like each congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube. Mo?

  9. They all look so gorgeous!!! And these dresses…my heart beats so fast!! 😀

    I'll need to think about some of these ideas and show on my channel :O

  10. Basically they’re on the list because they were nominated and got attention, have nothing to do with the dress!

  11. Lady gaga Oscars 2019 should be in the top two….but at least you got Julia Roberts right! Who is first and who is second? These lovely ladies can take turns lol.

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