1. Love this video! I just couldn’t decide which outfit I like more. You look amazing in all of them. 💕

  2. Hey Carin! Absolutely love this video! All the outfits are soooo adorable! 🌸 Most pieces I even wanna have myself! Looks like you had a blast on your trip! And you look so beautiful dear! 💖

  3. Hi Carin!! This was such a great video… I love the song and all the outfit ideas… When I clicked on the description I couldn’t believe all the work you put in by linking everything for your followers… You do such a wonderful job and I just want to let you know that so many of us appreciate all your hard work… Thank you for making these videos and we love ya girl!!!

  4. Such adorable girly outfits loved all of them the red dress was my fav you have great style ! And loved the creative transitions 😊

  5. You must take a lot of inspiration from Southern Curls & Pearls, since she just did a similar post on vacation outfits!

  6. Your gorgeous babe like you should be a model with your body looking like that and how tall you are I’m telling you Victoria secret angel material . Your style is fabulous also, love how you pair your accessories with your outfits !!! Pure adorable ness lol😍😍😍😍

  7. These outfits and locations are super cute, you’re so pretty. I don’t think I’d pull of any of those outfits though 💖☀️😘 Loved this xxx

  8. This came at the most perfect time!! I’m going to start packing for my honeymoon in about a month!! 🙌🏼💗✨😁

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