1940’s Evening Dresses – Fashion Trends

1940’s Evening Dresses – Fashion Trends

Correctness in dress like other matters of etiquette is something which has to be learned One needs to check on himself and inquire from those who know what is correct Of course women usually receive more training than men in the etiquette of dress because of its importance to their appearing always to their best advantage But girls have their problems just as fellows do and what they think is in good taste may not be Naturally everyone thinks that what he or she likes should be considered, correct. but most girls are inclined to over a dress . Even the word of parents is not always accepted Mother is called old-fashioned But Margaret will take Helens word for it That she is wearing too many ornaments Simplicity is always the safest policy in ornamentation Correctness of dress for an occasion includes not only the choice of gown and slippers But the hairdo and the accessories, the jewelry, and yes the face makeup The rules are simple Logical and easy to remember and they are very important “Hmm!”

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  1. I feel like this video touches on the well known coco Chanel quote: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”

  2. This is so glamerous! beautiful classy ladies when woman always matched there outfits and lipstick matched with there nail polish ❤❤❤

  3. My grandma loves this channel. Every time a new video comes on i show her. She tells me it brings her back to being 16 again.

  4. Yes, I tell my daughters the same: Keep It Simple! Dress, heels, stockings, hair clip, one piece of jewelry and a small purse. Period.

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