1940’s Evening Dresses – The Dance 1946

1940’s Evening Dresses – The Dance 1946

Dances are intended for enjoyment ! and the rules of etiquette, which apply to dances are again, customs which have grown out of one persons anticipating the wishes and feelings of others A gentleman doesn’t dash off, just because he sees a friend and wants to say hello ! He waits as his lady removes her rack. Ladies expect this much courtesy Just as they enjoy the thoughtfulness shown in presenting them with a well chosen corsage, or enjoy being properly escorted ! After greeting the sponsors The first they do is to select a rendezvous. so that they’ll have a definite meeting place after dances. Then they begin filling in their dance program The purpose of the program is not to exclude others, but the opposite. To plan in exchanging in as many dances as possible. In that way everyone dances with her friends, and makes new friends It is not a mark of affection for a couple to try dancing an entire evening by themselves It is customary though, for a couple to reserve for themselves, the first and last dance. Frank forgets it, and has to be straightened out But now that they have started dancing, lets hope that their trouble are over. and that they evening will work out the way they had hoped . However let us watch, and see if their enjoyments, depends on their manners ! Frank ..relax… be natural .. talk ! Margaret, you’re going yak ata yak ata yakata .. No Frank ..hold the cup yourself. Then fill it Getting jealous? They’re only enjoying themselves . Keep trying Frank. Be sensible about it Frank you’re wrong. She hasn’t lost interest in you . It’s foolish to be jealous. As the dances draws to a close, Everyone seems to have had a good time. except Frank !

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  1. Margaret and Helen, in their gorgeous gowns, continue on to the dance with their respective dates.

    Frank, by the way .. is clearly an idiot

  2. These two men look like my late father and uncle dating my mother and aunt!! So sweet ! Romantic days these were ❀❀❀

  3. My beautiful mother’s era was the 1940’s, and while I have lost her a few years ago, these videos make me think of her and the stories she shared from that era. It truly was a glamorous time, with elegant ladies and gentlemen. She used to show me how she used pin curls in her hair, and once when I was in high school, she set my hair the same. I love those page boy hairstyles, like the ones in this video. And the gowns…like a fairy tale! Thank you, glamourdaze, for these glimpses into a by-gone time. I watch with such longing for my wonderful parents.

  4. When times we're simple and swiping left was my dance card is full Frank it's foolish to be jealous. Poor Frank I would have danced with him ☺️

  5. That girls peachy pink dress is totes heaven, I'm dead!!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• I would love to have that dress nowadays….it's still classically stunning!πŸ’— Omg even their makeup was on point! Love love love these glam looks!

  6. before feminism hit, men and women genuinely seemed to enjoy one another's company.
    love the dark-haired beauty in the film.

  7. I have never seen a dance card in my life! Lol I suppose that's what people did back in the good ol' days, provide dance cards for ladies and let the gentlemen sign their names to the card so they could have a dance with her and also rotation of dance partners if there were more than one lady in want of a dance partner and not enough men. But, it sort of begs the question of the man who cuts in for a dance, I mean does he only do that if a girl's dance card is already full? Or Does he sign his name to her card before he interrupts the dance with her and another man? And why did proper etiquette insist that her male dance partner oblige the man who cuts in for the dance? So many questions I have about all this!

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