1948 Cleveland Indians Bat Boy Worn Uniform | Web Appraisal | Albuquerque

1948 Cleveland Indians Bat Boy Worn Uniform | Web Appraisal | Albuquerque

GUEST: We had just moved to Cleveland from
West Virginia. And my mom went into the Marine Hospital as
a nurse, and we lived near there. And they had a bat boy contest and you know
I want to be bat boy for the Cleveland Indians. And we wrote, you know all the kids that are
14, wrote in on that and ten of us were taken in for an interview with Bill Veeck and some
other folks. And I got second place, and was bat boy for
visiting teams. APPRAISER: And first place was probably the
Indians own… GUEST: Yeah. APPRAISER: …bat boy but second place wasn’t
too shabby, you got to go to all the games. GUEST: That’s right. APPRAISER: And what better year than 1948,
the year they won their second of two World Series, their last World Series Championship. So you wore this during the regular season. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: And during the World Series, presumably
during games three, four, and five, when they were at home, okay? Tell me about the jersey, was it hot wearing
it? GUEST: Oh yes, this was wool uniforms. APPRAISER: They present nicely, you’ve kept
tremendous care of them over the years. Were the players nice to you when you were
a bat boy? GUEST: Yes, they were. Some nicer than others. A lot of them were preoccupied, you know,
and didn’t have time to fool with a kid, that’s all right. APPRAISER: Satchel Paige, do you recall Satchel
Paige that year? GUEST: Yes I sure do. APPRAISER: 1948, Bill Veeck recruited Satchel
Paige from the Negro Leagues and Satchel then became the oldest rookie at 42 years old. It was six and one that year, pitched at one
of the games in the World Series, and ultimately helped them win. Very interesting, and it’s nice to hear that
you got to witness one of the most amazing athletes in baseball history. GUEST: His pitches, hesitation pitch… APPRAISER: Really something special and you
wore this during that great year, again their last World Series. The one thing I wanna tell you, we didn’t
discuss, is value and I’m sure you’re curious. This is hard to quantify because bat boy game,
Series-worn jerseys, I’ve never come across, but we have come across professional players. If we’re going to quantify the value, we have
to consider what those have sold for. Given that, I think a value at auction, I
think $2,000 to $3,000. GUEST: All right.

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  1. This man who owed and actually wore the uniform is an encyclopedia of baseball history from that period! Awesome video!! Cheers All

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