1980's New Jersey Tourism Ad (feat. Governor Tom Kean)

1980's New Jersey Tourism Ad (feat. Governor Tom Kean)

wherever I go people ask me where a New Jersey vacation is like well it's long white beaches surf fishing all sorts of entertainment amusements in the Sun it's America's heritage canoeing and camping in the mountains and it's so many different things that we think of it as vacation in America the Beautiful tell me small your Jersey and you perfect together

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  1. I believe Tom Kean is demonstrating what is known as "the New Jersey Dutch" accent — which was at one time confined to upper-crust New Jersey bluebloods with dutch roots.

  2. I guess Donald Trump never saw these commercials back in the day, since in 2016 he doesn't know the difference between Tom Kean and Tim Kaine (Hillary Clinton's running mate), lol.

  3. I'm going to New Jersey for Wrestlrmania 29 in April of 2013 🙂

    Are there classic car museums in Elizabeth or anything related to.automobiles?

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