20/20 Mar 1 Pt 1: New Jersey town rocked with Sarah Stern's mysterious disappearance

20/20 Mar 1 Pt 1: New Jersey town rocked with Sarah Stern's mysterious disappearance

39 Replies to “20/20 Mar 1 Pt 1: New Jersey town rocked with Sarah Stern's mysterious disappearance”

  1. Njfucknsuckthepplarephonyasfanlameashnjthebutthole of America white trash wannabes all over njisgarbage😷🤮🤮🤮🤮🤬🤮🤮🤮🤮😷🤬🤮😡🤮🤬🤮🤧🤮😷😬🤯🤧🤭🤮

  2. There's a river in Egypt Called De-nile and liam's mother has a huge case of it. She's really getting on my last nerve. Like lady hes the way he is because you've made excuses for him his entire life. Also I know Sara's mother passed and I know it's not always the case but where's liam's father? Anyone notice lots of absentee fathers in these type of situations as well? Also, I live in north NJ right by GW bridge. Neptune is not a rich area at all it's weird. Liam and Preston don't strike me as rich but more as white trash. Sara on the other hand in regards to the home her mother had ….Avon by sea and Bradley beach are a different story $$$$$$ South Jersey is weird to me in general my family always had a summer home but that was/is our vacation we didn't travel much. But once nov.rolls around we shut the house down till next season and stay up north. Kind of empty and weird in winter months thats changing little by little now but still weird to me lol.

  3. His mother raised something like that…. She should have never had children. Oh, she is soooo responsible. Liam is garbage. Death is the only thing that should happen to him. He killed Sarah just so he can party. What a waste of breath! I hope the mother gets to watch her son get the death penalty. The mother is a phoney!!!! I get sick watching her. Yuck.!!! I hope he gets a really big prison cell mate. Have fun.

  4. I was leaving the club that night and saw the police on the bridge with the car on rt35 crazy I'll never forget that

  5. Poor beautiful girl. I see her memorial on the Belmar Bridge. My heart aches for her father, and family. 6/21/2019 life without parole for Liam Mcatasney will never bring closure to Sarah's family, their all in my prayers 🙏🏻💜💙🌠🌹. Rest in Paradise Sarah . My heart breaks for Liam's family as well. They have to live with the fact liam committed a cold blooded, useless murder. Makes absolutely no sense at all

  6. Only gays have "women friends". Any chick that has ever lived with me has been to bed with me first. Then we might find common ground and choose to not mess up a good friendship. But this just doesnt sound right to me at ll. Bruce Springsteen country? I dont think so. Not even close. These are rich upper middle class. Bruce hung out at ASbury Park. He came to Richmond VA every weekend when he had SteelMill. I thought he was from Richmond for a long while.(1968-70) This was way before solo career. He played for almost every event that was anything around VCU, in the Fan District area. But Neptune? Never heard of it. It sounds like a nice place to live, very white.

  7. Rip the most loving beutiful kind hearted soul your in a beutiful place sarah and we miss you 💗💗💗 .

  8. Bull shit. I used to work in Neptune, in fact one of Bruce Springsteen guitarist used to let me crash at his house after work. I worked at centerfolds …FYI GREAT PLACE BYOB…to my point…that place is mini Mexico😤😤😤😤😤😤

  9. She was beautiful. These 2 overprivledged white boys would rather kill a good friend than get a job. Well now their jobs will be giving bj's and washing other dudes underwear. Hope it was worth 5 grand a piece😊

  10. Omg. That guy is evil how could u do that with your best friend. His family are evil too especially his mother so sad her mother passed away now she's gone at a young age rest & peace ❤

  11. This is why money is Evil for Evil people. It's never good idea to have, give money or tell that you May have money to anybody specially to Evil humans like these boys. I Hope god keeps me away from anything that is Evil.

  12. bros, why would you let a teenager keep more than say $1,000 in their piggy bank. you teach your children to save your money in the bank. HTF doe s a teen even acquire 10,000, let alone the 100,000 the kiiller thought would be in a simple safe. this is all messed up shyt,

  13. He was her childhood friend??? CHILDHOOD FRIEND?!?!?!?!? AND FOR WHAT , MONEY ?? fuck I better stay alone, can't no trust anyone anymore smh

  14. Death penalty is to good for these scumbags and his mother should be in jail for raising that piece of trash

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