20 EASY OUTFIT IDEAS πŸ‘• T-Shirt Edition (Mens Outfit Ideas) // Imdrewscott

20 EASY OUTFIT IDEAS πŸ‘• T-Shirt Edition (Mens Outfit Ideas) // Imdrewscott

hello guys what's up it is drew here today I want to style some t-shirts for you guys I have a ton of different ways that I'm gonna sell them for you so I think we should just get into it the teacher is probably my favorite silhouette when it comes to tops on myself absolutely love the way they look so today I wanted to share with you how I style them sliding on in with look number one I'm just going in with a basic black tea and black Jean combo I find this to be a very go to look for me but the thing I love about this bhakti is that it has a boxy or cut on top so I paired it with a slimmer Jean just to kind of offset the proportions to elevate our basic bitch look we started off with I'm adding a tan oversized blazer this one's a nice linen finish I got this at the thrift store for a couple bucks so it's just a nice little alternative option to a jacket especially for the summertime channeling my inner modern hipster here I've pulled up the jeans and I'm going in with a trouser and these are a flared trousers from Acme one of my favorite pants that I own I absolutely love this pair of pants I opted to accessorized the dark base of this outfit with a sick pair of brown boots and then I also complimented those brown boots with these and brown that sort of see-through almost squared off aviator frames and over to roll up the sleeves to show off the guns cringe rolling into my ride-or-die piece in my wardrobe it is the basic white t-shirt I literally wear this probably four out of the seven days a week and I'm gonna make this look a little bit more on the sporty side I love how you can really transition a basic white t-shirt to really fit any style so I paired it with a color-block track pant and then also just made it a little bit more classic with the converse but don't forget if you do want to make your look a little bit more tailored you can tuck it in and this one has a nice in the unpop on the belt for look number five I'm channeling my inner and military man and I'm wearing a pair of emerald green a corduroy cropped cargo pants which is exactly what they're wearing in the military these days I'm totally lying by the way but I'm also adding a Prada arm bag that serves no purpose but to maybe hold an air pod or a small snack I added a simple black belt and a pair of black boots to kind of go back to our military aesthetic and it definitely finishes off the utilitarian outfit starting off the base of this outfit with one of my favorite recent drift finds which is this pair of a vintage Levi's I absolutely love them and then I'm also wearing a shirt that probably I would have wore in kindergarten but honestly I'm so here for it it is a blue and green striped of tea and then I'm finishing it off with a varsity jacket and then also adding a converse for kind of that high school aesthetic if you want an outfit a bit more in the funkier side this is the look for you i went in and i played with patterns with this outfit with a pair of vintage efendi pants that I'm obsessed with and then of course the pattern play on the top with these stripes I rolled up the sleeves to make it a little bit less stuffy and I'm added a pair of Nike Cortez's just to kind of sportif I this outfit if you will now I really wanted to style up band tees in this video but I personally don't own any however everyone and their mom seems to own a banty of a band they have never even heard of um if you guys know exactly what I'm talking about so instead I opted for this t-shirt that has an eagle on it which I thought was just kind of like a knockoff banty shirt and I styled it with a leather jacket some trousers and a pair of Converse sticking with the same top half of the outfit I'm going to change up the jeans and shoes so I went in with a more oversized distressed look and then I also added a pair of combat boots just to sort of channel our inner modern hipster straight boy cowboy whatever you want to call this look I just really really like it overall look number 10 features to DIY pieces I've actually done on my channel in the past the t-shirt has an embroidered neckline that says make me laugh and then the jeans have a red stripe down the side so I played with the grey tones and I added this grey oversized jacket and a pair of silver boots to complete the perfect growt fit also known as a grey outfit I have been so obsessed with this outfit silhouette lately and it is a pair of a dad jeans with a simple t-shirt and a belt and then I also threw on a pair of elevated Doc Martens and a lot of you guys might be asking yourself drew how tall are you you look five foot tall in this video and actually guys I'm actually 5 foot 11 but with these boots on I'm 6 foot 1 so don't ever come for me I'm just kidding look number 12 plays an ode back to look number 2 I threw on that the thrifted at linen blazer which I absolutely love and it just adds a layer to this look which I think elevates it overall it's minimal modern and very effortless I knew I wanted to add a long sleeve shirt and I knew I wanted to add some color into this video so that's exactly what I'm doing with this outfit I'm starting off with this long-sleeve yellow Eckhouse lot I believe that's how you pronounce it shirt and I threw on a pair of Zara dyed jeans with a rip on them out of those platform doc martens and a little bum bag just to kind of finish off this 70s retro tumbler kid vibe if you're not super into the casual vibe of the last outfit a way to sheikah fie absolutely any t-shirt or honestly any look in general is to wear a wide leg trousers so I went in with this pair of black wide leg trousers a chunkier shoe and then I also added the same bag I used in the last look just to sort of tie back the black from the pan there's an amplifier last look a little bit more because I really wanted to tie in a bit more about yellow so I threw on this vintage Polo jacket and I personally loved the super super oversize quality of this outfit I think it's effortless it's very fun and chic but it's very playful at the same time I feel like the horizontal stripe t-shirt gets a bad rap but honestly I think it's really flattering on I have a black and white version here I really really love it I think it screams subtle but it also screams like in-your-face at the same time and I finished it off with a pair of black cargo pants a chunky sneaker and then a waist belt just to sort of add an accessorized look to the outfit for outfit number 17 let's go back to the seventies I really wanted to create a monochromatic sort of retro outfit and that's exactly what I did here I threw on a vintage windbreaker I got at the thrift store that has this really cool curvature to it and it's black and white playing back to the black and white stripes in the top and also in the adidas gazelles and this look just screams to me you're cool dad in the 70s but me currently so the other day I really wanted to go shopping for it shirts that really described me as a person and this one that says mentally Gauna seemed to do the trick perfectly and since it's a dark grey shirt I actually wanted to pair it with a sort of colorful outfit so I went in with this gray toned blue which i think is really nice because I think the outfit itself is very muted but then I added a pair of cortes sneakers which really steal the show and I think the white and black on the sneakers really makes this outfit pop all right guys second class outfit we are almost done I threw on a pair of DIY Dickies that I got at Target and then I used a fabric spray paint to do those little silver bands on the bottom and then I also added on my platform Doc Martens rolled up the sleeves just to create a little bit of a less stuffy look and I think this outfit is just great for like a quick lunch or if you wanted to go shopping with your friends just something simple and casual and just to make this look feel completely whole for the last one I'm throwing on a cropped flannel which I think goes back to this striping in the pants so well I think this looks like it was made to fit together and it just makes it look overall a bit more expensive so I hope you guys enjoyed all those little t-shirts that I styled for you it took me it before ever to style those so definitely this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy and also leave a comment below let me know which look was your favorite I would love to know all the pieces I did wearing this video are gonna be linked in the description box below for you guys sorry about this fluctuating lighting too there's a tree outside my window that's just like really fluttering for a real one at the moment thank you guys so much for watching and if you would like to get your daily dose of Dru check on my Instagram at I'm drew Scott I post outfits over there all the time and I will catch you all in my next video bye guys

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  1. youre 5'11?! man crush monday!! AAaaaahhh!! ❀️❀️ also that #19 trousers looks like my construction worker uniform pants πŸ˜… didnt know it could be styled for fashion πŸ˜‚

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  3. It's so amazing how you use simple clothing items and style them to their full potential. You really inspired me

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  5. Love this voice over and the whole vibe of this video! Yassss!!! Be yourself the house!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»βœ¨πŸ’œ

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