20 Meme Halloween Costumes๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ”ฅ| 20th Anniversary

20 Meme Halloween Costumes๐Ÿ’€๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ”ฅ| 20th Anniversary

– Hard to clap with these big old titties – Hi, so (laughs) Hi! (scary music) – Hey Natural Curly world, I’m Alexandra. – I’m Gerilyn. – And in honor of our our 20th anniversary we are bringing ya’ll 20 of
the best memes for Halloween. Let’s get into it! – I just wanted to tell you
that you can scam anyone. My costume is Joanne The Scammer. I’m a huge Joanne The Scammer fan. When your co-workers think your hair grew 10 inches overnight, you have become like me
a professional scammer. Professional honey! My next costume is the Floss Backpack Kid because everyone wants to dance like him. I think its been a year later and people are still doing this. When you got that twist out just right. (upbeat spooky music) This is dumb. My back hurts. I’m too old for this. For my next look I am the
Black Man On The Phone. When you take out your protective style and your stylist isn’t
answering your call. 🎵 Yo-deleh-heeyeee
yo-deleh-heeyee yo-deleh-heee So I am Mason Ramsey, better known as the Yodeling
Boy that’s in Walmart, and yeah I’m not Pee-wee Herman although its a really cool look. When your mom leaves you in
line at the grocery store to grab something and you’re up next. My mom still does this to me and I’m in my 30s. Stop doin’ me like that! For my next look I am Salt Bae. If you are familiar with Salt Bae, you know that he does the
whole salt in the hands, sprinkling his food with
it and just being fabulous. When you hit ’em with
that black girl magic. So for my next Halloween costume, I am ya’lls auntie squintin’. Real upset about prices at Target, upset by your uncle acting
a fool at the cook out. Just upset she’s just confused about it. She gotta look out real close. When you go to Target for batteries and end up in the hair aisle, then the cashier rings you up for $212.12. – For my costume, I am Hungover Barbie. When you forget to wrap your hair at night and then you wake up like this. Trash. (derisive grunt) For my next costume, I am a
cheerleader with attitude. Me judging my friends for being late when I was on time for the
first time in two years. For this next Halloween meme, I am Arthur Fist meme where he gets really mad and he scrunches up his
fist real, real angry. When someone tries to touch
you hair without asking. So this next look is Tyra Banks
on America’s Next Top Model tellin’ the contestants
hoe, but make it fashion. Feminism but make it intersectional. So for my next Halloween costume I am I Love New York sitting, waitin’ on her friends to get ready. When you’re all dressed up and ready waitin’ for you friends
to text, we outside. So for my next Halloween costume, I am little Cardi B with this fluffed Afro to the side and I’m real confused look. My mama said that ain’t your
real hair, that’s a weave. So my next costume is Arthur when he is going towards something he’s probably not supposed to be doing. You know, when your friends ask you go to happy hour and
you know good and well you ain’t got no money in the bank. Girl stay at home. So, all you need for this
look is some glasses, some cute little bear ears and a yellow sweatshirt. When you say you’re done with him and then he text you, hey. – So for the next few costumes I am going to be the Kermit the Frog meme. You may know that he comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and I’m going
to do four of them for you. So this first one is Kermit
the Frog as hooded Kermit and it’s kind of the devil’s advocate. Me: I can’t afford this
I got bills coming up. Also me: stunt on these hoes. (keyboard clacking) So the next Kermit costume you can do with the same materials
is the Kermit typing meme. When you’re arguing with someone online. (keyboard clacking) For this version of the Kermit meme all you need is a teacup and a teabag. You want your hair to grow
but stay ignoring your scalp, but that’s none of my business. This next Kermit meme is exhausted Kermit. Me after a long day of
doing the bare minimum. (exhaling) For this costume all you
need is a SpongeBob costume. I got mine on Amazon and the
good thing about this meme is you can actually use it for two different SpongeBob memes. But the one that I am is tired SpongeBob. Me after detangling my
hair after having in a productive style for over a month. (exhaling) For my second Halloween SpongeBob costume I am mocking SpongeBob. How did you get your hair like that? How did you get your hair like that? For this next costume I am the girl who’s ready to fight in her satin bonnet. When ya’ll give us rude
comments on YouTube. – So those were out top
20 meme Halloween costumes make sure you let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below – And we hope ya’ll have
a wonderful Halloween. Don’t forget to like, share, and follow. We’ll see ya’ll next time, bye!

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  1. I feel some of these are only practical in a video, but it was funny how y'all related them to hire things…especially tea sipping Kermit. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  2. This was so bad. I thought the video quality started slipping once Evelyn left but itโ€™s in the toilets now. I guess Iโ€™ll just follow the blog only now.

  3. I was thinking of being the NPC meme for Halloween, but instead I just dressed as one of my favorite singers. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Lollllllll she said "when you take out your protective style and your stylist not answering the phone" lol

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