20 Spring Jackets EVERY Man Should Own | Best Lightweight Coats To Buy For Men

20 Spring Jackets EVERY Man Should Own | Best Lightweight Coats To Buy For Men

20 Spring Jackets Every Man Should Own [0:00:00]
In today’s video, gentlemen, I’m covering over 20 lightweight jackets that every man
should consider owning. Now, I’m gonna be covering a lot of jackets
in today’s video. But if you wanna find one quickly, go down
into the description of today’s video and look for it. My goal, gents, is to give you the information
you need to dress like the man you know yourself to be. Now, before I get into the jackets, I wanna
lay some ground rules. Number one, if a jacket does not fit you,
do not buy it. Every jacket you buy needs to fit you well
because jackets are very difficult to adjust. It can be done, but understand the thickness
of the material means that you actually have to go to a seamstress or go to someone with
a specialty sewing machine that’s gonna be able to handle the tough material that a lot
of these jackets are made from. Next up, pay attention to the material the
jacket is made from. Oftentimes, this is going to drive the price. So, when you find a jacket made from leather,
made from wool, these are luxury materials. They’re gonna really drive up the price. However, when you look at a jacket that’s
made from cotton, oftentimes you’re gonna get it at an agreeable price. And when you find jackets made from synthetic
materials, don’t always dismiss them. Sometimes these can be really great jackets
and you can find them at great prices. The next point I wanna leave with you is that
the style of jackets is very fluid. What I mean by this is that when you talk
about a particular style or type of jacket, understand that every manufacturer is gonna
make this slightly different. So, the pictures I’m gonna show you, you may
not be able to find one exactly. But as long as it’s close, understand it’s
probably gonna fall into that style. And a general rule when it comes to style,
the simpler the jacket, the more formal it is. And remember with color, in general, the darker
the color, the more formal the jacket’s going to be. The lighter the color, the more casual the
jacket is going to be. The big takeaway is that you got a wide variety
of options here. That’s why it’s important that you understand
the base rules so that you can choose the right jacket for the right occasion. And gentlemen, if you want this information
quicker, you don’t wanna watch this whole video, I got a detailed article and infographic
for you right down in the description. I’m linking over to realmenrealstyle.com. That’s my main website where I’ve got tons
of useful guides including an infographic on jackets so you can go through and determine
which jacket you wanna grab. All right, gents, now let’s get into the
jackets. The first set of jackets I’m gonna talk
about, all of these jackets are casual. I’ll explain why and we’re gonna talk about
their style, we’re gonna talk about the material, and we’re gonna talk about what you want to
look for when you’re going out to buy one. So, the first casual lightweight jackets we’re
going to talk about, that’s gonna be the fleece, that’s gonna be the flannel, and that’s
gonna be the cotton jackets. All these jackets very casual. And don’t confuse them with the hoodie. The hoodie does not have an opening in the
front. It’s going to be a pullover. No. With these type of jackets, we are gonna see
an opening right here in the front. This one has a zipper. Zippers are gonna be the most common that
we’re oftentimes gonna find these with a hood or without. They don’t have to have it. But again, these are gonna have the whole
look of a jacket. Normally, they’re gonna have pockets right
over here in the side to be able to keep your hands warm and let’s talk a little bit about
the materials because some you guys are probably wondering what is fleece. Should I go with 100% cotton? Should I go with the mix? Is there a reason I should go with one or
another? What you’re gonna find with a lot of the cottons
is that they are gonna have a mix of a fleece or a synthetic material for performance reasons. But on this one right here, we’re gonna find
they’ve got a little bit of a fleece of a synthetic material on the inside that makes
it very soft. And fleece in general has become very popular
over the last 20 years. We’ve seen companies like REI, Patagonia,
the North Face, they have actually been bring on this whole look of actually fleece jackets. Now, I know that a lot of you stylish guys
out there do not like fleece jackets, but they’re functional. A lot of guys love ‘em. I wanted to acknowledge them. I didn’t even have any for this video to be
honest, but the point is it’s something that’s out there. It is an option if that’s what you need. Next up, I’ve got an ultracasual windbreaker. Obviously, the color makes this something
that you’re not gonna wear day to day, but I can tell you it’s very functional for what
it’s made for, which is to wear when you’re riding a bike so that you’re seen. So, there is room for functional pieces in
your wardrobe that are very specific. It just depends on your lifestyle, what you
need. Next up, we’ve got a lightweight down jacket. What I love about this casual jacket is that
if you’re hiking, you can crunch it up, put it at the bottom of your pack. And if you get cold when you’re out hiking,
all of a sudden you could pull this out. It’s gonna work perfectly. Very functional unless it gets wet. That’s one thing you have to watch out with
down jackets. Now, notice the inside. It’s got this bright neon right here. This and the brighter green right here is
gonna make this very casual, but it’s great, again, if you’re hiking. If you needed the signal, you’ll be able
to turn the jacket inside out. The point is this is a very functional piece. It’s casual, but it serves the purpose of
what it was designed for. Now, this next lightweight casual jacket looks
like a field jacket and that’s what I’m gonna call it, but I’m gonna talk about the details,
why it’s not a true field jacket. But what do we notice about this one? Notice it’s got buttons right here. Remember, buttons are gonna make a jacket
a bit more formal. Now, this is a field style because it’s got
the large pockets right here in the front. It’s going to be the drab olive green and
the overall design— [0:05:02]
This came out of the U.S. military, but this is a different manufacturer’s interpretation
because the military version was actually made from cotton. This one right here is made from a synthetic
material. So, it’s gonna be water resistant, which
actually makes it a very functional jacket. Hence, I would actually recommend this one
over a traditional field jacket, which is gonna be heavier and is not gonna protect
you from the elements as much. Now, these buttons right here, they’re not
actually fully true buttons because guess what? You’ve got this hidden zipper right in here. Now, when you’re looking at zippers, one thing
is the bigger, heavier zippers in general are gonna be more casual. This has got a big, heavy duty, oversized
zipper which is actually great for a very functional piece. Now, another thing, the traditional field
jacket did not have a hood on it. And finally, let’s talk about the length of
his jacket. This jacket is going to be a bit longer. And I almost forgot, but there’s one thing
about this jacket again I really like and that is it has a drawstring waist. So, a lot of the jackets, like I said, you
gotta find them that fits you, but that can be difficult because a lot of jackets are
made to fit a wide variety of people. But with a drawstring waist especially if
you are a thinner guy, this is gonna make the jacket look a bit more trim and is something
to look for and I really like on a casual jacket. So, these next two casual lightweight jackets
are both performance jackets made from different materials, but the style of the jacket in
general is inspired from the same base design and that is they were designed off of a bomber
jacket. So, a bomber jacket is gonna have basically
an elastic in and around the waist. This one has an elastic that you can’t see
very well, but it does have it. And then around the wrist, it’s going to have
the elastic. The reason for this is whenever you are wearing
a bomber or a flight jacket up in an airplane, there was a lot of wind, you wanted make sure
that wind was not able to penetrate and basically freeze you down to the core. So, this one right here is made from a material—
It has a very, very tight weave. It’s a synthetic and it’s gonna be a little
bit water resistant. I tested this. It’s not fully water resistant, but it does
a pretty good job. This one right here obviously is made from
a cotton material with a little bit of a synthetic in it for stretch and it’s not gonna be water
resistant, but you notice again the style of this very similar to the other one except
they got this pocket right here. They want this for a stylistic feature. You’re not gonna traditionally see that
on a bomber jacket, but this jacket I thought it worked pretty well. Both of these again are using zippers in the
front. So, again, very common on these casual jacket
styles. Quick quiz, gentlemen. Which of these jackets is going to be more
casual using the rules I gave you earlier in this video? Let’s see if you’re paying attention. Jacket #1, jacket #2. Let me know. I’ve got a poll right up here. Click on that. Go ahead and answer the poll. I will give you the answer at the end of today’s
video. The next casual lightweight jacket we’ve got
is the classic trucker AKA denim jacket. Now, this one right here, notice the buttons. There was no zipper on this. This is the particular style. Now, because of the pockets, the contrast
stitching, this and the material— It’s made from denim. This again is gonna be a very casual jacket. Now, you may be saying, “Hey, I need some
a bit warmer.” Guys, there are options when it comes to these
denim jackets. Have you ever heard of the Sherpa jacket? It is a simple denim jacket with a maternal
oftentimes fleece or cotton material sewn on the inside which is gonna keep you warmer. This is a really cool jacket. It’s kind of a western feel. I’d like to hear. Do you like the Sherpa jacket? I like it, but I know a lot of you guys maybe
aren’t into it. Just let me know down in the comments. Now, this next piece is not a lightweight
casual jacket, but I wanted to include it anyway because it serves the same purpose. And that is the insulated vest. So, the insulated vest for the right body
type assuming you’re in shape, you don’t have a gut— If you’ve got a gut, probably avoid
this. But if you’ve got well-built arms, you’re
in good shape, you got a V shape and you can find a vest that fits you well, this is a
great option to add to your wardrobe. Next up, we’ve got the sweater jacket. You will notice I’m wearing one. I will talk about that a little bit later. This one is bit more formal than this one
even though this one has a shawl collar. So, this is an actually very formal collar,
but there’s things about this jacket that make it casual. Remember, buttons are gonna be more formal,
but there’s actually a zipper right in there so it kinda indicates that. But when we look right here at the shoulder
patches, we’ve got this contrast material right here. And overall, the oatmeal type of pattern,
that it’s the color and it’s these types of details that really brought down the formality
of this. If this had been maybe a darker blue, and
we didn’t have these patches right here, and we had really nice buttons, and if this
fit me a little me a little bit closer, I would say that this would be a lot more formal. Another casual lightweight jacket you should
consider grabbing, check out the varsity jacket. Now, as the name implies, this is associated
with college or high school athletics. So, it is a younger man’s jacket. Now, the key characteristics of the varsity
jacket are gonna be the contrasting sleeves with the center vest part. So, the vest part oftentimes is made from
a synthetic or cotton material and then the sleeves are gonna be made from a leather material. Now, the overall silhouette of the jacket,
it’s gonna be very similar to what we see in the bomber jacket. [0:10:00]
So, it’s gonna be an elastic around the waist and an elastic around the wrists. Now, gents, if you’re enjoying this video,
I’d appreciate it if you click on that like button. If you’re new to Real Men Real Style, welcome. Become part of our community by clicking on
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click on that bell notification because, guys, the YouTube God, Chrome, he has said that
you guys need to interact with these videos. So, I appreciate it when you go down into
the comments, let us know how we’re doing, and interact with these videos. Now, the next style of casual lightweight
jackets we’re gonna talk about, the leather jacket family. So, there’s a wide range here. You’re gonna see a wide range of styles. You’re gonna see the racer. You’re gonna see motorcycle. You’re gonna see flight jackets. You’re gonna see bomber jackets. You’re gonna see field jackets. And in addition to all the variety of the
different styles out there, you’re gonna see tons of options when it comes to the materials
from the types of leather, to the color of the leather, to the finish of the leather. So, this leather jacket right here is made
in a classic racer style. I can tell this because look at the alignment
of the zipper. It’s over here on this side. They do this so if you’re actually riding
a motorcycle, you’re in a race car, you’re not gonna have the wind penetrate this ‘cause
you’ve got an extra layer of leather here. Now, when I touch the leather here, it’s made
from a lightweight goat. So, I know it’s not a true racer jacket. Racer jackets oftentimes were made from a
heavier weight, more durable, very thick leather. But the contrast stitching over here, this
thing was made for style, for looks, and it does a great job. And the silhouette, if you were to wear this,
you’re gonna find this has a very tight fit. So, a lot of these leather jackets are gonna
be made especially the racer style for thinner guys. Now, this leather jacket right here stands
out not because of the style or the silhouette, but because of the material. This is going to be a suede. And as we can see, it’s in an olive gray. The material by itself will help this jacket
stand out. If you wear something like this, I can tell
you— because it’s my jacket— you will you’ll get compliments because it’s gonna
be so different from anything else out there. So, this leather jacket isn’t gonna be as
eye catching as the other two initially. I think it’s a bit more subtle, but it still
have a lot of style to it. You’re gonna notice, if you get up close to
this, the patina in the leather. That’s the slight discoloration that happens
over time when exposed to the elements and when you take care of it with a conditioner. Now, the style is gonna be again a racer style. This isn’t a classic racer, but it’s got
a lot of the features. The one being the actual shorter torso so
it’s gonna fit well. You’re gonna be able to move around. You’re gonna be able to get in and out of
a car, but it’s gonna be the longer sleeves that are classic on a motor jacket. All right, gents. So, at this point, we’re gonna get into
formal lightweight jackets. These are jackets that you can wear to work
or you can wear with business attire. First up, let’s talk about the sweater jacket. I’ve been wearing one the entire video. This one has buttons. It’s got a fold over collar right here. It’s actually got right here notch lapels
on this one. This one right here, if I were to open it
up, it’s got a zipper. These are gonna be more formal because of
the solid color, because of the simplicity of the design. This is something you can layer or you could
wear even as an outside piece. And no, gentlemen, you’re not experiencing
déjà vu. Again, we’re gonna talk about the vest, but
this is a formal insulated vest. Notice right here we’ve got the big opening
here at the top, which is going to allow you to show off the color and to be able to wear
this as a layering piece. No one would actually even see this underneath
a sports jacket. Now, one thing about the buttons, notice there
are buttons here. Not a zipper. It’s gonna be more formal. These are actually horn buttons. And you got the 2 small pockets over here. And remember, on the bottom of your vest,
never button that bottom button. Next up, we’ve got a quilted jacket in hunting
colors that’s gonna be olive green with a bright orange in there. And the style is gonna be a field jacket. You may be wondering why is this on the formal
side. It really comes down to its association with
English aristocracy. And yes, this was something that in the style
of jacket you’ll see kings going out into the field and hunting with, hence why it’s
considered a formal jacket. We’re also gonna see the barber jacket,
which is commonly referred to as a waxed cotton jacket. That’s the style that was made really popular. Those jackets also are gonna be and I’m gonna
put up on the formal side because these were jackets of gentlemen when they’re out in
the field, out on their farms, out on their estates. Now, the next 2 jackets I wanna talk about
are the Harrington also known as the blouson jacket. And I wanna talk about the tanker jacket. I’m gonna keep them separate. But first, let’s talk about the Harrington. So, this jacket is very distinctive. Whenever you look on the inside of it, it’s
gonna to be a tartan check. And there’s actually a whole lot of history
about it. I’m gonna talk about it in my article, which
I will be looking to down in the description. But also on the outside of the jacket, in
general, it’s gonna be of a lighter color. We’re gonna see a wide variety of materials. But in general, it’s gonna be something that’s
water resistant. So, we’re gonna see nowadays made from a synthetic
material, maybe a nylon, but it also was woven from a very tight cotton weave historically. Other key characteristics of a blouson or
Harrington jacket, when you look at the neck, you’re gonna see 2 buttons up here, which
are gonna be for the fastener. On the back of the jacket, you’re gonna have
a vent that was inspired by an umbrella basically to allow air to go in and out, but keep the
rain out. And when you look at the wrists, if you look
in and around the waist, similar to a bomber jacket, you’re gonna see an elastic. Now, why did I bring up the tank jacket when
talking about the blouson? [0:15:01]
Because they look very similar except for some of those key characteristics. So, with a tank jacket, we’re not gonna see
the 2 buttons at the top. We’re not gonna see the elastic. In general, the silhouette is very similar
to a blouson, but it’s a more simple jacket. Now, the next lightweight jacket I’m gonna
talk you should probably already have in your wardrobe and that is a good sports jacket. Sports jackets were made for sport and they
were made to also be worn as outer clothing. Yes, this will keep you warm. It will protect you from the elements. And it’s made to be worn. So, you’re your sports jackets. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a sports
jacket so often you start to develop holes in the elbows. That’s cool. Go ahead and get some patches on ‘em. Guys, I want you to wear this clothing. Now, if you’re really worried about your really
nice sports jackets, you don’t wanna ruin ‘em, then buy a sports jacket made from
a tougher cotton material. This one may not suit everybody, but I can
tell you this jacket right here has a sports jacket look, a silhouette, and it’s made from
a much tougher material. This jacket right here, it’s actually a hybrid. It takes a sports jacket, change up the style. Notice the sleeves are made from a different
material than what we’ve got here in the torso. And on the inside, it’s got an insulated jacket
actually sewn in on the inside. So, something like this is gonna keep you
warm and it’s gonna help you stand out from the crowd. Now, this jacket right here is gonna be a
modern overcoat. It’s made to be worn over a suit, over a sports
jacket. And really, it’s different from a classic
overcoat in when it comes down to the collar area. Very functional. You can even argue this has history with the
Mac, basically the rain jacket. Now, when I look at all the details— And
this is the key to a formal jacket, is they need to pay attention to the hardware. So, when I go in and I look at the zipper,
this is a beautiful zipper, very well made. It’s polished. You wanna pay attention to those small details. They do matter. They do level up the overall formality of
the jacket. Now, the lighter color, this is actually something
we see in a lot of jackets like this. Made to be worn during the day. It’s gonna grab a little bit of attention
to be able to be seen. I think it would be a bit more formal if it
was darker colored. But overall, the style is only going to allow
this formality to go to a certain level, but I think this is perfectly fine if you were
in New York City or Chicago wearing this to the symphony to protect your suit. It would be perfectly suitable. Now, this jacket, the classic Pico, you could
argue should not be on this list, but you can find it in a wide variety of weights. Now, I wanted to put it on here as a possible
option. It doesn’t fully cover the legs. So, some may consider it actually to be a
lightweight coat. Guys, remember, this is an option. Classic jacket. Looks great. You can even wear this with a suit. Next up, we’ve got the classic trench and
this trench is not in the classic color. It’s gonna be beige. It’s gonna oftentimes be made from a gabardine
or a cotton. Very tight weave. Now, the history of the trench coat, we’re
talking over 100 years, started off in the World War. Then in World War I, it became popular in
the trenches. It was an officer’s item, hence why we have
the applets right up there. They used to have basically rank on them. Other things we’ll notice is that we’ve
got a fully functional— it will close up to protect the— Basically, water and rain
is not gonna get inside. And other details right over here, we’ll
notice on the right side of a man’s trench coat, that’s where we’re gonna see basically
this extra padding. If it’s on the left side by the way, that
is a woman’s trench coat. So, small details like that you probably wanna
know when you’re looking at this jacket. All right, gentlemen. So, the answer to the earlier question, which
one of these jacket is more casual, guys, it’s gonna be this one right here. Now, we’re splitting hairs because both of
these jackets are very casual. But this one right here, because of the contrast
colors in the material, I’m gonna say it’s more casual. In addition, just this one overall, it looks
simpler, it looks cleaner versus this one has some contrast to it. And again, it’s gonna be the contrast between
the sleeves and the center torso area. Guys, in todays’ video, I covered lightweight
jackets. But if you want heavyweight jackets, you want
winter jackets, I’ve got you covered with this video right here. Go check it out. I talk about winter jackets. I cover some of these jackets, but I cover
a lot of the ones I did not talk about in today’s video. And if you wanna know about the accessories,
what winter accessories does every man need to have, guys, I’ve got you covered. I’m gonna talk about the gloves, hats, and
a lot more. So, go check out this other video. Both of these videos, guys, I’m linking to
down in the description. All right, guys, so now it’s your turn. I wanna hear from you down in the comments
what you think of today’s video, what did I miss, what jacket sure I have covered. Let me know. I want to hear from you, guys. That’s it, gentlemen. Take care. I will see you in the next video. [0:19:38] End of Audio

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  30. for whatever reason men dont typically talk fashion amongst themselves so lots of us end up wearing clothes that dont fit or match and we look like a total disaster on date night or formal events

  31. Trying to ask a question about my husband who's in a category you haven't covered but the contact form doesn't work (never gave me the 'third' question or just didn't give me the constact box)

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    I tend to wear the longer coat fully buttoned in the rain, and the shorter coat over knitted jumpers tied with the belt but unbuttoned for an effortless casual look. It goes fantastically over a grey sweater with navy jeans and brown derby's or chukka boots.

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    Just a little FYI…

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