20 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Casual Travel Fashion Lookbook | Spring Summer Airport | Miss Louie

20 TRAVEL OUTFIT IDEAS | Casual Travel Fashion Lookbook | Spring Summer Airport | Miss Louie

[Applause] what's up you guys how are y'all doing today I miss you guys so so much today there's going to be a 20 outfit inspirational lookbook for all of my favorite outfits whenever I am like traveling and I'm on the go I am all about comfort first and I also wanted to make these outfits look very basic and simple so you guys can easily replicate it with the stuff you guys already have at home I'm split up today's video into four major categories I've got leggings outfits jogger outfits Jean outfit and dress outfits I will include everything that I'm personally wearing in this video down below in the description bar so please be sure to check that out I've also time stamped all the major categories in case you guys want to come back and reference this video in the future and I'll also include a link to the blog post that include just like easier shopping experience and also some affordable alternative to the things I feature today too so I really hope you guys enjoy thank you guys so so much and let's get started kicking things off with our first category we've got our largest category of the day the black legging is probably one of my favorite bottoms to wear so I've got six different combinations to show you guys after idea number one and two is just super basic and casual throw on your favorite t-shirt or tank top and then for your pieces out of where I would go with either my um longline cardigan or a sick cozy hoodie depending on whether I'm going to be like super cold or hot a day where I'm landing I'll go with one or the other also would suggest to go with outfit number one if you guys need some more coverage or not comfortable wearing leggings by itself you can untuck the t-shirts you get coverage in the front and it of course that longline cardigans going to give you more booty coverage alvera number three is for those of you who are into more of like a punky grunge look instead of just a gift playing t-shirt you could go with your favorite band t-shirt something that's a little bit more oversize or faded and worn in and then with that I thought a really nice piece of outerwear would be a denim jacket what I did over 4 does a great way to disguise your active wear leggings into something that's totally more polished I like the combination why do you want the comfort of my legging but I want to look a little bit more put together and dressy that day so I like to pair those leggings with you know same color on top so I want my super soft black and v-neck piece I've got a completely uniform body and then on top of that I do an oversized laser something that goes past my booty for that coverage and then just adds a touch of business casual effect to this outfit then in contrast alpha number 5 is like my street wear look I honestly bring my faux leather motorcycle jacket like everywhere so I might as well just wear it straight onto the plain nothing complicated about this look either I just pair a simple white t-shirt because the jacket does all the talking for itself it is something that just gives an instant it factor to your outfit and then an extra idea in case you guys don't want to show like the front or your booty area you can also bring in like a light sweater and tie it around your waist which also adds to the street wear loss and lastly idea number six I want to show you guys something that doesn't incorporate outerwear and teach you guys I want to be like fumbling with too many clothing pieces while you're going on the plane you can just get you a really nice tunic shirt this is something that's going to be loose and breathable and comfortable but also long enough by itself to give you that full coverage and then just in case you need a little bit of protection on your chest and your nephew could bring your favorite pashmina or scarf it is a more lightweight layer of warmth than a heavy duty jacket and I think it looks really really cute together move on to a second category if you guys want some comfortable bottoms but are not comfortable wearing tight leggings in public this is going to be the category for you let's talk about some jogger and trouser options jogger look number one you guys are probably series joggers a thousand times by now this is a dressier type of jogger they can double as professional pants at your destination and to go with that refined look I paired it with a nice simple sweater I chose the four that's about like medium more of something that's going to definitely like keep me warm whenever they're boss in the ec but not something that's like super stuffy where I can't take it off and I'm going to be like suffocating on the plane then when I the jogger outfits two and three these are more like sweatpants like thick cotton II type of jogger pants idea number two it's kind of like a banty idea from my ladies category I paired a graphic tee on top of these black sweatpants to give it a little bit more personality and then on top of that the same distress denim jacket or just a touch of grunge and the kind of like a sister outfit outfit idea number three have my favorite luxurious motorcycle sweat pants this one is like way more thick and definitely greater if you're going to read colder climates carry with a simple soft white tee and then threw on Maya's faux leather motorcycle jacket so upper two is three kind of like our sister of us to me there's a little bit of street wear a little bit of grunge but also very cute and comfortable at the same time moving on to elfin ID number for these aren't joggers these are more of like a high-waisted trousers I wanted something that's kind of classic and refined for anyone that wants to dress up a little bit more the pants are a little bit like utilitarian without olive green color I paired it with just a simple soft white tank top and a glossy scarf completely love this outfit partially if you need to like get right off the plane and go to like a nice lunch or dinner I feel like I would be ready to go without ever having to change at all and after I do number five my last one in this category kind of the same casualness of two and three I've got some contrasting jogger pants here with my favorite super thick cotton II Topshop t-shirt it is definitely one of the teachers I know I can wear like by itself and it could like stand up to some heavy-duty AC on an airplane it feels like a thick cotton hug and because the t-shirt is so sick I went with a lighter piece of outerwear I have a thinner slouchy bomber style jacket woven Archer eyes third category the only non pants category was talked about my favorite travel dresses outfit idea number one it's going to be three examples within the same idea I'm so sorry you guys have seen this dress a thousand times this seriously it is one of my favorite just like basic dresses I have it in three different colors I like to pair with either a blazer a cardigan or a bomber jacket but you can seriously excel this dress in so many different ways you can dress up dress it down my main thing is that it is not form-fitting it is loose it is comfortable it is stretchy it's got popped up in each side and this is one of my all-time basic then dress idea number two the super minimalist like almost slip style dress is really in right now I wanted to bring that style in this one is opaque and not done so it doesn't claim to mean and doesn't look like a piece of lingerie and because this dress is a little bit more on the lightweight side I went with a thicker piece of outerwear with my denim jackets and I also really like this dress because this is something I would wear going out on the town so this dress can play double duty as like Travel outfit and also a going-out look and then our last two dress ideas these are another two pair dresses that I love to travel in a shirt dress and a t-shirt dress the t-shirt dress is really cute you get some little like extra leg action there I think it's so adorable and obviously very comfortable you can just throw it on and run out the door while feeling like you're wearing your favorite t-shirt and then the last option is a shirt dress but this shirt dress is a pullover style so you don't have to worry about like blending that thing all the way up and down when you're in a rush you can just so it's all like a pullover hoodie and be done with it and you also get the added warmth of a full-length sleeve so these are huge is very simple other dress options and our final category of the day you guys know I'm a denim addict so let's talk about the denim jeans I would be favorite type that I like to wear whatever traveling or either loose boyfriend types double rip new jeans for ones that are incredibly stretchy so the first outfit idea is the boyfriend style I got a nice baggy pair of boyfriend jeans for optimal mobility and then on top of that I paired it with one of my favorites for shirts to travel in the wild Fox sweatshirts this one is a super cozy sweatshirt that just kind of goes with like the casual feel of the baggy jeans then Jean idea number two if I am going to wear skinny jeans the rip new style is really great because whenever you sit down you have full flexibility and can actually put your legs at a perfectly 90 degree angle without any pressure for the styling I want the satin black bomber armor dragons are great because they're so comfortable and if you guys want to like add a little bit of a fancy detail to your outfit you can go with one and a more luxurious fabric like the satin material so it is a more dressier jacket that you can definitely wear at your destination to denim jean ID number three this one is another favorite combo of mine I got the same like double ripped knee denim jean action here with this one I paired it with a simple tank top and then layer on top of that a thick cozy cardigan if you're going to be going to a destination that's cold this is a great option so you don't have to like take up too much space your luggage and you can enjoy your cozy cardigan on the plane moving on to denim jean outfit number four for those of you that do want a skinny non-distressed jean my favorite travel ones are going to be the old Navy built in sculpt jeans because you can seriously do squats lunges cartwheels it is incredibly sturdy flexible jeans they look great and they're incredibly high quality especially for the price so got a pair of those on and then for styling you can opt out of the typical features that I've been showing you guys throughout this video and do a nice blouse I would suggest a blouse a little bit looser I wanted to feel like I'm wearing a loose t-shirt but I still look way more put together with the flow and therefore a piece of outerwear I got my cozy thick blazer that looks like a professional blazer but is as cozy as the cardigan and then our final denim jean outfits this is another skinny pair from Old Navy jeans line turner with a plain white t-shirt and of course you guys know I cannot live without my military jacket this is great if you guys are not into like the Cody cardigans or hoodies they they tougher utilitarian look but also gives you some nice medium work alright guys I does it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it I want to check out anything shown in today's video please be sure to check down below again in the description box if you guys want more of these massive like outfit inspiration lookbook feel free to give me a thumbs up and show your girl some love I'm also interested if you guys would like a video just talking about like travel accessories and like favorite packing cubes and stuff if that is of any interest of you I'd love to know down below in the comments I want to thank you guys so much for hanging out with me today you guys are the best I'm sending you guys so much love out there have an amazing rest of your week and I'll see you guys in a few days bye

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  1. Hola me gusta mucho tus vídeos. Soy de Cali Colombia. Ojala pudieras colocarle traducciones a tus vídeos.

  2. Very useful video 👌.. I like the ways you divided your garments.. good effort..keep it up 😘
    This is the first video I have seen..for this video I subscribe your channel..god bless you

  3. I can't believe I just now found you.. you're style is so similar to mine and I feel like I can actually recreate these looks! I'm literally so happy rn what the heck

  4. Great style and would wear almost every outfit. The only complaint is that I saw at least four bags and one backpack bag. That is far too much when thinking about traveling.

  5. Whites clothes : no go
    Jackets with to many buttons/zippers : no go =>metals
    Summer clothes /without sleeves : no go

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