2013 T-Shirt, Team Uniform and Bag Making Tutorial – Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press Transfer

2013 T-Shirt, Team Uniform and Bag Making Tutorial – Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press Transfer

If you want to make money customizing apparel,
all you need is a heat press and a vinyl cutter. I’m Josh Ellsworth General Manager of Stahls’
CAD-CUT Direct; the inventor and manufacturer of a wide variety of CAD-CUT heat transfer
films. In today’s video we’re going to show you how to personalize a wide variety
of garments with a variety of different finishes, all with just that heat press and that vinyl
cutter. Before we get started you need to understand the basics of heat transfer film.
So let’s start by taking a look just at a basic white roll. The material we manufacture
comes in 3 layers. First, is a heat-activated adhesive layer that you do the vinyl cutting
on. Laminated to that is also a polyurethane layer these 2 layers are not separable. These
2 layers together that are not separable are laminated to a carrier usually a clear plastic
like material. This material can be sticky like the material I’m holding here, or it
may not have a sticky backing or just have a low tack backing. But these 2 layers can
be separated and that’s what makes this process work, when we send artwork from our
computer over to the vinyl cutter. So the first step in the process is really simple.
Load the roll of heat transfer film that we just discussed in your vinyl cutter of choice.
Here we’ll load it into the Roland GX24. The Roland GX24 uses a knife technology to
cut, so you have a blade. You need to set the blade for the depth of the material. So
it cuts through the top layer that we discussed by no through the carrier sheet. You can see
the vinyl cutter cutting, that’s the first step in the process….cut it. After the design
is completed cutting, then the next step in the process is weeding it. Watch as we remove
the excess material with the Stahls’ EZ Weeder exposing our design, which we flipped
or mirrored in the graphic software before sending it to cut. Once the design is completely
weeded, the last step in the process is to heat apply it. Flip over the design position
it on your garment of choice and press it for the recommended time, temperature and
pressure. It’s that easy to create durable garments personalized with unique graphics.
And creating graphics can be easy too. All of the designs in today’s video were created
using CadworxLive.com, an online designer that is free to Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct customers.
Now that we’ve pressed a t-shirt, let’s watch how this material translates onto a
zip up hoodie. You can decorate all sorts of items with heat transfer films. From large
design to small detailed designs it’s all possible. Our completed result is lab certified
for durability. That means it’s going to last 50 wash cycles in the case of this product,
which is called CAD-CUT FashionFILM. Now there’s a lot of different items showing on the screen
going through the cutting and the weeding process. We’re about to show you 7 applications
of different materials onto different types of garments with different results. Keep in
mind, every material must be loaded into the vinyl cutter and go through the cutting and
weeding process. For different materials you may have to adjust the down force or adjust
the blade depth accordingly to get accurate cuts. But once you’ve completed the cutting
and weeding of each product, we’re ready to move onto heat application and that’s
were I want to dive in and show you each product. The first of which is ThermoFILM. This is
our top seller for athletics and it’s a low bleed formula. Which means it’s great
for decorating polyesters that tend to migrate through designs. Trust me you’ll want to
use ThermoFILM on items like baseball, jerseys, football jerseys, basketball jerseys, soccer,
etc. It’s very easy to use, applies in a short application time and is highly durable.
Very dependable for your business. Here we’ve decorated the front of a baseball jersey and
we’re going to flip it around on the Hotronix Fusion press to press a name and number combination
on the back. The heat transfer vinyl process is ideal for doing personalized team uniforms. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC) The next opportunity I want to highlight for
you is the ability you will have to decorate stretch fabrics. This could be compression
fabrics like we’ll do here with CAD-CUT Premium Plus. Or it could be something such
as a singlet or dance wear. There’s a ton of opportunity for decorating stretch fabric
s and with the heat transfer film process and our products, it’s very easy. All you
need to do is cut it, weed it, and heat it. It’s that simple. The finished result is
soft and stretchable and utilized by some major sportswear manufacturers. Next let’s
talk about specific opportunities for decorating for small businesses. In this case we’re
going to use a product called CAD-CUT Flock, which is a nice alternative to embroidery.
With CAD-CUT Flock you don’t have to worry about digitizing or having expensive embroidery
equipment or the cost associated with hooping or setting up the job. With Flock cut it,
weed it and heat apply it. The finished result is a professional looking graphic that is
sure to sell. This is an opportunity that you can capitalize on with just a heat press
and a vinyl cutter. The finished result that you see here cost less then 40¢ in material.
There’s a lot of money to be made using CAD-CUT Flock. Now since we’re talking about
decorating for small businesses, how about the opportunity available to you to decorate
outerwear like a jacket. We have many products that can apply to outerwear but one of our
most popular is our 3M Reflective material that meets retro reflective standards for
high visibility. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC) (MUSIC) All you need is a heat press and a vinyl cutter
to create high margin highly reflective results like this. The next few products we’re going
to talk about will surely have your business booming with sales with their high shimmer
high bling finishes. The first is CAD-CUT Glitter Flake this high-density glitter material
is becoming more popular then rhinestone transfers. Watch as we customize these yoga pants with
an oversized print down the side. Glitter Flake is a popular product in many markets
including high schools, collegiate wear, Greek wear or even just retail. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) Decorating products with this high-density
glitter finish will leave your customers blinging and your cash register ringing. So we’ve
decorated t-shirts, jerseys, stretch fabrics, polos, jackets even yoga pants…how about
bags? You can do a lot of different items with this heat transfer film process. Now
we’ll use an alternate bling finish, which is CAD-CUT Hologram to decorate this tote
bag. Once again, we’re completing designs that are pennies per square inch and we can
do as little as 1. You can’t even begin to do this with screen-printing. (MUSIC) (MUSIC) No so far you’ve seen a lot of single color
applications so we’re going to take this opportunity to address one of the common questions.
How do you do a 2-color design? And we’re also going to show you another product in
the process that’s going to leave a high foil like finish, which is CAD-CUT FashionFILM
Electric. In this case we’ll press the bottom layer down first, which was cut and weeded
separately out of silver. You just need to tack that down for a few seconds, you want
to limit the exposure under heat. After you tack it down, you remove the backing and that
allows space for the second color to come over top and either applies directly to the
garment or directly to the background film. (MUSIC) Then you press them both together for the
full application. (MUSIC) Once complete you have a stunning result that
is sure to sell. (MUSIC) So let’s review all of the finishes that
we’ve created with just a vinyl and a heat press and Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct heat transfer
films. We started with a basic single color t-shirt application. From there we added a
zip up hooded sweatshirt with a left chest logo showing you that you can accommodate
small detail with this process. After that we accommodated a team uniform with our best
selling ThermoFILM product a name and a number combination. Showing you that personalization
is possible with this process. We also showed you that there’s finishes like Premium Plus
that can do some of the most technical stretch fabrics that are out there, performance wear.
From there we showed you opportunities for small business with left chest logos using
Flock material which can rival embroidery without the start up cost to get into it.
We also went through a jacket application and talked about some of the profit opportunities
with outerwear. In particular with reflective material that’s certified like 3M. Then
we went onto some bling finishes and really jazzed up these pants with a Glitter Flake
design an oversized print. And also showed you a non-apparel application with a bag.
Anything fabric based you can decorate with heat transfer film. Then we tried to address
one of the most popular questions, which is how do I do a 2 color design? Buy showing
you our FashionFILM Electric material in an application. This is literally just scratching
the surface of what is possible. The opportunities that are out there for your business with
heat transfer film. At this point if you’re ready to take the next step and invest in
this process whether that’s a vinyl cutter, a heat press, a combination package or maybe
you already have the equipment and you’re just looking for a source, a direct from manufacturer
source for heat transfer films. The next step is for you to visit our web site cadcutdirect.com
to see everything that we have to offer. Or if you prefer to talk to a person dial: 1-800-4-STAHLS.
I’m Josh Ellsworth with Stahls’ CAD-CUT Direct this has been our heat transfer vinyl
tutorial of 2013. Thanks for watching.

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