2018 Warren Alpert Medical School White Coat Ceremony at Brown University

2018 Warren Alpert Medical School White Coat Ceremony at Brown University

It’s my pleasure to welcome all the
parents, family members, spouses and significant others, and friends to your
loved ones’ White Coat Ceremony. An especially warm welcome to the MD class
of 2022. You are tremendous. The white coat ceremony to me is another milestone
towards becoming the physicians we’ve been hoping to become for quite a while. The white coat means a lot to me because I see it as a representation of my
initiation into medicine. And as the son of two immigrants, first generation
college student, first-generation American, it means a lot that I can
share with my parents and with my girlfriend and her
family. This is a coat my mom got for me for one of my birthdays. I was five
years old. Because even since I was five I said I
wanted to be a doctor. It’s nice to see my family here. They’ve been really
important in getting me to where I am today, so it was really great to have
them see me get the white coat. The white coat for me is a symbol of my
commitment to service and helping others. So I’m really excited to continue on
that journey. You get to see the strong, vibrant network of dedicated doctors and
physicians who just wish to see your own growth, the way that they had their
growth here back in Alpert Medical School. Congratulations and welcome to our crazy
and incredible world. Wishing you courage, perseverance and humility. Medical School is a time for a lot of learning, not just about medicine
but about who you are as a person, how you’re going to fit into the world as a
physician. It’s okay to say I don’t know and then just circle back when you do
know. It’s okay to say I’m sorry. It’s okay not to ace every test. You’ll still
be a great doctor. That’s important. Every patient you meet will teach you
something, so will every nurse, family member and colleague. Listen carefully
and be present. Remember to stay true to yourself, care for yourself and know you
are here for a reason. You are enough. Congratulations. That was lovely. I really like it. It’s very sweet. I think it just means
the world of it alumni want to give back to Alpert and are actually invested in
our preparation as future physicians. It shows us that our medical journey is a
long one but it’s definitely not a lonely one. It’s nice to have people who
have gone through it coming back and helping out. I hope when I’m a medical
doctor I can come back and do something similar.

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  1. Alpert Medical School of Brown University is using pigs to teach invasive procedures to its emergency medicine residents, in violation of federal law. The vast majority of emergency medicine residency programs in the United States and Canada use only human-based methods. Why?

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