hi everyone and welcome to my youtube channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button and the like button for this video in this training video I'll be demonstrating the CMA testable skill dresses client with affected right arm so without further ado let's go ahead and get started I mean good morning miss Elizabeth my name is Julie and I'm your CNA and I'm going to help you get dressed this morning okay yes first I just want to do a quick safety check I want to make sure that your bed is in a little safe position bed molds are locked here's your car light just in case you need me for anything then I'm gonna go ahead and provide you with some privacy okay I'm gonna go wash my hands and gather my supplies and I'll be right back now for this skill all you'll need to collect are two button-down shirts okay and you need to do this in order for the resident to choose which shirt he or she would like to win all right Miss Elizabeth I have two beautiful shirts for you I have a yellow Hawaiian shirt and a blue checkered shirt which one would you like to wear the yellow good choice yellow is my favorite color okay and to help you remember the critical element step which is dressing the right and first go ahead and place the shirt on the person's right side okay that's going to help you remember in this skill you have to take off strong and put on weak okay so what I'm going to do right now Miss Elizabeth I'm just going to put your light right here you want to make sure that you don't over expose the resident the sheet has to be covering from the chest down okay the first thing that you want to do is take off the person's gown and immediately place it in the soiled linen container as you see how I have my hand I have my hand across the clients chest holding the gun in place okay go ahead and I'm going to take out your arm here I'm gonna move the gown over to the right side so it'll be easy for me to pull out okay now this is really important for you to do because the right arm is weak that means that you're going to have to support that forearm and the easiest way to do that is to hold the person's arm in your hand like so so I'm supporting the wrist joint and the elbow joint fitness Elizabeth I'm just removing the gown from your right arm make sure I don't over expose you while I do so and once you get the gown down far enough on the arm you can go ahead and let her rest her arm on the bed so now you're working with two hands and you want to roll the gown away from you making sure not to over expose and making sure that the gown is not touching your clothing immediately dispose of it in the soil getting container all right Miss Elizabeth um back I'm going to go ahead and get you dressed in this beautiful yellow Hawaiian shirt okay so again you want to make sure you do not over expose the person and you want to make sure that you support that person's weak arm the easiest way to do so when placing the shirt on the person is to place your arm inside the right sleeve then as you held it while you were taking the shirt off that's the way you're going to hold in support again I'm supporting I'm gonna move the shirt I'm supporting the wrist and the elbow joint okay I'm going to go ahead and slide the sleeve on and then I'm going to gently place her arm down now the first time while I was taking off the person's shirt I actually had my arm laid across her chest to hold the sheet in place but now her left arm is strong so you can either do that or you can have the person as the person to hold the sheet in place with their chin or you can ask them to hold the sheet in place with their arm right now because I'm getting ready to dress that left arm I'm going to ask the client to hold the sheet in place with her chin because Elizabeth can you hold the sheet in place for me with your chance so I won't over expose you can you eat forward for me a little bit there we go and this way you can work with both hands and again I really don't have to support this left arm because it's her strong arm so I'm just going to direct her what to do this Elizabeth you can go here to put your left arm in this shirt and now that I have the shirt in place I'm going to ease the sheets down making sure not to over expose and voila okay you do not have to button down the shirt all that needs to be done is that the shirt is in place and the resident is not overexposed so don't waste time buttoning the first three buttons because you no longer have to do that all right Miss Elizabeth he looks so beautiful in your yellow Hawaiian shirt I'm going to give you your car light make sure you get the person's call light in their strong arm which is their left arm if you give it to them if the right arm or put it on the right side you could get tagged or the indirect care skill of safety okay all right so I'm gonna do my closing procedures I'm going to make sure that the bed is in a little safe position that was our lock resident has their call light in there strong arm privacy is maintained washing my hands skill complete


  1. Hi MS Reynolds can I have your business email please. Thank you for all the informations.I am in Houston Texas.

  2. Before the client get up for you to untie the gown would it be easier to tell them to rest of there elbows or raise the head of bed?

  3. I'm PN in Thailand. I try to learning language from video for to be use in communication with pateints.I think it's very useful. Thank you so much❤

  4. Also will they give you a dummy if you have a skill that pertains to catheter care or perineal care .

  5. Thank you so much for another SUPERB video! I really liked how you placed the shirt on the bed on the client's right arm in an effort to prevent forgetting which arm to dress first. I also liked how the client held the sheet with her chin & the reminder to place the signaling device in the left hand. My knowledge base is growing and my confidence is building. All thanks to you. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!!

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