2019 Sexy Kpop Idol Costume / Woodam singing my song – AOORA ( 아우라 )

2019 Sexy Kpop Idol Costume / Woodam singing my song – AOORA ( 아우라 )

Congratulations on your debut. Thank You “Wake Up” will hit the jackpot. Love You! Guys, what did you say? AOORA ‘hyung’ is so cool Love you AOORA hyung I want it . lol Thank you for coming It’s a K-pop Idol I’m rooting for. Introduce us to the song. Our title song, “Wake Up,” is a song that combines trap beat with strong brass sound, which means to wake up the sleeping heart of D1CE. These are the costumes that I was impressed by today’s performance. Show Us That’s the point. Yoo Jun, show us. You know this is sexy, right? jk. lol Show us Jinyoung’s outfit, too. I heard you sing a few days ago But the more I hear, the better. You wake me up. chic and heavy When I sang “Wake up,” your voice pierced the instrumentals. Sing one more time. I think a lot of singers will be moved during the rehearsal. I was so impressed that Woodam knew my debut song. I performed this song with Ha Ji Won noo-na And D1CE must fulfill the dream that I didn’t achieve I wish you all the best. Thank You Since we made our D1CE debut, we will show you our best efforts. Please support us. I want D1CE to succeed. I hope they will do well and stay healthy this time. Gambas al alajillo Menu selection is the best! After the interview, we went to COEX.

41 Replies to “2019 Sexy Kpop Idol Costume / Woodam singing my song – AOORA ( 아우라 )”

  1. I saw AOORA & D1CE. I click.
    Edit: Is it really just 3mins.? I thought the video was cut or AOORA posted the unfinished ver. 😂😂😂

  2. D1CE!!!!!! Aoora!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love both of you!!! (*whisper* and the sexy back… blush *blush*) Woodam is Kimchi of Double A.

  3. this is perfection !!! oh what a thrill thank you very much for this video !! It is the most beautiful gift of my life

  4. Is no one going to talk about how aoora said he didn’t fulfill his dream, Aoora sweetie in our eyes your the best idol out there, I’m so lucky that Edward introduced me to u

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