2019 THG Jersey Countdown (280-261)

2019 THG Jersey Countdown (280-261)

let's do this so it was over a year ago that I last did this where I did a top jersey countdown and I've decided this time to cut it off at 280 and do 20 jerseys per video again like I did last time the rankings have changed because the collection has grown and the collection is basically as big as it can get and I know people have heard that before but there really isn't anything left there really isn't so what I did was I went through and I started my collection with you know what teams I I really really liked and really really wanted when this channel started back in 2016 I didn't even have every team I don't think I had the Islanders I know I didn't have Columbus I didn't have Minnesota and I didn't have the Jets so I didn't have every team and then over the last few years I've been able to through deals I found eBay answer anywhere else and and I will tell you guys where I got jerseys when I'm when I'm wearing them when I'm showing them in these videos and and jerseys I wear for these videos are going to be ones that didn't make it into the top 280 this one for instance was 281 so this is the white buffalo I got this not too long ago from Jersey Baron Jersey Baron had it they had a certain price they wanted and I made them an offer if you see make offer for a Jersey on on eBay you can but be careful if it's something you really want you might end up losing it I've had a couple where I've made offers going out and I've you know gone in maybe 40 50 dollars below the price which you can get it for but I've regretted it later hundred percent I've regretted it later because that Jersey then sells while I'm waiting for an answer on the offer this one they accepted the offer second offer we hackle dit and I I liked it I had to have both Buffalo jerseys any time I've worn a buffalo Buffalo Jersey in the past of people saying I ain't take you seriously you're wearing a buffa slug fine I got both I might even work for the meet up tomorrow so nobody could take me seriously there there either but there you go so I'm gonna be pausing grabbing jerseys come back on pause and show you guys what I've gotten explained why they're where they are on the countdown starting with 280 280 as this penguins Jersey which is the the word mark it's a nice Jersey now Ben H Ben H sports on eBay I believe has one of these as well and I don't know how many of them he has but I know he has it up for sale this one I got many many many years ago this was my Penguin's Jersey period for a long time this was it III I don't I'm not a huge fan of word marks in general this one is kind of I don't know it to me it was kind of boring and I know there's people who love this Jersey and I know there's Penguin fans are gonna be like see he hates the Penguins I have a lot of penguins jerseys on this countdown so just temper that and I'm gonna be forced to wear some penguins stuff for for this these countdown videos because there are definitely jerseys of penguins that didn't make it into the top 280 so this one it's I'm not saying it's ugly I'm just saying for me it's one of my least favorite in the collection 279 this one was actually sent to me by a subscriber it's an excel that's why I don't wear videos very much because I look like a kid that's gone to kind of work with dad kind of thing he's wearing his dad's shirt and and it's it's a nice Jersey I the silver sleeves are strange to me on these and then you've got the this is qohor II know it's CCM you've got the weird dots underneath the ventilation that they started messing with with these it would continue with Koho I don't remember if they did with pro player as well so 279 this is San Jose this is their first Jersey change after they initially came into the league I like the initially came into the league jerseys more than these ones it's still a nice Jersey like this is a tough countdown at 278 this is kind of what I'm talking about here with the the ventilation underneath the arm this of course your old Toronto Maple Leafs logo and that's a coho this one I actually got from Ben each I also have one in my collection which was sent to me by a subscriber so I have two of these and again you know I like the tml although I always thought the tml you could turn that into FML pretty quickly pretty easily but I do like them better with the leaf that where they had these stylized maple leaf on the shoulders but it's a small quibble it's again nice Jersey but for me it was never one that was one of my all-time favorites I will say this I I do think that of all the teams in the NHL they are wearing Maple Leafs for whatever reason I enjoy wearing Maple Leafs even though I may not be a Maple Leafs fan now we're back to the Penguins 277 is this stadium white jersey now here's the thing I really really like the gold here I like the angled stripes on it as well I always thought the ankle straps were nice it's the logo that knocks this one down for me these stadium logos because they're trying to make them look all futuristic and shiny they have you end up with creases in them you end up with lumps in them and in the case of my San Jose one do you see it here no cuz it's it's not in the collection right now I think that one's basically done for so these ones are and I have a kings one as well these ones are tricky and that's why even though there's there's a duck's one out there as well I've as much as I like the orange ducks one with their current logo on the front I don't like the logos I've barely worn this jersey and there's already creases all over this logo and you guys can see I just hang them up these these are really really tricky to crease these crease really really badly and it's it's hard to get it out unless you want to be ironing it constantly and then the other problem is because it's screen printed on I don't know that the logos would last very long the end up with lines like my sharks one has where it's virtually unwearable so buyer beware with those ones this one I got though through this was Jersey Baron as well I didn't mention with the Penguins one the the wordmark one that I currently have I actually got that for a store that was going out of business so just throwing that in there people were ready to get that one at two hundred and seventy sixth is this Detroit one that I got through I want to say ice jerseys and I think it was the last one they had they're sold out of these now this is the 75th anniversary this is Detroit going back to the old old old days before they were the Red Wings and I had to get as many of the 75th anniversary jerseys as I could I think the only one I don't have is Toronto I think that's the only one I don't have is Toronto's 75th anniversary which what I'm looking at old hockey cards and I look at I kind of go yeah I liked it a lot at the time I thought it was really surprised ease now anyways but for Detroit it's different this is one that if I wear it out in public people will make comments like oh I like that that's really nice but in in general it's just it's a nice throwback and again these are jerseys that are nice they're good jerseys but they did tend to fall down the list as I went through my jerseys and I went through ones I really liked and then these are the ones that ended up falling down towards the bottom so moving on to Saint Louis and this this comes in at number 275 I never understood the red I never understood why st. Louis Incorporated so much red into their jerseys in the 90s if you want this one in white if you're an extra-large or double extra-large and Jersey sports K has this on I had been looking at it I'd been thinking about it but then when they sold out of every size except XL and double x element I don't think so this one's a small for instance and this one fits me okay yeah it you know it's it's a weird design and and so it it's just it's the the weird and I know there's blues fans that love this Jersey there are blues fans that loathe this Jersey but for me and hey with the new camera you guys can see the whole Jersey now when I do this countdown so that's part of the reason why I was yeah I got to do it now even though I have other jerseys of potentially are coming in this one I got four I think it was like 35 40 dollars from a seller on eBay so when I see people saying oh he must have spent like tons and tons I have not spent nearly as much putting this cart this collection together as people might think it has been actually relatively easy as long as I'm picking it every single day I hit those sites every single day I check look for sales and every single day on eBay I search for certain jerseys I'm still on the search for and there are a few and once this countdown is done we can get into which ones those are at 274 we get this one the biggest problem with avalanche jerseys this is actually a Reebok authentic it's very very well done Reebok Authentics are just fantastic the problem with with colorado's is this when you don't have stripes on the bottom it does tend to come off like pajamas and then they had the stripes down the side I do like the C's on here I know there's people who like the Big Foot better I preferred the C's personally but it's just it doesn't for me it's kind of boring and it's too bad because the nicest color on a Colorado Jersey is the blue and really they minimize the blue in their jerseys for a while there and I think they did it to the detriment of the look of the overall garment I I do like the the Burgundy that's in this of course early on the burgundy was lighter once they darkened it it makes it look so much nicer but still for me again because it's just kind of a boring design it ends up being as low as it is this one I got through full moon jerseys on eBay and I didn't know I got it through Ben H Ben Hogan ban Ben eSports yeah I got this one through Ben and I know they have currently some Reebok Authentics on full moon jerseys they have ones with McKinnon or Ronson and on the back they're not cheap not as cheap as this one was this one I got a really good deal on but and again I think he was selling it for $79 because some of the old Reeboks they just don't sell so again that's another thing too if you're looking start a collection look for the old Reeboks Reeboks don't really sell and the difference between Reebok and Adidas if you're just casual collector it's not really you know for the price point you can get an old Reebok for like 30 40 bucks depending on where you look so there you go this this one's an authentic it's really really nice but again just the plain ascends up knocking it down the church next up on the list is number 273 which is this this of course is when the Islanders realized hey we we need to go back to rural design they went back to this and get back to the old color right away but they went back to the old design this of course has the four stripes on it for hey we won the Stanley Cup four times the the patch on the shoulder is it's it's big it's just strange this I think was my first Islanders Jersey try remember I know I got this one through full moon jerseys it was cheap on there I think I paid like 50 bucks for it it was it was a good purchase in that I had Islanders but since then I've purchased a lot of Islanders as they just they have some really nice and some really ugly jerseys and and you mix them together and some of them are both I'm looking at you fishermen looking at you but the Islanders they got it right when they went back to this simple kind of throwback design even though it's not the throwback color I do of course for people who watch the video the other night have the throwback color that is higher on the countdown than this one but it's still a nice enough Jersey this one's in at 272 almost dropped it cutter on the first bounce this one was sent to me by subscriber it's a large and because it's a large coho and it's got the plunging neckline I don't wear it very much in videos because I know I have to wear shirt underneath it and you know preferably a turtleneck because otherwise I'm showing a lot of cleavage but this is the original Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey and that's the original mascot of course which was the secondary and it was fun even though it kind of confused the whole what is a blue jacket looks like it's a shining silver or shining gold a green stick so neon green or yellow stick and yellow and then you got the the blue jacket ears got the hat on and and I much prefer the way that it looks now to the way that it looked then but it's it was different I remember when the Columbus Blue Jackets they viewed this logo and this this whole ensemble that it was it was different and I'm really glad I have this in my collection do I want it and white absolutely of course I do is it hard to find in white yes unless you want one that's got a weird name on the back watch that too if you find a Jersey on eBay and you go hey that's a really good deal look at all the pictures because sometimes they'll have their own name on the back which makes it weird because then you're walking around with a number and a name that had nothing to do with the team I'd be like who's Tuttle ah he was the Canucks goalie back in the 80s no he wasn't i watch the Canucks in the eighties 70s are you just making this up or what the what at one in the world so there you go Columbus Blue Jackets and we'll keep going 271 and we're into Arizona here Arizona didn't always have the Block in their sleeves the ones that do not have back black in the sleeves did not qualify for this countdown this one's it's it's a nice Jersey it is I got this one through yeah this was through full moon jerseys on eBay and it's just nice as you see Arizona so not all of them have the AZ for a zone sometimes they have Phoenix and those have anything on the shoulders but it's it's a nice Jersey and again it's a matter of just just finding a deal and you'll notice that on the bottom it's got just the one small stripe which most of the adidas have a lot of at least a lot of the adidas went to the that small stripe at the bottom ruling what really seriously they were telling us beforehand the design they wanted to use we just weren't listening so there you go Arizona it's it's a nice enough one that Arizona's got a nice nice look I know people prefer the Kachina myself as well but this is a nice clean look for them as well which brings me to the goat at 270 this is one of the more beat-up jerseys I have and and it's the I believe this is the second second copy I've had of it but it's just it's hard to find these in really good shape one I think I paid I I'm pretty sure I paid twenty dollars through through a collector on on eBay so I got this syrup through a seller on eBay for like 20 bucks and it replaced when I had that that the the head was coming off with this one to the silver is coming off around here if it was in really crisp condition it would be higher up on the countdown 100% so I'm not really trying to demean that the the designer whatnot but boy buffalos had an interesting history haven't they just seeing these right next to each other it's been colorful all right here's my first adidas on the countdown I believe yeah first adidas which is this year's Winter Classic Blackhawks which I got through a pro hockey life and the logo is fantastic the way that it sits felt and it's got the chain stitching on it it's really the problem with with the Blackhawks is what makes Blackhawks jerseys pop is the colors and the contrast and this jersey is just it's just black and white so as much as I like the composition of the jersey I love I love the neck the neck is really nice some of those adidas neck lines kind of pull and tugging they're kind of tight and especially the stadium jerseys get really tight as well this one not so much this one's it like I said the design is okay it's just because it's just plain black and white I could bump it any higher than the ones that we're out of it I like the Winter Classic thing here winter classic jerseys continue to be pretty nice throwbacks I'm interested to see what Dallas and Nashville do this year I expect to get both of those and again if they just had some red in it somewhere or just something a little more I understand what they were doing and I understand why so people who say well that was the original yeah I know I know they're there her trying to harken back to back in the old days but a little bit of red I think would have been nice but that's me understandable and I've got to move on to the next jersey up to number 268 and this was an adidas – when it came out people said pardon so the Nashville Predators got rid of the piping when they moved over from Reebok to adidas which would be fine but man that's a lot of marigold right there isn't it yeah the whole eyeful of marigold and it's just it just feels like they took it and they just kind of I don't ruined it I'll be interested to see if they come out with a third at some point that's blue so in this design just blue here and then they can the marigold here and marigold here on the neck I think it would look fantastic I think this logo was always popularly nicely on blue jerseys and thankfully I have a blue jersey with Nashville logo on it and I can show you guys when we get to that point on the countdown this I had to have because I thought it was ugly and I thought you know what I don't know if they'll keep it for very long so because it's so bloody ugly I have to have it in my collection that's that's really a thought process for me and I got that Jersey from Benny's sports so this one Calgary wordmark I like this one I I know there's a lot of people that don't now of course avid at number 267 on the countdown so it's not like it's my all-time favorite but I like it I think it's different I think it's it's better striping than what they've got on their regular Jersey I understand people didn't like the text but I like the black here I like the black shoulder yoke I like this secondary a lot I think that's nice and just in general the design I think is really sharp I can understand why people don't like it this one I got through I think it was through lids website now I'm gonna go ahead and throw this disclaimer out when I mentioned lids they're now owned by fanatics buying jerseys from them I haven't bought a single one from them since fanatics bottom so I just I haven't in fact I haven't bought anything online through lids since fanatics bottom it's just a fanatics website now fanatics is kind of trying to gradually take over which is frustrating for those of us who are collectors and they're looking for some of the more hard to find stuff and fanatics doesn't carry the hard-to-find stuff so yeah this one this one's nice and again I wouldn't I wouldn't actually mind seeing Calgary use this at some point no they won't the throwback is nicer but it this is still not a bad Jersey I think it's I don't think it's nearly as bad as its as its reputation would state this is my first Blue Jackets Reebok I got this well after the channel had started I got this one through full moon jerseys and it's it's nice enough it's again if you compare this with the other Columbus that's on this countdown this is a much cleaner logo the secondary is nicer the strafing is nicer it's just again it falls under the it's nice but it's kind of plain category the one thing I will say for for Blue Jackets jerseys they're nicer in person than they might look in this case online through a webcam or just in general third they're not ugly jerseys they're just they're not ones that end up in my all-time favorites so that's how this one ends up here and again I got it through full moon I think it's like 50 bucks so this was just when I was just you know filling out my collection just I'll just get reboxed again Reebok premiere Jersey's not Authentics you know the premiers they've got the the size tag on the front so that way everybody can go oh he's a double XL look at it in this case it's a dis immediate most of the jerseys have a medium so this is a medium I have a lot of smalls as well so yeah you know Columbus it's nice it's just it didn't it doesn't pop enough for lack of a better term to be higher on the countdown up to 265 and we're up to this puppy right here this is another it's another medium it's another Reebok penguins and this is when they had the gold now the interesting thing to me is that I prefer the gold to the colors they have now but for design I don't like this design as much again if there's no stripe at the bottom it kind of makes it look like pajamas it's it's a nice enough Jersey I know full moon has still got some of these around they have these with I think James Neal on the back of them as well they have newer ones with James knee on the back I know but these they're there again it's okay I've worn it a handful of times so that's three when jerseys on this countdown if people are like you must really hate no no there's lots of penguin jerseys including there's at least one in the top 20 I can think of just off the top of my head very very nice Jersey though and again I got it through full moon jerseys I think I paid $40 for it it really it really wasn't as much as people might think and it's it's yeah I I enjoy it I'm glad I have it and I'm glad that I have as many penguin jerseys as I do even though I may not be a fan of the team 264 and we've got some these match today I planned that no I didn't so now we're up to another men's medium this is a CCM Nashville Predators this is their first year I was so excited to get a Nashville Predators that I overlooked Canucks Jersey which I'm glad I have now but man did I regret that for a while this predator stirs he's been through it all it's it's had its share of snags and cat run-ins and whatnot but it's it's a nice enough Jersey I always thought that was kind of nice the Nashville on the sleeve I I do like the logo better now than this silver and blue version here but again while it's a bit of a busy design I still would put this and I did put this ahead of their yellow Adidas yeah Nashville it's it's been almost what 20 it was a little over 20 years since Nashville came and I was gonna say 25 but we're not there yet and they've had some interesting changes but this logo has basically stayed relatively the same throughout yeah I don't really have a whole lot to add other than I bought this at the mall in Chilliwack so the store I bought this from is no longer in business so if you're looking for this one it's tricky there are there is one Nashville Jersey I don't have that I desperately want and it is really difficult to find without spending like five hundred dollars and I think I spent like 50 on this 20-some years ago this is where it gets tricky so the again a st. Louis this is the regular design they had and then they had the red stripes for no reason they had red on their Jersey and and this design I like more at the trick with this one is this this one I've kind of been wanting to replace as it's kind of old and it's kind of beat up so you can see from the size tag on here some medium I got this one in Chilliwack at a store many decades ago and so the only thing I can add with this is that it's it was always confusing me to that st. Louis was inside of the Blue Note really really weird I do have a team classics that is very similar to this but it's higher up because it's in a better condition than this one this one's got a lot of pulls in it which may not show on camera but there are a ton and so for that reason it kind of drops it down for me in it 262 is this one now I don't wear this one injury and in videos because it's a double XL I got this one from a subscriber it is it is a nice Jersey the one thing I always thought was weird with this was first you've got the the mcfarland designed logo here which has the five cups see the five five dots on here for the five cups and that's on the shoulders as well so the five rivets for the five cups right and then the design really looks like the kings if you turn the blueblack you've got the the kings in the early 90s so for that it knocks it down a little bit to me I wouldn't mind seeing this this design on an Adidas I think it could be really fun and really well done for a logo back in the Koho days you see call this logo is huge compared to a lot of other jerseys back then this logo is humongous and again nice enough Jersey just not one that I would have is one of my favorites I'm glad it's in my collection and again if it wasn't a double XL with this plunging neckline so I you know I just have to have gold chains at that point if I wore it in the video yeah that's the only reason I don't wear it otherwise I would definitely wear it more often and again if you see it part of the reason is the to that that the ad double-xl the arms are gonna be so long that it just dangles off it just again it feels like I'm wearing my dad's clothes and it doesn't feel like it's it's mine as much and I do look every now and then online at for this Jersey it is hard to find so to the subscriber the sent this to me thank you very much because buying this is difficult it is hard to find and we're gonna finish off the countdown with number 261 which is this the Toronto Maple Leafs this is a Reebok I got this from pro hockey life when they did their the Reebok sale for 30 bucks each I was like thirty dollars done so this was added to my collection as a result it's a size small fits me perfectly fine thank you very much and the this logo again they switched it over to the new logo I like the new logo better but I'm glad I got this this is a really sharp Jersey and I use this as an excuse not to buy they need a logo for as long as I could until I was like okay fine I'll get it which is not very long but you know I held out as long as I can as a collector it's a fun Jersey again I I do like wearing Maple Leaf jerseys I I find that that they're there ones that I think look nice I mean I don't wear them very much when I go out in public but you know the jerseys are were outside the house has definitely become a little more constricted as to which teams are where but yeah Toronto this is a nice one and it's a good place to end this countdown so I will continue this countdown for sure this is 261 so there's still two hundred and sixty to go it's it's a lot and I'm cutting out approximately 20 some out of my collection that I will not be showing in any jerseys III get between now and the end of the collection they don't get dropped in or anything so there you go let me know your thoughts in the comment section below as always don't forget to hit like and subscribe if you're browsing we just happened upon this video and hey this is fun because I get a lot of questions from new subscribers about what jerseys I have and which ones I don't you pay attention to what jerseys I'm wearing what jerseys I feature in this in these videos you'll find out pretty quick thank you guys so much for watching for all your support hit like and subscribe I'll talk to you again soon

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    His Wife (The Lovely Yvonne) : Just off camera laughing hysterically in the background…. "Yeah right Shannon"……

  3. Wow! 280+ jerseys … and now I realize you have 280+ hangers to go along with them all. I think you have more hangers for your jerseys than I have for all of my clothes. Perhaps you only have one pair of pants? Lol
    Will Yvonne get to do her top 10? Please and thank you.

  4. The red on the St. Louis jersey is because of the city flag, and the stripes I think are meant to symbolize guitar strings.

  5. Like the Maple leafs old side logo… and if u wanna read it FML it fits for a leafs fan as well once you get to the playoffs

  6. tom tuttle was almost my favourite player of all time until the accident…. he will be missed, god bless his soul.

  7. You can't say Shannon isn't dedicated to his craft. This is a man that's got over 280 different and unique hockey jerseys. Even more impressive is the fact that he dedicates just about as much time and effort into the Entertainment Guy as well. If you read this, you're a gem, Shannon.

  8. You see that? That is the face of a very happy Shannon. With the support of over 100k subscribers, he is given the opportunity to do this.

  9. I just bank 15 dollars a day so I get have a cold million when I retire but you buy jerseys, cooooooooool

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