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  1. Jimmies are what my family calls them
    We have Wawa and I'm from Trenton. Lived in Hamilton and Yardville.
    North Jersey and South Jersey are different, yea.
    We have 7 11 too though…
    The 20 minutes thing is true where I live too…
    We always went to Quakerbridge mall.
    Seaside is called the shore…
    We say dis dat dese dere ( this, that, these, there)
    Shoprite!!! yea
    water is said like WOODER
    24 hour diners yea

  2. That's a lie because Aunt Midge and Uncle Tommy live down the Rd from the ACME store in Tuckerton. Aunt Midge just had to drive down the Rd and go food shopping.

  3. There's nothing wrong with South Jersey; My brother used to live in Toms River and I got Aunt Midge and Uncle Tommy that lives in Tuckerton and Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Sonny that live in AC. My grandpa and grandma Rooney had an old Chicken Farm down in New Gretna. There is a difference from N. Jersey from S. Jersey. When I was a kid we used to go down to New Gretna all the time to visit Grandma and Grandpa Rooney and then after Grandma Rooney passed away Aunt Midge and Uncle Tommy moved in with Grandpa Rooney. N. Jersey we don't got the Jersey Devil. S. Jersey does. I know about N. Jersey because Uncle Barry and Aunt Gracie used to live in Newark on East Orange Ave and my parents used to go see them with our first convertable with WABC blasting out of the car with the top down in the summer to visit them.

  4. I from south Jersey I go to deptford mall all the time and if you live in my area you know about black and white horse pk(pike) and late night Walmart is fun as ever. don't forget about the back road so much of them

  5. I know this is a old video, things u forgot. Ac expressway now 65mph dont know when it changed, say "use guys", Camden still suks worked for Cooper 29 yrs, 10 in thr big C . I usef to work in the Lab in before the Sun was up, walking to the building her this creepy scrapping sound, lime a quite draggung noise, loojed around (O) (O) it was a big freaking roach dragging a cookie! Unbelivable. Also e crack whores would be around. I do remember ftiving in the woods alot so bored.
    We could drink at 18, so not always sober. Got shot at alot by huntets in williamstownm used to live in gloi township/erial/sicklerville?
    Same da, post office for multible towns geeze.
    Now I live in Marlton, used to work Peds in Voorhees for 20 yrs.Kings G.what town do u live in?
    Too long sry.

  6. I live in wildwood New Jersey we love wawa . If you live in north jersey you are a shoobie . We go to the Hamilton mall . North jersey is a hole in the map that really does not exist . Um we take route 47 and route 9 everywhere if you pay for a toll you are a shoobie . And finally you can get everywhere in 20 minutes no lie

  7. If you actually grew up in jersey and can think for yourself, you should know that Wawa became a steaming pile of shit over time in the last several years. Royal farms is leagues better. And tbh I get 711 hotdogs over any overpriced nasty wawa garbage 🤢

  8. Ya know if youse guys are from Nort Joysey if somebody axe you if yaw from Joysey & day ax you “what exit?” & you say 14C….. Holland Tunnel, take 2 lefts & a right on Palisade Ave….

  9. And where do Pineys fit into the equation ? Or, do they get their own chapter in this story ? 🙂

  10. I love and miss south jersey every person in Va is just getting hip to Wawa and we need shoprite we have a knock off shoprite called shoppers

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