2nd Battalion of Rangers – Uniform Impression

2nd Battalion of Rangers – Uniform Impression

Hi everybody and welcome to this new uniform video review! Today, I’ll present you the uniform of the Rangers, specially the 2nd Battalion, which was on Omaha Beach and the Point du Hoc. UNIFORM OF 2nd BATTALION OF RANGERS Before to begin, I have to precise this video is only a BASE for you. It’s an invitation for you to search more informations with books, magazines and internet. So to search by yourself. The research step is the most important when you constitute an outfit. You won’t learn anything if I told you all. So I’ll talk about Rangers uniform superficially, I’ll only present equipments I wear, to avoid you seeing a video with a duration of 2 hours. After, it will be easy to contradict me with vintage photos, testimonials, etc. But with pictures, you can say everything and nothing. It’s not because there are no pictures it hadn’t exist, everybody hadn’t a smartphone on either at this time. And it’s not because you have a picture it was regulatory. So with theses elements, we can do everything, as in the good as in the bad. So what I say is only a base. You’ll find the kitlist of this uniform in the description, with the time of each item. But watch the video, if you do any mistake while buying your stuff, it won’t be my fault! HISTORIC The 2nd battalion was created on the 04-01-1943 at camp Forrest, Tennessee. It was activated in september 1943 and has been loaded into ships for England for Overlord operation. The June 6th 1944 (there was something on this day, I don’t remember what…), companies Dog, Easy and Fox, leaded by the Colonel James Rudder, land at the Pointe du Hoc. During the attack, 225 men was engaged. Only 90 was still alive after 2 days of battles. Companies Able, Baker and Charlie, landed with the 5th battalion of Rangers, was near the 1st and the 29th Infantery Division on Omah Beach and suffered heavy losses. Theses companies are in the center of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” by S. Spielberg. After Pointe du Hoc and Omaha Beach, the 2nd battalion has kept prisoners in Valognes and escorted them to Utah Beach. Then they have been moved on the west of the Cotentinfor one month because the front didn’t move. (Bocage) After the breakthrough of Avranches, they took the road to Brittany. They fought until 09-18-1944 and they participated to the Brest Liberation. After Brittany, Rangers have fought during the long and hard battle of Hürtgen forrest, in Germany, near Belgium frontier, from 09-19-1944 to 11-03-1944. After this battle, they participated to the Winter War from december 11th, 1944 to February 4th, 1945, during counteroffensive in the Bulge. Then they reached the Rhin and the Ruhr (an industrial region) from February 5th to March 26th. They finished the war in Czechoslovakia You can find the complete link (in french) in the description of this video. THE UNIFORM The M37 shirt, also called mustard shirt, was the base of the uniform. And it’s not too long, it’s at my size! It’s just the cut of this time. We can add mustard trousers, M37 trousers, to complete the set. On the mustard pants, we add HBT pants, which was antigaz treated. It’s work trousers, light and thin, so it was easy to wash it. Then we have leggings M1938, and Russet leather low boots OR Rough Out low boots (very often the case), or jump boots Corcoran, dedicated to elite troops, and it was the case for Rangers. Little advice, when you put your leggings, think this: -External Buckle, -Rear Bracket, -Avoided Negiligence=>EBR (M14)=BAN. It will avoid you to put it upside down and to see it at the end… It’s very long to setup!! The M41 jacket is the reference jacket of US soldier. It has 2 external pockets, 5 buttons and a zip to close it. We can nottice a antigaz armband (homemade). It’s not the real look, but it looks like. This jacket has the Rangers insigina, sewn at 1,27cm from the sewing. THE EQUIPMENT The heavy helmet US M1 has 2nd battalion insignia, that’s why we have a “2” on the back. It’s composed with 2 parts: a heavy helmet and a liner. In the liner we can find a sweatband, a chinstrap in leather to unify the 2 helmets. On the steel helmet, we have an other chinstrap in web, to put on the rear. It can be placed under the head, but it wasn’t adviced. The assault vest can be in OD3 (beige) or OD7 (green like here). On this vest we can hook the shovel, the USM3 knife, and many others like grenades in the front pocket. The lock system is done by short straps with buckles. And in theses pockets, we can put grenades. It’s good to know this vest (tactical vest ancestor) hasn’t been used much by NCO and officers, so pictures from this time are rare. They didn’t keep it a long time, and it wasn’t robust. It’s possible to adjust the size of the vest with the 2 straps on the front, with quick release system. We have 4 pockets on the front, with lock system, and 2 pockets without closing system. We can put a grenade for example. And we can find the same schema on the other side. We can note eyelets on the belt place, if you don’t want to wear a belt. You can hook some accessories. But I don’t advice it, eyelets are bad quality. On the back pocket, we can find the mess kit, for example, it’s the good size for the pocket. Essential to eat. Here it’s a post-war, but it’s the same as WW2. It’s in two parts, and you can put cutlery and toilet paper. Why toilet paper? To avoid making noise with the cutlery in the mess kit, and also because it’s very useful. And it’s a little protected from the rain. On the back we find the M1943 shovel, folding shovel, and the USM3 knife, with it’s scabbard USM8. Here it’s an original knife (UTICA brand). Then we go after with accessories with carrying case for Thompson magazine 6×30. 6×30 because it can contain 6 magazine of 30 rounds capacity (for real magazines). When it’s filled, it’s hard to manipulate, you’ll see it after. I advice you to put first the carrying case, then the General Purpose bag. We can put anything inside. Here I’ve choosen to put airsoft material, like gas bottle (good size for the bag), like BB’s, glasses, BB loaders for example, everything. We can notice there is a special pocket for the gas bottle! They had planned this case! No i’m joking. After having placed all theses bags, we can add the belt, and it will maintain already placed accessories. I’ll present you a more detailled presentation of each accessory, this is the general configuration of the uniform. With the Magazine pouch M1923 for Colt 1911 A1, the first Aid Pouch, the holster for Colt, the M1936 belt (I advice you to take in original, copies are very bad quality), Magazine pouch for Thompson (5×20), 5×20 because it contains 5 magazine of 20 round Canteen in its cover : I advice you to take the canteen in original (with the cup), and the cover in copy. You’ll easier damage the cover, so it would be a shame to destroy an original. But canteen’s copies are very bad quality. You’ll damage it with pression buttons of the cover. We can see the cup can be fixed and there is a sense for the canteen, and there is a sense for the canteen in the cover. To clean your original canteen, I advice you to fill it with coca light and wait many days. The pouch for Colt 1911 A1 can contain 2 magazines, or 1 magazine and gas cartridges. But all brands of pouches can contain airsoft magazines. So be careful. The first aid kit, it’s here a original box and a copy cover. Don’t open it, it would be a shame to damage an original kit. And the holster for Colt 1911 A1. It’s here a KWC 1911 A1, I invite you to check the link for the review in the description. And at last we’ll add the Gas Mask bag. It’s waterproof, so it’s ideal to put some delicate stuff. But it’s only if you use this bag, because it was worn only during the beginning of the land in Normandy, germans not using gas. It closed with 4 pression buttons (a little hard to put off), and inside we find the gas mask. Here it’s a modern gas mask, so I can use it. But I don’t use it in reenactment or airsoft, it doesn’t protect at all. So this is the full uniform. Please, rotate, man? Very good. You can note I’m sergeant, as we can see with the rear white band on the helmet, but I don’t wear rank insignias. It was a wish for some NCO and officers to not sew the rank, to avoid being a target for enemy snipers. As you can see, when you have already 5 magazines in the pouch, it’s hard to insert the 6th! SUMMATION We’ll do a quick summation of what we saw: HBT pants, base work outfit, easy to wash, with a belt and 2 big pockets on the sides. Then we have the low boots and the leggings. Here russet leather, because it was the only choice I had in the shop I’ve bought my outfit. But it was more common to find rough out low boots, and the leggings come above. Then the M37 shirt, mustard shirt, with 2 pockets on the breasts. We’ll add a pair of Dog Tag to be more realistic. We can see the M1 helmet below. Then we have the M41 jacket, with the Rangers insignia, without ranks insignias, and the homemade antigas armband. After we pass to the assault vest with the M1943 shovel on the back, the USM3 knife in its USM8 scabbard on the side pocket, and the mess kit in the rear pocket. Then we have the pouch bag for Thompson 6×30 (with a beast on it) and the General Purpose bag, which will contain anything. And at last, the M1936 belt set, with the Colt 1911 A1 pouch, the canteen with its cup and its cover, the pouches for Thompson 5×20, the Holster for Colt 1911 A1 and the first aid kit in its pouch. At we finish with the gas mask bag, waterproof. And the famous Thompson M1A1 from King Arms. Check the description below for the video review. This is now the end of this video, it you liked it, don’t hesitate to put an up thumb, to share it and subscribe to my channel if it’s not already done. I’ll see you soon for a new video! Which subject? No idea, but it will come! Bye! Directed by Neo035, thanks to François for his help (cameraman), and thanks to Chris Adams Custom and Bleiz39 for ideas. Shit, we obwerve me! See you later!

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