3 Bollywood Inspired SAREE DRAPING- How To Make PERFECT PLEATS | #Fashion #Style #Anaysa

3 Bollywood Inspired SAREE DRAPING- How To Make PERFECT PLEATS | #Fashion #Style #Anaysa

All type of fashions has their own value But taught so much.. Now confused to teach which one saree style? Bollywood saree Dear I don’t know that But I know Hit 70,000 likes soon and you go and teach Bollywood saree It’s not ordinary saree…inspired by sabhyasachi Which we have made in DIY Queen Do watch So let’s start with this style of Ileana D’Cruz And yes don’t forget to wear heels before draping saree Let’s start draping saree Drape the saree as normal draping Ans yes I guess won’t have to explain about the pleats Stuck your pallu on your shoulders taking out from backside We need such flow of pallu from front side Length of normal pallu is only this much But for front flow take the extra pallu and drag it sidewards And do tuck in the pleats normally This is done easily Let’s start draping pallu now I will start making this pleats according to the saree border Pleats are ready now Now hang pallu on the shoulder and adjust the pleats from the front side Now secure the pallu with safety pin from the front side and after pin up the pallu will look like this And secure it even from the backside Sonam Kapoor is famous for her styles So I have picked up her this saree drape Firstly you tuck in the saree Collect the pallu and hang it on the shoulder Check the length and fall it backside Make pleats in the front side you have to make the pleats so that your side border look this way Now tuck in the pleats and bring pallu forward Now take any floral dupatta for Sonam Kapoor’s style and secure it with the safety pin from the bottom end and secure it with two three pins similarly upto the bottom Now will keep this floral dupatta on the shoulder as a pallu And then turn around saree’s pallu and put it over the neck Make sure that only the border of the neck region is visible This boolywood drape saree is so easy that can wear the complete saree by securing single pin Firstly wears a nice pleated saree Now next will drape the pallu Will take out the pallu from inside the blouse After that your pallu will look like this Now secure the saree with the rubberband As much tight you secure your pallu that much look your saree will get So, did you enjoyed Team Anaysa’s hardwork?

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  3. I wont try any of these πŸ˜›
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  6. Let's be honest nobody is going to wear these in public to be laughed at .. please show something wearable ,Nobody wants to be a laughstock of the leagueπŸ˜‚

  7. Hi i am diksha
    I like your all videos but i want to know one hack please can you share it
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