3 Reasons Why Fathers Need To Dress Sharp – Be The Man You Want Your Children To Remember

3 Reasons Why Fathers Need To Dress Sharp – Be The Man You Want Your Children To Remember

3 Reasons Why Fathers Need To Dress Sharp
– Be The Man You Want Your Children To Remember Hi. Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Man Real Style. Today weíre to be talking about how a man dresses when he leaves his
house and how he represents his family. Okay. If you havenít already, go ahead and
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on what Iím talking about here. And you can get to that article right over here. Okay. So, Iím talking about how a man dresses
when he leaves his house and how he represents his family because whether you like it or
not, youíre a man. Youíre no longer a boy. And you need to lead by example. And people
look at you and they make judgments. And I see so many people out there, not paying attention. Iím just going to use the example that I
saw this morning. So, I took my son to school. And he had an issue ñ basically, when he
paid for headphones, he didnít get them. So, Iím like, ìOkay, I got to figure out
whatís going on here.î So, Iím taking my son to school. Iím walking into the school.
And I look around and Iím wondering, is it pajama day? Because it seems like thatís
what all of the other parents are wearing. And maybe itís Friday, I donít know. You
know I live in Wisconsin rural, so, you know, we get Packers. You know everyone is Packer
gear and stuff as well. But I started looking around the halls and
itís just ñ wow. The only people that are really dressed sharp are the teachers. And
thatís great because teachers understand, theyíre setting the example and that students
pay attention to this. But I started looking a lot of fellow parents and it just seemed
that most of them had gotten out of the habit of dressing sharp, you know. And let me be very clear. I donít want to
say that Iím some really judgmental person. And I realize Iím in a position as a custom
clothier that I have access to a lot of the best clothing in the world and that it is
my job to pay attention to appearances. But it just seem like so many people were just
so far from anything that I would consider to be well put together. I mean, their clothing
didnít fit. The clothing was just horrible. I mean, the point Iím getting at is that
kids learn by example and that we need to set the example. And as a man, you need to
understand that youíre not a boy. That you canít dress like a child anymore. And even
though, for the first, maybe 20 years of your life, you got away with dressing however you
wanted. Once you become a young father, or once you start to ñ you become a family man.
You start to represent your family or even before then, hopefully, youíre getting into
this practice. But you need to dress in a manner because
other people are judging you based of your appearance. So many times, weíre walking
through ñ and we never say anything to the people weíre passing by, but theyíre making
a judgment because theyíve got to make a decision how theyíre going to pass by you.
And are you a threat or are you not a threat? And are you somebody who is an authority. So, Iíll just use the examples that I saw
this morning. And Iím going to talk about three things. First, I dress sharp not because
I knew I was going to be getting in front of the video camera but because ñ well, thatís
part of it. But the other part is that I know whenever I leave my door that Iím going to
be making a lot of first impressions. And I represent my family. I represent my wife.
I represent my children. And the judgments that people make on me, theyíre going to
pass over to them. So, I dress with respect every time I leave
my house. And itís something Iím conscious of. I do it and now itís almost become second
nature, you know. Itís just ñ if Iím going out to run, of course, I dress in my running
gear. But if Iím going to be going out to run errands, I always try to dress, you know,
reasonably sharp, you know, because I can still throw on a really nice sweater. And
you know have some well fitted denim and some nice shoes. I mean, so Iím not wearing a
suit every time I go out. But is something that Iím dressing respectfully when I leave
my house because others are making a quick judgment on me. Number two, I knew this morning I was going
to be in the presence of children who are impressionable. And so, Iím dressing to set
the example. And you need to be thinking, ìOkay. Am I setting the right example for
my kids and for other people that I interact with?î And when I was walking down the hall
this morning, kids noticed me. And Iím not saying, you know, thatís what I was ñ obviously,
itís not what Iím going for. But it just made me laugh because I think a lot of it
had to do with my Western boots. And I make a bit of noise as Iím walking the down the
hall. But itís something that you get, you know, friendly smiles. And they were like,
wow, you know, who is this person versus, you know, not being noticed at all. Or worse,
yes, setting a bad example of how, you know ñ basically, how not to dress. And kids,
unfortunately, sometimes, imitate that. Third, the teachers notice. And the teachers
pay attention and I think they give a bit more respect and they form a better opinion,
not only of you but of your child. And I know that sounds incredibly unfair. But ñ I mean,
itís something you canít deny. I mean, if you come in and you look like the kind of
person or, you know, that is ñ you know, I donít know. That just, maybe doesnít take
care of themselves and doesnít care, you know ñ in the back of the teachersí mind,
theyíre probably going to think, ìWell, I know where their son gets it from.î And
the reverse is true if you come in and you look sharp. You look like a professional.
And you look like you give a damn. Theyíre going to say, ìWow. I see where that kid
gets it from. No wonder he is, you know, on top of things.î So, those three things ñ pay attention to
them. And lastly, you know guys, I love the way that my kids are learning by my wifeís
and mine example. My daughter ñ she already get ñ you know sheís three years old but
sheís kind of known as, you know, the little fashion girl at her preschool and daycare.
You know she always cares about how she looks. And sheís very presentable. And yes, I know
that may come off as a bit, you know ñ I donít know, pretentious? But I mean, sheís
three years old. And sheís having a great time with it. It just makes me laugh. And my son ñ he pays attention to how he
presents himself. And he likes to dress sharp. I mean, when picture day was, you know, a
couple of weeks ago, I didnít have to push him hard. I mean the guy, actually, he wanted
to wear a suit. And we actually donít have a full suit for him which is kind of funny
because Iím, again, a clothier. But no, he wore a vest. He wore a shirt. He wore a tie
and he felt good. He looked good. And yeah, heís going to do really well. But again, gentlemen, lead by example. No
one else out there is going to have a strong of an impression on your kids as you are.
And be the man that you want your children to remember because youíre not always going
to be, you know, at the same point youíre at now. Eventually, weíre going to be old
and you know, weíre going to be, you know, grandfathers. And when my son ñ when heís
a man, I know heís going to be able to look back at this time. And heís going to be able
to say, ìI learned a lot from dad. I didnít even know it at the time but he was teaching
me all of these things.î All right. Thatís all Iíve got gentlemen.
Take care. And go out there and dress with style.

53 Replies to “3 Reasons Why Fathers Need To Dress Sharp – Be The Man You Want Your Children To Remember”

  1. Great information. Your article on this subject at the art of manliness was one of the reasons I started dressing respectfully. I wanted to set an example for my then newborn son. I couldn't agree more, I notice a difference in the way that the people who work at my son's daycare treat me vs the other parents, who in fact do drop off their child in pajamas. I feel confident that it will pay off in the way my son dresses once he starts dressing himself.

  2. A funny story about my son, he's now 18 months old and just starting to really understand things. Last night I was changing out of my work clothes and I took off my shoe, handed it to him and asked him to put it in the closet. He took it to the closet, picked up the shoe tree sitting where the shoe was suppose to go and brought both shoe and tree back to me. My wife was just standing there with her mouth open and said, "he truly is YOUR son" I was very proud!

  3. Have to agree 100%. My three boys saw me during a period of time dressing up. On their own, they went through their clothes and found their best to wear with me whenever we would leave the house. I never had to mention it. Definitely a "caught rather than taught" moment. Thanks for this. It's inspired me to return to those days.

  4. @DrummerMike86 I keep a few sets of clothing in the studio as I'm trying to figure out what looks best with what – also I shoot in batches (often 5+ at a time). Finally – there are limitations with my lights so a number of my lighter colored outfits play havok on my amateur camera.

  5. Great video. It is true that the first impression is very important in today life. People may deny and say "Beauty is skin-deep". However, in order to expand your social circles and connection, you must dress sharp. There is a huge difference between dressing appropriate and dressing like a diva. Proper mannerism plus proper dress-code make the man. Thank you for the great video, Antonio.

  6. While I agree with the part about people in public in their pajamas-there are things I do not agree with- Some of the most dysfunctional families I know have a father who dresses sharp and some of the best families I know have a father who dresses casually.

  7. @RealMenRealStyle I think sometimes men who are that wrapped up in appearance are putting on a show-that has been the case of the ones I know-it is all about what the world sees and people who get to know them know they are not as they appear. There are times I do wish my husband was a bit more vain -he is all about comfort-but I can tell you you will never find a better father or husband.
    My ex was more into how he looked and ignored his family most of the time.

  8. @katesgram I agree with you 100% – a man first should care for his family, not his looks. I just try to promote better balance and a return to self respect through proper presentation. Best to you! – Antonio

  9. @katesgram
    I don't see how noting that some families with fathers who dress sharp are dysfunctional and that some families with fathers who dress poorly are respectable, discredits that it is good for fathers to dress sharp. It is great that your current husband excels in these other more important areas, but wouldn't it be even better if he did all that *and* dressed sharper?

    Perhaps you should express interest in your husband dressing better by showing him some of Antonio's videos!

  10. You Sir are making very good points. I respect how you are taking care about your family (the sharp look, abandoning the bike, etc)

  11. I cant stop staring at that weird asymmetrical thing going on with the notched collar on your jacket, what in the hell is that? Is that some sophisticated fashion thing I dont know about?

  12. @WarThug13 It's a custom detail. I talk about it in a few of the videos — wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for you! 🙂

  13. @RealMenRealStyle Alright I'll go find that video, also I'm sorry I called it a notched collar, its a lapel, I used to know that, but I recently started dressing right again and it feels great, thanks Antonio I'm learning so much in so little time, your videos are the perfect length and very to the point

  14. Ive been watching your videos and I have to say they have changed my perception a lot. They reminded me of my father and grandfather. My father always showed up to my school parent-teacher meetings dressed pretty much as you described a shirt, tie, blazer and slacks, and that always made a good impression on my teachers. My Grandfather God bless him never leaves his house with out his suit even though he's been retired for years. Its a wonder what took me so long to realize what true style was

  15. I dress how I like, because I am not concerned about what people think about me and I refuse to be oppressed by society. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to be said for teaching our kids good lessons, they need to learn respect, be respected etc; but the last thing I want is for my kids is for them to think they should dress anything like their father. Wear what is comfortable but wear what is required for whatever situation in my opinion.

  16. I'm convinced and going to make a change in my dressing style. Watching your videos is like meditating, you are a real man in this industry, Walking your talk by naming your channel RealMen. Thanks Antonio!

  17. Humm… I see the point you are making. Kid see's dad walking into the school 'like a boss.' Kid feel good about himself and his dad. Thus, respecting dad and loving dad even more. I would agree with this.

  18. FYI – visited my son's school today for Show & Share – the boy and I conducted a presentation on our family history. We OWNED that 2nd grade class 🙂

  19. Yeah, and you're the same guy who smokes POT! You ADMITTED this on that pot board, and told me how you grow it in your closet. You talk about teaching kids good lessens and to learn respect, yet you said horrible, mean, crude things to me, and used profanity, and you smoke pot!! Good luck raising your kids with the way you are now. You would be a terrible role model.

  20. In my job we tend to focus on effective communication for everything, whether it's for corresponding emails, presentations, or general interactions with co-workers and associates. We are mindful of the non-verbals communication signals we portray in our body language and personal-presentation. If you don't care about your appearances then you probably don't, or appear not to, care other people's opinions; if you don't care about their about their opinions then they wont care about yours.

  21. Very good video. Athletes may not be role models… but fathers CERTAINLY are.

    "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things."
    –1 CORINTHIANS 13:11

    "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
    –PROVERBS 22:6

  22. Part 2


    A careful man I ought to be,/
    A little fellow follows me./
    I dare not go astray,/
    For fear he’ll go the self-same way./

    I cannot once escape his eyes,/
    Whatever he see me do, he tries./
    Like me, he says, he’s going to be,/
    The little chap who follows me./

    He thinks that I am good and fine,/
    Believes in every word of mine./
    The base in me he must not see,/
    That little fellow who follows me./

  23. Part 3

    I must remember as I go,/
    Thru summers’ sun and winters’ snow./
    I am building for the years to be,/
    In the little chap who follows me./

  24. Why do I see the son of Antonio with a pair of double monks from John Lobb, a Kiton DB suit with a 7 fold tie from Hermes at the age of 10? lol hope that's not going to be the case for you haha

  25. Thank you Sir . Greatest advice I got from you. I believe will keep this vid in mind every morning now on . Thank you one more time.

  26. Does anyone get asked why you are "dressed up" by others when you are running errands? This happens to me sometimes. Do any of you know of a reply I could use most of the time, while adhering to the points given in this video, but not coming off as a rude person?

  27. I am a recent young father. I really appreciate how you have made these concise videos. You have filtered your raw data (experiences, wisdom and knowledge), into Information (practical application) and put it into a video to share real Value. Thank you.

  28. Thank you very much for making this video, you just change my perspective on "dressing sharp". I never received this kind of advice as i was growing up, now that i am in my 20's and a professional, i look up to people like you to become a better person. I look forward to viewing your videos.

  29. I am a father and what you just describe on the video maybe painful to some but  it is very very true and on spot.As a father,i am very conscious of this well spoken fact!

  30. I'm enjoying catching up on all of these old videos. I am hoping you stop using term "dress sharp" at some point. I recall all of the old scam sales ads from the news papers years ago. "Wanted: Young people to take up sales manager positions. Call (xxx-xxx-xxxx) for an interview. Dress sharp!"

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