3 STEALTHY Secrets To Look More Muscular In A Shirt!

3 STEALTHY Secrets To Look More Muscular In A Shirt!

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  2. Wow, the buttons make such a huge difference. I hadn't noticed the switch til you mentioned it and damn, the white buttons are UGGGLY!

  3. What's sad is the dresses at my school that the girls have to wear are SOOOOO baggy and we aren't aloud to fix them

  4. Another great video! When the other fashion advisor only talk about materials, colors, and patterns, you talk further about modify the shirt.. Good idea! I've sent another email to you btw. Good job!

  5. Damn my dude i have been here since you had 700 subs and i have to say its insane how much better you got i am glad i stayed sub to your channel even on the "Spam 1 video per day" face

  6. Looks good, was hoping for a more detailed version of your shirt but still good.

    Still kinda looks a bit baggy. Was hoping you can show us how to do darts lol. Your sleeve width could be shortened to show off your guns a bit more too.

    Well, I am off to try and alter my cheap shirt from kohls. Wish me luck lol

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