3 System’s Mirror Coat

3 System’s Mirror Coat

Welcome to another episode of Tinkerine Experiments! Today, we’re going to post-process our PLA
model with System Three’s mirror coat. We often get asked if PLA can hold liquids. The short answer is yes; but to do that effectively,
you need to make sure your print is completely watertight. You can find this mirror coat at your local
hardware store for roughly 10 dollars. The mirror coat is usually used to provide
a harder, more heat-resistant finish on countertops, bar tops, and different wood furniture. This mirror coat will seal up your print and also
provide a really nice gloss surface finish. Use a disposable paint brush and cup for this
post-process. I used a mason jar here and learned it the
hard way. You can find out why I switched to a plastic
cup later on. Before we apply it to our model, the instructions
say we have to measure the two chemicals accurately. We will pour 26 ml of the Part A resin in a cup and
then add 12 ml of the Part B hardener on to the resin. Afterwards, we will mix the two chemicals
vigorously. When you are done mixing the two chemicals
together, we can start to apply it to our PLA model. Take a paint brush and apply it onto the print
evenly. Once we are done, we have to wait 4-6 hours
for the coat to seal. Now we wait. Just in case, we left it overnight to dry
and here are the results. We will test it out. We will pour water into it and leave it there
for 30 minutes to let the water soak in. Okay, 30 minutes is up! Now, we will pour it out and wipe it down. I don’t see any water inside the print. None on the bottom, none on the side. Let’s try shaking it! I don’t hear any water swooshing inside either. Looks like it works! And here is the reason why I’ve advise to
use a disposable cup and paint brush. Once the resin dries, it hardens into a plastic. So it would have covered my whole mason jar
in plastic. Well, there we have it, we post-processed
the PLA model with System Three’s mirror coat and it came out fantastic! It held water for 30 minutes and it didn’t
show any seeping into the PLA, so it works. I would not recommend drinking out of this
cup as it is still not food safe. That’s the end of our experiment today! Remember to subscribe below and comment on
what experiments you would like to see in the future. Thank you for watching. Tinker Out!

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  1. would this work as an option to finish the print? Is the surface smooth enough that it won't look 3D printed after painting?

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