3 Tricks for Sewing Stretch Fabrics (& avoiding uneven skirt hem!)

3 Tricks for Sewing Stretch Fabrics (& avoiding uneven skirt hem!)

[Music] hi everyone its miles on sparkly belly I have a lot of tutorials where I use stretch fabrics and from time to time I hear from people struggling to sew pieces of stretch fabric together don’t worry I was on the same boat several years ago I was cut skirt panels according to the pattern and yet when I sold them together the skirt was uneven so in this video I’ll show you three tricks that I learned over the years that dramatically improved my sewing experience with stretch fabrics let’s get started trick number one use stretch needles first and foremost it quits your sewing machine with a fresh stretch needle these needles look the same as universal needles but their tips are actually made more round to work better with stretch fibers so if your machine skips stitches change to a fresh stretch needle number to add notches not just our little nests you make within the seam allowance of your pattern these not just indicate words to match up adjacent panels in my skirt courses I always talk about adding notches but if your pattern on instructions don’t come with notches you can add your own you can add them to an obvious spot like center of waistband and so on but for long skirt panels I usually add about every eight inches or 20 centimeters or so or if you want more you can add more key is consistency make sure to add not just where the adjacent panels match up and your sewing machine you can see how the panel should align even if your pin slit in fact once you get used to using notches you don’t even have to use as many pins or any pins at all if you’re curious about going without pins you can see more in my belly dance costume workshop but these not just show you exactly where the panel is aligned before you get through the end and realize you’ve got an even panel number three fingertips placement another cure to that helps at the sewing machine is your finger tip placement many people like to put their right hand before the needle and left hand holding the fabric behind the needle but this doesn’t help you feed the fabric through the Machine properly instead some with your panels preferably at the next notch with the few finger tips of your right hand so that the layers are together until the next notch and hold down the layers with the finger tips of your left hand no need to hold down hard or stretch the fabric just enough to have a better control of the panel’s going through the machine and prevent the layers from going at a different speed remove your left fingertips as you get close to the needle and once your right hand gets close to the needle pause and find the next notch sandwich with right fingertips hold down with less fingertip and keep going [Music] beatrix seriously help me make friends with stretch fabric so give these tricks a try and you have a much easier time sewing stretch fabrics hope you found these tips useful and if you did please share this post with your crafty friends and if you want to learn more about belly dance costume making sign up for my free course belly dance costume making 1-1 from the link on the screen thanks for watching and keep sparkling [Music]

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  1. Thanks to Laura, German & Italian subtitles are available for this video! Thank you, Laura!
    Click "CC" to turn on the subtitles and choose your language with the settings icon 🙂

  2. Excellent video, I use the finger trick, I developed it instinctively after many years and errors lol

  3. Hi! I dont have a fancy sewing machine, but I wonder about when you are sewing stretchy fabric, do you use just one needle or double needle (twin needle) and do you recommend it? Because I saw that when I sew a mermaid skirt, from one of your videos, the thread is showing, I mean between two panels the seam shows up.
    And should I just use regular straight seam when seeing stretch?
    Thank you for answering <3

  4. brilliant! will definitely try👍🏻👍🏻
    can i ask about the foot and pressure on fabric? my sewing machine holds the fabric too tight i think and the material keeps getting folds under foot.. what is the right set up?

  5. Hi. What kind of settings do you have on your machine, on this video or in genereal, when sweing lycra/spandex ? Thank you!

  6. Hi I wanted to know do you always go by the exact measurement of the person or do you take away a few inches from the actual measurement itself since working with stretch fabric?

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