3 Ways to Wear a Celtic Knot | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

3 Ways to Wear a Celtic Knot | St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyles

ALRIGHT”] -Hey, everyone. It’s Mindy and Brooklyn
from Cute Girls Hairstyles. And today I’m going
to show you a couple ways to wear the Celtic knot. Now, I’m sure you’ve
seen this knot before. It’s existed for
a long, long time. And I’ve also seen
some other people that have pictures on Pinterest
or maybe even tutorial. But I’ve never had the chance
to do this particular knot. And I’ve really wanted to. And since we have Saint
Patrick’s Day right around the corner, what
better time then now to be inspired by
our Irish roots and do something for
Saint Patrick’s Day? You notice we’re
wearing our green today. Yay, Saint Patrick’s Day. Now, let’s get started
on the hairstyle. OK. To begin the Celtic knot,
you need two pieces of hair that are like the length of
your hair, the full length. So Brooklyn has some
layers right in front. So what I did was I just kind
of wrapped those layers up and brought the long
piece around them– You can see them right there. –because I need
the long pieces. And you can use water
to wet them down or pomade or even dry wax. But you need to have the hair
pretty much slicked together, where it’s not going to
have a ton of hairs just flying out of control all
over the place as you go. Because this is a
knot, they would have a tendency to do that. I’m using a little bit of pomade
and a little bit of dry wax today. You can see we already
have her hair curled. OK. So you’re going to
take the two pieces. And with the one
on the left, you’re going to make a loop
toward the top of her head, just like that,
just a nice loop. And with these two
fingers, you’re going to take the second piece
and hook them into the fingers. Then you’re going to take that
end and wrap it up and over your thumb. And you want to be as close
to this top piece as possible. And I’ll show you why. So you’re kind of holding on
to the knot, the loop still. Now, you’re going to take
your fingers, your pinchers, and reach up and under
that piece of hair and grab that one. Did you see what
I did right there? Pull it up. That’s why you wanted it
laying close to the hair to begin with. Bring it around, over the top. Now, reach up through the loop. Grab that piece of hair,
and pull it through. Now, you’re going to take it. Still working with
the same ends, tuck it underneath
that strand of hair we have coming from the side. And then to finish it off,
take it back through the loop. So we’ve essentially just
taken the hair under that piece to secure it, and then
back through the loop. And then you’re going to go
ahead and just slowly release all of your fingers. And voila, you have your knot. You can just tug on the ends
a little bit to tighten it up. It does loosen as you work with
a little bit, which is fine because you want it to be
soft and flow into the hair. But if you’re not liking
where it’s sitting, you can always just– OK. Now, one trick I’m
going to teach you guys is that if you have a hard
time, this piece comes out over the loop, and sometimes
it pops up a little bit funny, particularly if you’re
working with curls. So one trick is to
take a flat iron and just turn it on a lower
heat, like 300, 360 even. And just take a flat
iron right there. And just gently, for
five seconds, push on it. And it acts sort
of like an iron, kind of flattening down that
little bump that happens right there and helping it lay
flatter against the head. OK. So let’s do the second knot. We’re going to take
this left strand, wrap it up towards the
head and make a loop. Then I’m going to
take the right strand and put it in between
my two fingers. I’m going to lift that
edge up and lay it over as close as possible
to the top of my hand. Sometimes it’s hard
to get it to stay. Then I’m going to
take my fingers and reach underneath
that left edge. This is why this is important. Some doesn’t want to stay there. Reach in. Grab that strand,
and pull it up. Then you’re going to take
it over the top of the loop. Reach inside, and grab it. Pull it through. Then take it behind
our right strand and then back through the loop. When you get the hang of
it, it’s really not hard. It’s much harder when I’m
going slow and explaining it. And then when you have that end
through, go ahead and release. And you can pull on
those side pieces to tighten it up a
little bit if you want. We want it to fall just right
underneath our first knot, so just nice and soft. You can loosen it a little. And then you’re just
going to place it right underneath
that first knot. And there you have the
double Celtic knot. OK. The third way to
style the Celtic knot is a little bit more
grown up looking because it’s on just
one side of her head. Now, I’ve done it
on the side where she has the least amount of hair
because she has her hair parted going the other way. But again, you’re going
to take your two pieces. Make the loop. Put the hair between the two
fingers, the right strand. Flip it up and over. Reach underneath, and grab that
strand, and pull it through. Bring it up in
front of the loop. Reach through the loop,
and grab that end. Pull it through. Now, you’re going to take it
around the back of the rights strand and then back through
the loop one more time. And then just pull
gently until you have it the size and
shape you want it to be. You can manipulate
it a little bit. And then let it rest on
the side of her head. And I think this
one’s so pretty. It’s a little more grown up. But it gives an otherwise
just kind of boring hairstyle just a little kapow. On the side, when
they turn their head, it’s like, surprise, that
they didn’t know was there. So fun. OK. So let’s do the spin on
this side Celtic knot so you can see it. I love that, just a little pop! And her curls pretty
on all the other sides. And I’ll go ahead and show
the pictures of the other two styles. And there you have it. Now, bonus video for
you guys this week because we have done
another Disney style video. You can find it right here or
in the description box below. We did Elsa’s coronation hairdo. So make sure and
go check that out. It’s beautiful as well. And we will see
you guys next week. Have a great Saint
Patrick’s Day. Bye, guys. -Bye. [MUSIC CHARITY VANCE, “IT’S
ALRIGHT”] -Hi, Mom. -Hi, Babe. -Hi, Mom. -Hi, Brooky. -Hi, Mom. -Hi. Eat your cupcake. Is that good? Blow me kisses. -I need to wash my hands.

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