3 Winter Outfit Ideas!

3 Winter Outfit Ideas!

hey guys so it is starting to get super cold outside and one of my favorite things to do now that we're entering the holiday season is to break out all of my sweaters and just get super cozy and just dress super warm so if you guys want to see three really cute outfits that I have absolutely been obsessed with because the air just is so warm and cozy and great for the wintertime and then just keep watching and I will show those to you also give this video humongous thumbs up if you like cozy warm outfits for the winter time I'll still hit that big red subscribe button so that we can hang out again next week and let's just go ahead and get in this video Wow for a pin number one I went with a sporty kind of edgy look which i think is really in right now and to start off I put on at my half a denim button-down shirt from Target and paired that way that my black skinny jeans from PacSun which have really cool rips and congest the means and I finished up the look with my adidas superstar sneakers which are super comfortable and super cute more often number two I want you to dress it up a little bit yet still be really comfortable so I went with this black long-sleeve shirt from brandy melville and threw over that a long sweater vest from Nordstrom's and paired that with two necklaces from j.crew a rose gold one and a silver one which I think look adorable together my favorite forever 21 jeans and a pair of black booties from the off saxman Avenue gray collection for outfit number three I wanted to be really cozy and so I put on this sweater dress from Free People which is super comfortable and a circle scarf from Target with a pair of black leggings and some red socks from Target that I scrunched up around the top of my boots which are from Bloomingdale's and I think that this outfit just screams wintertime and just look so wintery and is extremely cozy

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  2. Hi Julia my name is Carol and i just wanted you to know that your an amazing youtuber and that you really put a lot of effort and content into your videos and I really like that about you:)) anyways missed ya♡

  3. hey I'm one of your biggest fans please can u make a video about study tips and diy organization please
    love you <3

  4. the scenes behind you are absolutely gorgeous and pair well with the outfits!! the first is my fav! ilysm!

  5. Omg your videos are so awesome, this was super helpful!! (Btw u are one of my favorite youtubers💙)

  6. Finally u are back 😍I miss u soo much😘

    🌹MISS ☀ YOU🌹

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