30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! Lancengi!

30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! Lancengi!

hey I know you didn’t wait to the last
minute to get together your Halloween costume but if you did today my friend Jessica
time I put another 30 different DIY halloween costumes that you can put
together and under 30 minutes or less this video took us several hours to put
together now what I’m to several I mean 20-plus
hours it would mean the absolute world to us if you’d let us know that you
enjoyed the video by simply be any thoughts that or a comment down below
letting us know which costume what’s your favorite so let’s get the Boeing
started and furnish it be straight with me and me and me yeah yeah yeah do yoga buddy the beach down and yeah so okay like right now for example the
Hadean need to come to America but some people are all what about the strain on
our resources yeah I put us and now you’re my top yeah Jack where base tom that I’m that I’m
not understand our partner I’m not under on there are 2300 BC an Egyptian pharaoh found a
place that he named the cradle of life and they found a box which contained
life yeah yeah yeah – can muscle loss again again again again and that’s when
the game and that’s something and that’s something and again again again again
it’s an index finger New York 1922 beings and the tempo of
the sea yeah he wants to be a cat goes against the
only kin knows various as hell the bodice these ambush predators can
lead 20 feet in a single battle yeah 00 to the Batmobile let’s go atomic batteries to remind me yeah when i wake up gotta make I want to give a big shout out to
on-trend shop.com for allowing us to take over the store for a couple hours assisting with super creative costume
ideas and allowing us to entertain all your customers make sure you subscribe
for new videos every Monday and have a spooktacular halloween I love it my palace thank you for making some stress for
your legs for the aircraft faster sharp scissors yep so now we’re just going to stop him
on time around that will not here double not be low nails blog oh yeah oh yes aren’t they gorgeous you like hit
that button or something no we’re not i but you want someone subscribes to me Frank laps

47 Replies to “30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas! Lancengi!”

  1. that leotard outfit n turtle "suit" really cracks me up..imagine April O'Neal in Turtle shell..lol…very Nice Abs u have..must have been working out alot..great jobs gals..

  2. I was expecting ghosts or ghouls or monsters or some scary creatures custumes. But Lara Croft should have two pistol by the side instead she have turtle Leonardo's katana blade..I like the naughty school girl n Batwoman(girl)..

  3. Y'all Are Absolutely Precious!!!💜
    My top three costumes are the Sexy School Girl, Gypsy,& Geenie In A Bottle!
    Love those 3 SO much!!!
    Great last minute ideas..thanks so much for sharing such an awesome video!💋

  4. I live in the south, and at first I wanted to get mad at the cow girl one but then I realized, I live in the south and that's my closet

  5. This is disgusting, it's so derogatory to women wearing such small clothes like that, you obviously aren't a feminist. DISGUSTING!!??!!

  6. I loved these! My favourites were Kelly Kapowski, Protester, Hippie, 80's workout girl, and the army one. You guys did a great job!

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