3d coat tutorial-Material bake in 3dcoat [Supermanpunch]

3d coat tutorial-Material bake in 3dcoat [Supermanpunch]

[Music] my name is Superman punch my job is game cg artist let me introduce this video it’s baking for texture in 3d coats just apply the material in the paint room export out when painting is complete [Music] you must select a world normal map [Music] [Music] open a new three tote and open the bake 3d [Music] apply a PBR map normal Maps apply a normal attribute [Music] after applying all the PBR Maps move them to the rendering room check the panoramic colors in black and white so that they do not affect the color of the map then called a camera and set the size of 1024 specify the path to save before render then let’s rendering [Music] when the rendering is complete compare it to 3d max [Music] thanks for watching I will bring more useful information with me next time [Music]

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  1. Hi could you help me with the Export option as I didn't find the ""bake"" Option in the export model and texture

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