3D printed smart clothing

3D printed smart clothing

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  1. The gender tracker is really useful because I always switch genders back and forth and it's always a pain to tell my shirt what gender I am.

  2. That could eventually recognize incoming objects like a punch or a knife and form a shield to protect you, or give you a nice airflow when riding a motorcycle but form a sturdy vest if in a crash. It could be an active camouflage for military use.

  3. if there are people who are willing to buy jeans with holes in them for a high price, i wouldn't be amused to know there are people willing to buy this just to look more ridiculous

  4. gosh that thing gives me the creeps. I don’t know why but the color and the design/print looks like bugs and just no

  5. Is this patent great for camo in the military with binary tracking?? ohh so no… well i'll be back in two months to collect my royalties

  6. What if instead of using this technology for your childish vain needs, we used it for the good of the world, such as saving a life in a car crash.

  7. People would be looking at the clothing because they've never seen it before in the first place, and that it's odd. So what use would it be!?

  8. Leave it up to a woman to design a piece of tech-clothing that simultaneously says "Hey, LOOK at Me!" and "What the $%#&* are you looking at??? My eyes are up here!" LOL

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