4 Ways to Wear a Dress

4 Ways to Wear a Dress

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Wendy’s Lookbook. We are doing a vintage Wendy’s Lookbook episode. We’re filmming at home. With Manni, she’s back. I actually think her fashion sense grew significantly since we last saw her
With Manni, she’s back. I actually think her fashion sense grew significantly since we last saw her she’s wearing a belt dress now. But we actually just moved. we moved about a few weeks ago. And the old place, it was not that much lighting so it was really hard for us to film at home. But the new place has bigger windows so we plan to film at home more often. And I know what you’re thinking you’re probably wondering why I’m wearing heels. It is not a trend, I do not wear heels at home with my pajamas. We’re doing a little magic so you will see why I have to maintain the same height. Today we’re going to play with one of my favorite pairings Boop! A dress. And we’re going to style it in multiple ways. Traditionally a dress is really worn at it’s own. But I really like the creative challenge of finding new ways to wear it. So we’re going to wear it as a skirt, as a top and also as a tunic. And this really maximizes our variety of items in our closet. So Manni, I’m going to borrow it back from you. Boop! And… boop! This is the foundation to our pairing episode and this dress is by MSGM. I am always in awe, with his creations. I think he’s so artistic. For this dress he used three different lace colors and created a bandage shift dress. I’ve been searching for lace dresses for so long I’ve never seen a pattern like this before. It’s one of my favorite dresses in my closet. This concept works well with any dress, it doesn’t have to be a lace dress. But for the best result make sure the dress has more of a slimming silhouette. We’re going to move on and turn this into a top. Boop! Voila! It is now a top. I just added a flair skirt over it. And it really works with a pencil skirt and also a maxi skirt. But for this pairing I wanted to use the same color pairing as the lace. So I’m adding blue to match. To give it kind of a nice, harmonious tone. So we’re going to turn it the other way around and make it a skirt. Boop! And now we have a skirt. We can pair basically almost any top with it. Put a blouse on top… but for this outfit, I really like adding a sweater, mainly because I like creating the juxtaposition between the more conservative piece on top and the modern lace bottom. And we’re creating a peek-a-boo effect it’s actually one of my favorite things, by pulling the sleeves downwards and having the sweater rest just on top of it. And the belt, actually, not only to cinch our waistline but it actually helps secure the sweater onto the dress itself. And now we’re going to create a tunic for our next pairing. boop! And now it is a tunic. So basically we’re shortening the dress by adding a belt actually underneath. Right here. And we’re rolling the extra fabric over it, to hide the belt, and at the same time it shortens our dress, creating the more tunic look. We’re adding leggings underneath and a nice jacket over it. I like the leather jacket because again it creates a dynamic contrast with the delicate lace. So it gives it kind of a chic city girl look. We’re adding an orange clutch which is a complimentary color to blue. To give us that pop of color. Thank you so much for joining me, I hope you had fun! Really transforming a dress different ways just adds so much variety to our outfits. But thank you so much again, I’m going to change back to my pajamas now. Boop. Oops! Boop! Boop! Boop! uhhhh…. Boop! Whew! That’s better. Thank you so much again! And I hope you have fun playing with your dress. See you soon on Youtube-land. Bye!

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  1. Hi Wendy, you are changing my life and my wardrobe, you are such an inspiration, I am wearing all the clothes I already have, just in differ ways. Love you. Xx

  2. Holy wow! I just found you today! And I am absolutely in love with your style! Plus, the editing of your videos is phenomenal! ^_^

  3. I love all your videos but I am still having trouble with my looks any advice or ideas I need help with causal dress looks and sheer materials:( need your help soon please.

  4. Wendy U R Very Pretty Weather Instyle Or Not. U R Graceful & Beauty. I Love All Ur Videos. Q: Can U Do Video On How U Style Your Closet? Like Transition?

  5. I lolled so hard when I saw that clutch on your head. Thank you Wendy! Great video as always. You are such an inspiration.

  6. I also have a lace dress similar to this and I never thought of wearing it in these different ways…And I haven't been wearing it that much, despite it was quite pricy, because it's such a statement piece on its own. Thanks for the helpful video!

  7. I wasn't going to watch this, but now I'm glad I did because the next time I shop for a dress I won't just see a dress I will also see a potential top, skirt, or tunic. Thanks Wendy, you certainly are the best in the business of fashion in "youtube land" to me. 

  8. I really like her wavy hair in this video- does she have a video for it? its less curly than the previous hair tuts ive seen

  9. Fab tutorial! If you take a quick detour to my channel, you can see my own "Styling 1 Dress Four Ways" video. Check it out and see what I bring to the table 🙂

  10. you're so funny…and so pretty. I never would've thought of turning my dresses into every day outfits. that's incredible. subscribed

  11. I don’t personally like the dress at all, but this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched 😘

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