5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes? | MUST OWN Men’s Footwear

5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes? | MUST OWN Men’s Footwear

5 BEST Selling Dress Shoes MUST OWN Men’s
Footwear [0:00:00] The five best selling dress shoes. In today’s video, gents, I’m going to
be talking about the dress shoes which fly off the shelf. [Music]
I’m here in New York City at Paul Evans. My friend, Evan owns this shop. I’ve known him for years. And we were talking about what are the shoes
that are flying off the shelf, what are the shoes he can’t keep in stock because there’s
wisdom in crowds. When you know that men are, again, selectively
choosing these shoes and I found that the five best sellers were very strong choices. These are shoes that I have in my wardrobe. I thought you would like this information. I’m going to talk about each of the shoes. I’m going to talk about why and how they can
fit into your wardrobe. So, sit back guys I think you’re going to
enjoy today’s video. Shoe number one on our list and no surprise,
gentlemen, is the cap toe oxford. This is going to be one of the dressiest shoes
that you can have in your wardrobe, perfect with a suit with casual suits. You could possibly wear this when you dress
down a bit maybe with odd trousers. I wouldn’t wear this with jeans. The color you see here is oxblood, but you’re
most commonly going to see this in black sometimes a dark brown maybe even a medium brown, but
darker colors for this dress shoe. Again, this is the number one seller and I
think should be in every man’s wardrobe. Key features are going to be that cap toe
which we see right here. Also, we’re going to see the closed lacing. So, that’s where the back part of the shoe
the quarter goes right underneath the vamp which is this part so the vamp goes on top
and we’ve got this closed lacing system. Very overall a sleek design, a simple design
something that’s been around a long time. It’s a classic. You cannot go wrong with adding this shoe
in your wardrobe. Look for a leather sole to have the dressiest
cap toe oxford that you can wear. If you want to go for something let’s say
that’s going to have a rubber sole, it’s still going to be a very dressy shoe, but
the rubber sole do you notice? It’s a little bit clunkier it’s a little bit
heavier, therefore it’s not going to be as dressy. But, hey, if you’re living in a city you do
a lot of commuting you need traction, then a rubber sole is probably something you want
to look for. But, you could have some that, you know, go
for a leather sole with a rubber sole. You can go to a cobbler, they can actually
put a strip of rubber right across there and that could be a great compromise. Now, gents, all the beautiful shoes you’re
going to see in today’s video can be found over at Paul Evans. I’m going to pull up their website right
now look at these beautiful shoes. Since 2012, I’ve been working with Paul Evans. I’ve got twelve I think now maybe thirteen
pairs of his shoes in my wardrobe guys. I can tell you I love this brand I love what
they make and I’ve got a great deal for you. Use code RMRS100 for $100 off your investment
in a pair of Paul Evans. So, go through there, check out all the shoes
I’m about to talk about these five best sellers or maybe find something that, you
know, is a bit unique that a lot of men don’t pull off. Here’s a perfect example of a shoe that more
men should try, a blue suede loafer. Guys, we were talking about best sellers and
suede is not one of the best sellers, but I will tell you that this is a shoe this is
a style that you should look to incorporate in your wardrobe. A lot of guys scared off by suede. Just simply don’t wear it in that really bad
weather don’t go running through mud in shoes like this, instead walk into a room stand
out look great with just footwear that sets you apart from the crowd. Check this out, isn’t this a beautiful ankle
boot? Look at it, you’ve got the double monk strap,
you’ve got the cap toe, you got a little bit of the broguing right in here. I can tell you this is not a best seller,
but this shoe is going to set you apart from the pack. And that’s where I love about Paul Evans,
he’s got sneakers he’s got the classics. He’s bringing in a lot of different shoes,
so go check him out down here in the description I’m going to link over. Use that code RMRs100. It is not going to be around forever because
it’s too good of a deal. It’s a good company I know the founders and
they’re making a great product. These are Blake- stitched coming out of Italy,
highly recommend. All right, guys, let’s get back to the list. Shoe number two on our list, gentlemen, the
wholecut. This is a modern classic, it’s going to be
more fashion-forward than that cap toe oxford we just talked about. But, get this in black get this in a dark
brown, you could still wear this with a suit. It’s going to like I said it’s going to be
something maybe for the younger man the man that isn’t as concerned and is willing to
go out on a little bit of a limb. Now, you could wear this for the black for
the tuxedo. I think actually that looks great. This has a very nice sleek design. And that’s the key with the wholecut is the
overall simple and sleek design. I think in twenty years, this will become
a classic shoe. It’s just something when I look at it it
is so simple and to me simplicity is one of the key functions of menswear. Now, with the simplicity comes a price. When you’re looking at a wholecut, understand
the price is going to be high because they had to use a very large piece of unblemished
leather in order to make this. Specifically, it’s only in the back where
we see actually the leather is stitched together. So, it’s because they had to be very selective
about the product about the material that went into building this product that the prices
oftentimes going to be really high. Now, with the wholecut, you’re going to want
to go for a leather sole. If you don’t want to have leather soles you
want more traction, then what you want to do is maybe go to a cobbler, he can put a
strip of rubber going across here maybe something on the heel, but overall you’re going to want
something that has also a very sleek design. That’s why a Blake stitch for a wholecut to
me is optimum. [0:05:11]
Shoe number three when it comes to best sellers, gentleman, the semi brogue. So, this is going to look very similar to
the cap toe oxford except we’re going to have broguing. Broguing is basically where they go into and
they put perforations basically small holes in designs into the leather. So, we see it right over here, we’re going
to see it go right around the vamp and on the back heel we’re going to have what appears
to be another piece of leather thrown on top of that with design put right into there. So, this is going to be something you don’t
want to wear maybe with a business suit, but you can wear it with a casual suit, you can
wear with odd trousers. If this was in black, I think in some circles,
yes, you could probably pull this off with a business suit. But, this is always going to be because of
the broguing, it’s going to be more casual. Now, you may be asking, okay, Antonio, I’ve
heard the word full, bro. What’s difference between a semi brogue
and a full bro? A full brogue also known as a wingtip is basically
going to have more design in on the broguing. Instead of a cap toe, what we’re going to
see is this type of the toe right here and you’ve got what looks to be wings on here. And right here we also see on the front toe
we see a medallion design. Also, on the back of the wingtip it looks
like we’re going to have another layer of leather thrown on with broguing in here. At the end of the day, all this extra design
all this extra broguing makes the shoe more casual. Shoe number four on our bestseller list, gentleman,
is going to be the classic penny loafer. This is a casual shoe this is something that
you could wear with an odd trouser odd jacket. You could wear it with jeans you could dress
it up and wear this with a light-colored casual suit especially this color here, black maybe
you could wear it with a gray suit or something like that. But, this is something that you do not want
to wear in necessarily a business environment. Now, if you’re hanging out around the office
and you want something that’s comfortable, then go ahead wear this around because that’s
where the origin of the loafer comes from is loafing around. Think about it. It was something that was meant to be slipped
on slipped off when you were at the home. The slipper had, you know, bit of a history
with this. You can also say that it had some influence
from the moccasin. I love this as a travel shoe. Now, what didn’t make this list was the double
monk strap and this is another type of loafer. This to me is actually a little bit dressier. The buckle, I just love the look of this one
right here. But neither of them because they lack lacing
and because they lack a history and an association with dressier shoes, these in general, again,
they’re going to be something that you want to wear with more casual clothing. But, I think if you go especially for browns
dark browns maybe even look at a suede a blue suede over here, don’t that look great? This is something that you can wear with a
wide variety, you can even wear this with shorts with maybe, you know, no-show socks
the right kind of shorts actually ones that don’t have cargo pockets on them. At the end of the day, guys, I think this
is a best seller because it fits in a lot of those areas when, yeah, you don’t want
to wear running shoes, you want something that is just going to look great at the same
time it’s going to be casual is going to be comfortable, that’s where the penny loafer
falls in. Next up, gents, we’ve got the classic chukka
boots. And the chukka boot evolved from the World
War II desert booth. They say in North Africa whenever the officers
up in the English military hired these cobblers to build these, they didn’t have much material
to go with they went with a very simple design a blucher design which is basically when the
back quarter goes over the vamp. So, we see this right here how this part is
getting slapped onto this front part of the leather. That right there makes this a very casual
type of shoe, but this is also a boot. Boots are casual, but when you see them made
from a very smooth high-end leather like this, it’s a very I think sleek classic design. With two eyelets, that is going to be probably
one of the dressier looks. Once you start to go to four eyelets, you’ll
see that on more casual ones that oftentimes incorporate a rubber sole, so you’ll see
a wide range of chukkas out there. Know that f you want to wear this with a casual
suit you want to wear this with jeans to dress up the jeans, you want to go for a more elegant
very streamlined look. That’s why I like the Blake stitch. You will find Goodyear welted chukkas out
there you will find cemented chukkas, try to avoid those. That’s the least expensive and something you
don’t want. I wouldn’t wear this with a suit unless the
weather is really bad, then it provides a bit of protection I think you could pull it
off. When you’re buying shoes, what I highly advise
is you save up you buy the best that you can afford. You want something that when you shine it
when you take care of this upper, overtime it’s going to look better and better. All right, gents, that’s it. Let me know what you thought of this video
down in the comments and go check out these boots. Aren’t they beautiful? I just love these. I love — I have to admit. You guys know I love my double monk straps,
so they actually now have a boot that’s got the double monk has this nice cap toe with
the little bit of broguing in there. This is something that I’m going to rock with
dark-colored jeans. [0:09:54]
You can get your pair of Paul Evans by using the link down below. Use that discount code. It’s not going to be around forever and that
$100 off of any of his shoes, guys, that is one of the best deals you’re going to find
out there. These are Blake-stitched. I know I’ve got over twelve pairs probably
going to expand that to fifteen here pretty soon. But, guys, good company, proud to support
them. That’s it guys. Let me know in the comments if you’ve got
any questions, if I can be of any service to you, if I can help answer anything. And make sure to stop by this shop here in
New York it’s actually really nice and I’ll put his information down there in the description. That’s it guys. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Okay. So, you guys are always asking me to go film
on location to go travel and bring you guys some new interesting videos, but this is the
stuff we got to deal with. So, during the entire video, I’ve got these
dump trucks, I’ve got all this construction material, all these – all these different
vehicles all over the place backing up. I had to film every part of this video like
five to six times just to get one take that didn’t have the beeping of some of this heavy
construction material moving backwards and fun stuff. But, guys, I’m enjoying my time here in New
York City. Please come check out Paul Evans. Great company. I’m proud to support them. And, that’s it guys. See you in the next video. [Music]
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