[intro music] Alright, so today we’re gonna be going over
the difference between a dress watch and a sports watch. Now, this is an important thing you want to
focus on because if you’re active participant in the Watch Game, this could make a big difference
on the effect you’re trying to project. Let me give you guys an example and tell you
a quick story. One day, I was going to attend a wedding here
in Miami and it was one of those days where you just have so many things to do that, before
you know it, I was getting dressed for the wedding. And, when I put my suit on and I went to grab
my watch, I realized that I did not go to the bank that day and pick up my dress watch. So my options were limited and when I mean
limited, I’m talking about extremely. The only thing I had that day to wear was,
don’t even ask why ask this watch, cuz I don’t want to get into that topic either, but it
was a Yacht-Master II two-tone. So me being a watch guy at heart, I said,
�Man, I can’t go without a watch. I don’t wanna be without a watch. I feel like with no weapon!� So I pretty
much wore the watch. Needless to say, an hour and a half into the
reception, I felt like a complete idiot. I felt like the watch was too big. It doesn’t go with anything. It’s just completely the wrong watch to wear. Why? It was the wrong size. It was 44 millimeters. Totally the wrong size watch if you want it
to be a dress watch. I think a dress watch should always be maximum
40, 41 mm. You know, in that area. Maximum, because really you’re gonna wanna
be under that. A number 2 thing that’s very important is
on a strap. It should be on a strap. Whether it’s calf, alligator, crocodile, you
need it to be on a strap. Another important thing for me is one type
of metal. That day it was a two-tone, stainless steel
and rose gold, incorrect! I think you should stick to one color metal,
would be the ideal scenario. So you wanna avoid these mistakes and some
of you guys might not even know this, but not every watch can be worn for everything. That particular watch, the ideal watch that
I would have like to have been wearing, would have been a Sky-Dweller on a strap. Yes, I get it. It’s over 40 millimeter. Whatever! Rolex is very conservative, but it’s nowhere
compared to that 44-mm Yachtmaster I had. I had, by far, the worst possible watch in
my opinion for that scenario. I felt like a complete idiot, so these are
things you wanna think of. In a good watch collection, you should always
have a dress watch. If you have a very young collection, where
you don’t have that dress watch yet, then perhaps maybe you want a versatile watch. For example, one sports watch that happens
a diver watch that I feel can be used for almost everything is the Submariner in stainless
steel. Can’t go wrong with it. You could dress it up. You could dress it down. It’s one of those watches that does it all. For example, gold Sub is not the same. I just don’t feel like it’s the same. This is a watch that I feel works better in
shorts, very casual wear. Doesn’t give you the most effect in a formal
situation. Now, to throw a whole another extreme…the
Presidential. The Presidential is that one watch that I
feel always looks dressy in a suit. It’s one of the few dress watches on a bracelet
that I like. Whereas I would, yes, rather have a Sky-Dweller
on a strap or a great Daytona on a strap, even though it’s a Chrono. You know, sports model? But the Presidential is one of those watches
you get away with and you can also dress it down. So, it’s an ongoing topic, dressy versus sporty. When a guy comes in to the store and he’s
trying to buy his first watch and I say, �Listen, do you wanna go dressy or do you wanna go
sporty?� That’s a very important question. If a guy is always in a kind of like an office
situation, then he might go dressy if you’re gonna use it for work. If he’s only gonna use it to go out at night,
to go to nice dinners and stuff like that, again, you wanna maybe go a little bit dressy. But if you’re gonna wear it all the time,
then you kinda wanna go with something that works for both. Now, I’ll give you another example where you
have two watches that, in my opinion, are two different extremes. The Pakte 5980. Now in a perfect world, which we don’t live
in, both of these watches are bad ass and you could do whatever you want with it. But I wanna tell you something, if I was gonna
wear a suit, the one I always have is this one. The strap is the way to go. The strap, even though it’s a chrono, does
make it look dressy, whereas on a bracelet, for me, it just gets more sporty. Kinda something you wanna wear more casual. So those are things that you wanna think about
when you are selecting a watch. Dress watches man, sometimes the simpler the
watch, the better. This is a topic that we can go on in circles
all day. You could make us sit there and say, �No,
because the most dressy watch is the simplest watch.� I don’t see nothing wrong wearing
a Patek Sky Moon in a suit. Nothing simple about that watch. It’s full-blown complications on that. So, this is a topic that we could go over
and over and go all over the place with. But I wanna just keep it as simple as possible. Dressy versus sporty. A sports watch is gonna be a diver, a chrono,
a pilot. Those types of things. Dress watches is what you’re always gonna
thing is gonna be very slim, very conservative. A watch that’s fits under a suit. You could tell, man. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell
what looks more dressy than not. So use that. Think about that. Don’t be that guy. I have been there. I have worn a 44 millimeter Yacht-Master II
two-tone to a wedding and pulled those moves where I looked like a complete jackass. Don’t be that guy! Choose the right watch for the occasion or
choose the right watches in your collection and you’ll always have the right watch for
the occasion. So I wanna go over some of the 5 Biggest Mistakes
People Make While Wearing a Dress Watch. Number 1 is the size. Select the right size. You don’t want an overly large watch. This is one of those situations where bigger
is not better. Number 2 would be the type of bracelet, a
strap that comes on that watch. Some models look dressier than others, depending
on the bracelet or strap that it might have. For example, the 5980, how I was saying that,
on a bracelet it looks sportier than on a strap. Number 3 is, bi-color. I don’t recommend ever wearing a two-tone
watch in a suit. Always better to stick to one tone of metal. Number 4, what color metal are you wearing
with that outfit? For example, you don’t wanna have a rose gold
watch with a gray suit. You’re gonna preferably want platinum, steel
or white gold. Number 5 is the strap color. If you’re wearing black shoes with a black
belt, you obviously do not want a brown strap. So my favorite brands for sports watches is
probably gonna be Audemars Piguet and Rolex, and for dressy, more formal watches, I feel
like Patek has that on lock. Also I’m a fan of the Breguets and Vacheron. I feel like those watches overall they give
you the best look for that type of distinction that you’re trying to get with a dress watch. So, like I mentioned earlier man, this is
a topic that can go around in circles and circles, and at the end of the day, I’m a
watch guy, so most of my decisions are gonna be more inclined, more towards watches than
extreme fashion or like a fashionista would say, whatever! To not go around in circles, but can you wear
a sports watch to a formal occasion? I guess you could do whatever you want, you
know? I did it and how did I feel? Like an idiot! I would have given anything to have that day
this watch instead of the two-tone Yacht-Master II. It’d be a downgrade in status, but it would
have been the right watch to go with that outfit. So at the end of the day, you could do whatever
you want. Do I recommend wearing a 5980 on a strap in
the water on a boat, NO! But if you can afford this watch, you could
do whatever you want. So if you liked this video, please like and
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  1. Rule of Thumb: Any woman who acts interested in you only after seeing an expensive watch, probably isn't worth your time. Unless you don't mind STDs, then fuck it, YOLO!

  2. I love watches and have a few different watches. They are for fashion and give you the time, watches are not the measure of a man.

    I can't believe you wore a 2 tone yacht master with a suit.

  3. Extremely informative! I'm new to the watch game and found real value in your common sense approach to matching the occasion and your attire to your wrist watch

  4. People really werent judging you on your watch. You can wear anything so long as you have a well pressed suit on and clean shoes. The ONLY time Id suggest a dress specific watch is if youre into Invictas, have a super blingy watch or if you feel a solid gold or two tone Rolex may be too loud. But moreso, Invicta fans need a dress watch or have one in their line that is small. I promise you didn't look like a jackass, you felt like a jackass but none judged you. They probably liked it

  5. Not that rich but I have SS Omega Speedmaster with both a Bracelet and Alligator Strap, so I can wear it sporty or dressy. My dream watch is the Lange1.

  6. The whole point imo of a dress watch is that it's more jewellery than timepiece. On formal occasions you should only need to know the time to arrive and leave – you certainly don't need to know the seconds, day or date throughout the occasion…
    And always silver or white gold (preferably a simple tank) on a black strap for black tie occasions. James Bond is a hooligan…

  7. Guys, for dress occasions, just think: "what would Don Draper from Mad Men wear?" Something cool and classy; low profile, 40mm in size or under, gold, no bezel, leather in a luxury finish, restrained complications, and neutral coloured faces = sophisticated understatement like Vacheron Constantin. Or, a classy Cartier tank watch.

  8. For a semi formal event a watch is fine. But for full formal it is rude to wear a watch because at these events you should not be concerned with the time.

  9. Depends on the type of wedding. The Yachtmaster II would be perfect for a wedding on the beach and the dress code is white shirts and khaki shorts…

  10. 1:15😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Being without a watch is like being without a weapon😁😁😁😂😂

  11. Did you suggest that someone just getting into watches buy Rolex’s for versatility? That’s like getting a sixteen years old a corvette. You need to learn how to take care of watches and make sure you like collecting before you invest serious money. Start with a Timex or Casio and work your way up.

  12. You mention, you hadnt gone to the bank to pick up your timepiece. You keep your pieces at the bank for Insurance purposes?, or just to feel safer in a safety box?

  13. Great video, I just got my first Rolex, it is a Datejust gold and steel, does it consider a dress watch? Thank you for your reply.

  14. I disagree, with the Sub being able to be pulled off with all dress attire. You can wear a sub in steel with a suit but to a more informal event. If you are going to a black tie event the Sub wont do. I do think the Presidential is a better good all around watch for that the Sub.

  15. man you need to talk about brands that some viewers can really buy. rolex, omega, cartier, iwc, panerai, zenith …
    in a video like this one there is no point to talk about patek

  16. All is good and well with what you're saying but strictly speaking a watch worn with a formal dress coat and white tie (tailcoat) should never ever have the seconds hand and/or the date window: it's an offensive sign to your guests as if you're counting seconds. It also should be with a yellow gold case and white dial. I agree you should go with VC or Cartier watches on a black strap possibly without even the hour markers.
    On a diner suit with black tie you can be a little more flexible and eventually have a small and understated watch with the seconds hand, made in gold, platinum, silver or even steel, but again without any complication and on a black leather strap.
    =>> These are the formal codes and requirements <== but of course if you're just dressed in a western formal fashion and attire, just like any CEO or manager during a formal meeting, I say you should wear whatever you like and just be aware of the signal you're giving by the way you do appear to the others.

  17. Those two ap’s don’t compare with the sub on your wrist…and that’s because the symmetry of both their bezel and links are not comfortable to the eye….also notice on the band’s design that it goes from narrow to wide …

  18. This channels horrible. I can’t stand the way the guy talks. Check out the time teller. That channel is all the watch talk you’ll need.

  19. If I spend $10,000 for a watch. I am going where it as a dress watch. Regardless if it is a “sport” or “diver” watch.

  20. What are your toughts on using a 41mm Rolex datejust with fluted bezel, jubilee bracelet, chocolate dial and rose gold (two tones)?

  21. I hate when the people doing these videos say that there is a maximum size a person should wear their watch. I can't stand this. I have an 8.5 inch wrist. So while a 42 mm watch looks great on other people, it looks tiny on me. A 47mm watch on me looks like a 42 on other people. So I will gladly disregard your advice and wear a larger watch if it fits my wrist. But, thanks!

  22. My loved dress watch is a vintage navitimer cosmonaute from 1967,
    (I get them from my grandfather)
    on a black strap with black stitching.

  23. Like listening to the neighborhood garbage man explaining the difference between Rolls Royce and Mercedes. "Dis one is da best one. Deese are better than dose!"

  24. this guys is so sick lol. The patek philippe 5980 allone is over 100 k. Who can afford this kind of watches and dont know when to wear them? And if i had a 100k ph, i can wear it wherever i want lol. BECAUSE THAN: I am the one, dont weigh a ton. Dont need a gun to get respect up on the street. HAR HAR HAR

  25. Wearing a watch that is gaudy and oversized. No how much the watch cost, it gives away your lack of breeding and taste.

  26. Would I drive to a formal event in a Ferrari? Hell yeah. Would this guy wear sunglasses indoors? Oh yes.

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