Hi guys! My name is Laís Gonçalves and
welcome to Menina, viajei! Today’s video is going to be in English to celebrate
that time of the year!!! Boo!
Halloween! Such a big American holiday! It’s actually originally Irish, but they speak English there too …
So if you want to go to a Halloween party but don’t want to spend a lot of
money on a costume or you don’t have a rich friend to borrow a costume from…
Here are five cheap ideas Number one … Identity Thief Number two… Makeup Tutorial Number three … It’s Raining Men Number four … Regina George (from “Mean Girls” – Paramount Pictures 2004) and number five … “Sick and Tired” I hope you have fun this Halloween! Don’t
forget to click the like button and subscribe! See you next time! See you next “vine”! ‘Cos I was going to say “next time” then “next video” and then I mixed everything … Nah… Let’s do it again …

9 Replies to “5 CHEAP HALLOWEEN COSTUME IDEAS (legendado)”

  1. Kkkkk Você é muito divertida! Amei esse vídeo! A festinha na minha escola foi ontem, comprei umas coisinhas no 99, conhece? Gastei 5 bucks! Foi muito legal!

  2. Oie, tudo bem??
    Quero te apresentar meu canal, semanalmente posto diversos tipos de video! Caso goste é só se inscrever!

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