5 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

5 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

Hello ladies. Are you tired of Halloween being
all sexy Hamburger this and naughty unicorn that? Oh yes. Well for all the millennial
Susan B. Anthonys like me here are 5 feminist costumes for 2013 because even though it’s
Slutoween that doesn’t mean you can’t make a political statement with your body. Gender wage gap. Get it. Women still make
77 cents to every dollar a man makes. Pioneering female Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Oh who’s that? It’s feminist Robin Thicke. [Singing] I know you want it, when you say
you want it. The lines are actually not blurred. They’re defined. And the definition is consent.
Filibustering Texas senator Wendy Davis.The shoes should be pink I realize but you get
the drift. Last but not least I’m an internet troll. Make me a sammich woman. I don’t like
it when women talk about things on the internet too good. So what other feminist Halloween
costume ideas do you have, all you little millennial Susan B. Anthonys out there. Put
them in the comments below and don’t forget, a) this is kind of a parody and b) you should

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  1. For women who don't want to dress up like sexy hamburgers and other ridiculous Halloween costume options, Cristen offers five hot-button, pop culture-appreciative ideas for gender equality-loving ladies.

    5 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

  2. I'm being Rosie the Riveter, because not only is it comfy, it's also hella cute and FEMINIST COSTUMES ARE THE GREATEST.

  3. I'm going to be Frida Kahlo this year, because seriously, how often do you get to have a unibrow and a flower crown?

  4. Now that I have a tiny gold sparkle hat, I sometimes just wear it around the house for fun.

  5. YES, 183!!! First time under 301!!! Personally, I'm dressing up as Mother Ann Lee of the shakers, one of the first major female religious leaders. Absolutely pumped to put on a floor length gown, hoop skirt and corset – even if the garments used to be oppressive, they stand out enough today to start a conversation and promote the feminist view

  6. You know how these men are going around and donating money to breast cancer awareness if women let them motor boat their boobs? How do you feel about that? It makes me a little uncomfortable because it's like boobs are only worth saving if they please a man and it seems like you would be pressured into it because it is for a cause, but then again, it is your choice and there are other ways to support breast cancer.

  7. I was debating between Malala and a Suffragette but I'm pretty sure I've already got the costume for the woman's suffrage movement- I just need to make a sign.

  8. I looooove the internet troll. But is it slut-shaming to call it "slut-o-ween"? I agree that "slutty hamburger" is a bit much, but…..whatever ladies want to do?

  9. You are so hilariously all over the place it's like watching Jim Carrey impersonating Robin Williams impersonating Jim Carrey. How you don't occasionally accidentally lose yourself behind all the characters I'll never know.

  10. I'm gonna dress in 60's-ish Mod-type clothes and go as Emma Peel from The Avengers. I don't actually know that much about her but my impression is that she could hold her own fairly well against men. That counts as feminist, right?

  11. White women make 80 cents for a white man's dollar. Black women make 70. And Hispanic women make 60. I'm not trying to bring the conversation down on this fun video, but it's important to remember when 77 is cited as universal sexism. Racism changes a lot of women's lives just as much as sexism. (Actual numbers depend on sources, but the idea remains.)

  12. Laci green? Not sure how you pull that off. Maybe tape an orange poster board to your back and make her toilet paper tube with fabric over it to represent a hymen. Then just continue to spread awesome.

  13. So many great ideas. My best friend actually came up with the idea to do a TV/Movie villains themed Halloween party. I'm going as Meg from Supernatural, and she's going to be Abaddon. Both BAMF HBIC types.

  14. Love women but hate hardcore feminists (not all feminists just the hardcore ones that want a world ran by women only yeah tose kind of bitches)

  15. A shadow…Its creative, and well, there is at least one feminist meaning behind it. But I like to leave it up to interpretation.

  16. Feminists need to realise that its the people at the top of the pyramid who happen to be men
    that are fu*king things up, not the whole gender of men.
    Yes some men do horrible things to women but that doesn't mean all men do. That's like believing the whole population of the US is pro war because they invaded the middle east.
    Yes I'm all for equal rights for everybody which includes a woman's right to flaunt her stuff to gain attention from some men if she wants to and visa versa.

  17. Okay, but who are these "hardcore" ones that you speak of? Where are all these hardcore feminist bitches hiding? I've never seen one!

  18. Probably because men almost never get breast cancer.

    My mom, as doctor, sees women with breast cancer all the time, everyday even, but has never seen a man with the cancer. However, it is common for men to get breast lumps (gynecomastia). Men shouldn't get a mammogram because it increases their radiation exposure, and repeated x-ray exposure is considered to increase your risk of cancer.

    I don't really know the story on that breast examination case so I can't say if it was fair or not.

  19. I don't think it can be considered discrimination. Like I said, the odds of men being harmed by the x-ray machine outweigh the chance of them getting breast cancer. It is a safety concern.


  21. tinyurl . co m/q4d 24tm copy paste the url to word or note and close the spaces copy paste again to search and follow links to child sex abuse and unethical human drug trials by feminist proving they can do things better than the men and the boys for the men and the boys

  22. this what women are good for in my personal experiences. Child sex abuse by the Anglican Church and State institutions and Schools in England and Scotland. Child sex meds and Rock 'n' Roll. scoobuss . tumblr. co m/

  23. You're requesting that men aren't placed in a box but you just generalized feminists? Not all feminists feel that men are equivalent to Satan, you know.

  24. Women only make 77cents to every mans dollar because they usually have less profitable jobs like teaching and men have more profitable jobs like engineering most of these feminist stastics are total bs!

  25. Actually most statistics control for factors like job type, years of education and other pertinent factors. So when she's saying .77 on the dollar, that's for two individuals in comparable positions.

  26. Y E S. I love you and love these. I did some too and think you are rad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcesMpICK4o

  27. Dress like a man. I mean women can do anything men can do right? Bonus points for male icons like Indiana Jones or anyone with a mustache (ie Capt Morgan). Beards are too much. So stay away from the Most Interesting Man in the World and Duck Dynasty. For 2016, and only 2016…. Hillary Clinton.

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