5 Luxury Handbags I NEVER WEAR! *Are they worth the money??*

5 Luxury Handbags I NEVER WEAR! *Are they worth the money??*

– Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Today’s video, we are talking
about bags that I never wear. These aren’t bags that
I hate, or I don’t like, or that I wish I didn’t
have, or that I want to sell. No. These are bags that I love
them, I just never wear them. Which isn’t a good thing. So in this video, I am gonna talk about whether or not I think
things are worth it, like actually worth it, I
might really love the bags, but is it worth it? But if you are looking for a video all about my most used, most worn, bags that I think are very functional, I’m gonna link that video right here. That was actually my last video. I think there’s seven bags
in total that I talk about and I just can’t live without them, even though I really
can live without them. But yeah, check that one out after this. And I realize this is a whole
community here on YouTube, a lot of people would be like, “Why the heck are you making “a video so dedicated to handbags?” And I realize it’s not for everybody. But I gonna start it out in that and I like to make videos like
this because it’s fun for me. So, if you enjoy this
video, consider subscribing. I would love for you to join
my little YouTube family. So, without further
adieu, let’s get started. Okay, so let’s just get the
first one out of the way because I feel like we just
need to rip the bandaid off just purely out of process of elimination. I feel like a lot of you
are probably wondering why my dream bag wasn’t included in my can’t live without category. And I guess I really don’t
want to live without this bag. But, nevertheless, I never
wear my Chanel jumbo bag in black caviar with gold hardware. It is a double flap,
which, let me show you what that is if you don’t know. Here’s the first flap. And then here is the second flap. So it’s a double flap, and
that is just to maintain its structure and its shape. I really am not bothered
by the double flap. However, I don’t find myself
wearing this bag that often. I love it. It was a dream bag of mine. I thoroughly enjoy looking at it. And I do wear it sometimes. It’s just, I feel like
a lot of my other bags are just more functional. Just kind of like easier to grab. Whereas this one I feel
like it’s, I don’t know, it can get kind of heavy and
it’s more just of a process. And sidebar, I’m trying this on currently, and I just feel like I’m
falling in love with it again. Just ignore what I’m saying. But I do think it’s worth it. I feel like Chanel is constantly exponentially increasing their pricing, and so I did buy this pre-loved and if I were to sell it, I
would make probably more money than what I paid for it. Or at least get my money back. So, I definitely think that
this bag can in the end be worth it, but I probably
don’t feel that way with some of my other bags. So, let’s move on. So the next bag that I find
myself never really wearing, which is kind of unfortunate because it’s so pretty, is this one. Can you tell what it is? It’s my Fendi Kan I bag and guys, I have a few things to say about this. I think it is so beautiful. I was so happy when I purchased it. And I’m so glad that I have it. I think it does have some
really great characteristics. I think the strap here is really thick, so it’s so comfortable. I love this textured Fendi logo leather. I think the opening and
closing is really easy, and it actually holds quite a bit. So when I first purchased
this, I wore it all the time. And I talked about how
it was kind of trendy and that didn’t bother me, and
it still doesn’t bother me. I buy what I love and
what I will actually wear. However, I’m finding myself not reaching for it as much just because of this super smooth, shiny leather. And anytime I have a bag
with really shiny leather that can scratch really easy,
there’s like a little alert or thing that goes off in my brain saying that I need to baby the bag. And so that causes me to not grab it as much as I probably should. So, that’s just been my
experience with this. I definitely think that this
isn’t worth it financially just because a lot of
Fendi bags go on sale. You can buy them at TJ Maxx sometimes. I mean, I still advocate that
you should buy what you love because that’s just worth
it in the end to me. But with that said, is this worth it? Probably not. So this next one, honestly,
isn’t that surprising to me because I actually purchased
it knowing or kind of planning on me not really wearing it that much. I purchased it to kind
of add to my collection, because I do kind of collect handbags, and I feel like this is just
one that kind of, I don’t know, it just represented something
unique, and I’m prefacing. So, it is the Christian
Dior Lady Dior bag. So I did buy this pre-loved. I think if you’re gonna buy it brand new, definitely not worth it
because holy guacamole, the price, just a second, it’s like car. You take this bag brand new, walk it out of the store, it plummets. Plummets in price and what it’s worth. So, that’s so unfortunate. But this is a classic, classic bag. Princess Diana loved it and
I feel like it’s just one of the the staples in the
Christian Dior fashion house. And I don’t know. I just wanted to add it to my collection so I bought it pre-loved. I saved thousands on it. I got a really good deal
and it was more something that I just wanted to
add to my collection. But I really don’t wear it that much. I sometimes do. The opening is really
not that user friendly. You really have to like reach
in there to grab things. But yeah. Also, food for thought, did you know that when you turn the bag this way, it says CD, Christian Dior? I saw that once and I was like like, I don’t know if they planned that. But it’s really cool. So, anyway, that’s all about this one. The next bag is this Gucci Ophedia bag. And I love the vibes of this bag. I love how it does have some color. Many of my handbags are
very plain and neutral. This is vibrant. I love the red and the green. Old school Gucci. And in the inside, if I can get inside, I told this to you guys before, but it is so hard to open this bag. This magnetic closure,
it’s like a vice grip. But the inside is so pretty. It’s like the satin teal
which is just unique. I really like that about the bag. But don’t get your hands stuck because it can hurt. Anyway. I love when I wear this. I feel like it elevates my look. It’s unique. I get compliments, people
are kind of drawn to it. However, I just don’t
think it holds that much. And I don’t know. It just doesn’t hold that much. It’s more of like a pretty bag to look at. It’s like nice on the eyes. But is it really worth
it, really practical? Not so much. Now here is the Givenchy Antigona bag. I always want to say an-tig-in-a. Anyways. The Antigona bag, it’s in the mini size, and I kind of feel like I
haven’t worn this that much. Partially because I was,
I feel like it screams winter, fall, which is
kind of coming up now. So maybe in the coming months
I’ll be reaching for it more. But then I also recently
purchased my Chanel backpack that is also maroon and so
when I go for a maroon mag, I’m like reaching for that
one instead of this one. But I find that this holds
a lot, which is great. And this is shiny, however,
it’s like a patent leather and there is some like wrinkling on it, but it’s meant to be there. So even if I do get a mark
or like a nick on this, it’s kind of hidden. You can’t really see. But the only downside is,
just with the handles here, they’re kind of like closed,
like a little duckbill, to get in it, it’s just hard. It scratches your hand, it’s just it doesn’t open that wide. It’s just a little cumbersome. But I’m still holding out that this winter I will wear it more. I love it’s a cross-body bag, and it definitely fits the bill for like a good Shea Whitney bag. I just haven’t worn it that much. So I wanted to add it to my list. But yeah, so those are
my five designer bags in my collection that
I basically never wear. Hopefully you found this kind
of entertaining or helpful. Sometimes, you know, I like
to get different perspectives about, these are big purchases sometimes if you’re gonna invest in a handbag. So I hope you enjoyed it. Consider subscribing if
you happen to be new. Otherwise, I will see you
very soon in my next video. Bye! (gentle music)

100 Replies to “5 Luxury Handbags I NEVER WEAR! *Are they worth the money??*”

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  2. Antigona bags if all sizes have the stiffest opening and the zipper leaves scratches on the skin. I personally like the design but would not invest in one for this reason

  3. I absolutely love your videos! Truly I am very happy that you and others are able to purchase these gorgeous handbags. In my case the only way I will be able to purchase one is winning the lottery 😊 not feeling sorry for myself at all just saying I am visually impaired and no not blind I do have some sight it's just not a possibility. I do love watching these videos and your other videos although. I even thought about contacting some of the designer companies and just requesting a handbag that may be defective in some way or slightly damaged while it was being made but I don't think they would even answer my email on that one.

  4. I have bags I don’t tend to grab as much as others either girl but I still love to look at them lol. Do you still have your Palm Springs Pm backpack ? I was thinking the Chanel maybe suited your style better and I know you weren’t so sure about the Palm Springs bag being your style , just curious if it’s still in your collection or not . I love mine ,and I missed Having the Palm Springs mini so much I repurchased it again last month lol ! I wonder if the Palm Springs mini would be a bag for you , I think you would like it better than the pm size cause the straps are thin and can be a bag too ! Thanks for sharing ! 🥰🥰

  5. Fall/winter is approaching and I think most of the bags you haven't been wearing is mainly because of the time of the year. I think you'll be wearing them more frequently now with the changing of the seasons. 🙂

  6. Good video. The first 4 bags are very formal and I think maybe that could be the reason they're not your go-to's? I know I have that issue with many of my bags

  7. I have the Gucci Ophedia and share the same issues!! Glad I’m not the only one. But i still love it so much! Also love your look. What highlighter and lipstick are you wearing? They look great!!

  8. Shea, the reason why I don’t like to take my Chanel bag as much as I would is, because I am afraid that I will scratch it or it will get wet etc., so often I don’t take it. Hopefully I will take it to church this Sunday.

  9. Great video 👍👍I knew the jumbo wouldn’t get much use same as mine but it’s still one of my favourites . I have it in cream and in black and the cream one does get worn as it’s more neutral it seems to work better and not look as serious
    Maybe if you had a neutral colour you’d grab it more
    But I still wouldn’t sell the black 😊
    Love the Gucci one too 👍👍👍


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  21. I was so obsessed with that Fendi bag when you bought it!!! But now I kinda feel the same way you do! Life is funny like that lol but you enjoyed it so not a bad purchase like you said!

  22. Shea I used to wear my jumbo on weekends only . Then I realized that doesn’t make since and the cost per use is very high then I started wearing it on daily basis to work and couldn’t be happier considering its durability and how much it holds .

  23. Thank you for your honesty! Before I watched it I tried to guess which bags you would choose, and I thought of every one of these! I thought of some others, too that didn't make the list like your speedy 25. Do you wear that much?

  24. I GASPED so loud when you pulled up the Antigona!!!

    I have the Small size in black smooth leather

    I personally would only get the Mini in either grained or glazed leather
    probably not your color either but that color in a different leather maybe

  25. I think everyone just wants the Jumbo because either
    a) The word Jumbo or
    b) It costs more so ppl might think it's a higher status symbol

    I kinda thought like that years ago, but now I know M/L is probably the largest I'd go

  26. The bag that i seldom wear is my lv speedy b 30. I find it kind of big but ok for my size but what annoys me is the opening eventhough i have a bag organiser.
    The bag also can carry a ton so can easily b heavy.

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  32. Great video has always bags r so beautiful if you don’t wear them I will wear them for you lol👍😁😁😁😁😁xxxx

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  34. I really like your videos and your chanel! 💞🍀 been subscribed for almost 3 years 🥰
    But here is my advice: we work really hard to buy those bags and we shouldn’t be so worried about little marks or schratches bags are here so we can enyoj them!! 💞 and we paid for them so might as well use them 😂
    I have one designer tote bag and girl I’m using it every day for work!
    My point is just use your items we only live once don’t let them collect dust and sit around. 💀💞
    Have a nice day!! 🤗💞🍀

  35. I have a bag collection and go through a long period of time where I don't use a certain bag, too. But then out of the blue, something draws me back to a bag and then I find myself reusing it a lot! So wait! You will go back to some of the "seldom used" beauties. 😉

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  37. I think the problem with the Antigona is that you got it in the wrong colour and material, maybe even wrong size. I have had the Antigona in medium for years, in grey pebbled and black mooth leather and they are perfect work bags for the office.

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