5 Rules How To Wear A Suit Jacket With Jeans | Pairing Denim And Suit Jackets Successfully

5 Rules How To Wear A Suit Jacket With Jeans | Pairing Denim And Suit Jackets Successfully

5 Rules How To Wear A Suit Jacket With Jeans
Pairing Denim And Suit Jackets Successfully [0:00:00] Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of
Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be giving you five rules on wearing a suit jacket
with jeans. Now, I know what some of you guys are thinking. “Antonio, never wear a suit
jacket with jeans.” Well, I’m going to give you five rules that can kind of bend that
rule and hopefully will help you make a smart decision and won’t ruin a suit or look like
you don’t know what you’re doing. Now, guys, before we get into this, I’m going
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Okay, so let’s get into this. Rule number one when you’re bringing together
a suit jacket and jeans, this suit jacket, does it actually have a pair of matching trousers?
Are you breaking up a suit, and is this your only suit? Because if that’s the case, do
not try to make this happen. The reason being is it’s more valuable for you to have that
suit than for you to wear that suit jacket as a blazer or as a sports jacket and then
to possibly get it damaged, or to start really liking it, wear it so many times, wash it,
clean it, and all of a sudden, you match it with a pair of trousers and one is darker
than the other. You need to have a working suit in your wardrobe
and you shouldn’t sacrifice your only suit jacket to try to have a new combination. Instead,
I would recommend that you either go to the thrift store or you go out and you buy a proper
blazer or sports jacket. That would be my advice there if you’re breaking up a suit. Now, if this is a suit that you just don’t
wear anymore, the trousers are torn up, go for it. Go ahead and move on to part number
two, and that part is, does the jacket fit? Now, I’m going to link you guys and in the
support article, I’m going to show exactly how a jacket should fit. Let’s just say it should fit right in the
shoulders. It shouldn’t have too much room over. It shouldn’t be too tight there. You
should be able to move your arms back and forth. You don’t have to be able jump up
and knock out some pull-ups. It shouldn’t have wrinkles over on the shoulders. It shouldn’t
have too much room back here. Take it to get it adjusted. If it’s too small or if it’s
way two or three sizes too big, you’re going to want to pass and not try to wear it with
a pair of jeans. However, let’s say it fits you well. Let’s
move on to point number three, and that is, is the style of the jacket timeless? If you
found this in your dad’s closet and he was having a lot of fun wearing this jacket in
the 1970s, we may want to be careful because the lapels may be way too wide. It may have
things on it and the pockets may just be kind of a little bit of a retro-style. We may see
something where there’s embroidery on the pockets or it’s got something on the back,
a big vent or something that just really screams 1980s disco party. Let’s just say that the
style may disqualify this jacket. So is the style timeless? Number four, is the fabric right? Many suit
jackets that are going to be worn with a pair of jeans or they’ve been orphaned actually
have stripes on them, maybe pinstripes. Let’s just say that pinstripes do not make a good
blazer. They don’t look like a blazer. They don’t look like a sports jacket. They look
like an orphaned suit jacket that was a pinstripe suit, so that’s not a good combination. However, if it’s a solid navy blue, if it’s
a solid maybe light gray, if it’s something that’s a tweed, if it was once part of a tweed
suit, that’s a great find and that is the right fabric that you can — because it does
look like a sport jacket. It looks like a blazer and therefore, you’ll be able to wear
it as a suit jacket with jeans. The last thing I’m going to have to say is
make sure the jeans that you are pairing with the suit jacket are right, so you don’t
want to wear anything stonewashed, super baggy, something that doesn’t fit you. Now, again,
in the article, I’m going to show exactly how a pair of jeans should fit on a man. You
don’t want to go, again, for those really baggy ones. You want to go for something that
is going to be of the right length, so make sure you get them tapered where they’re cut
at the bottom. They should be tapered correctly because you want to be wearing these either
with dress boots or with dress shoes. You want to make sure that they’re the right
length, so get them hemmed if necessary. You do not want to wear something also that’s
too light colored. Usually, you’re going to want those jeans to be a very dark indigo,
possibly with something like a selvedge denim, or you’re going to want to go with something
that’s black or a colored denim as well. [0:05:01] Guys, let me know what you think. I would
like to thank Lee Jeans. They’re the sponsor of this video. They’ve made it possible. If
you go check out the article, guys, I’m going to link to some of their jeans. They came
out with a new 101, a very nice selvedge, which I actually wear. Now, I’ve got enough sports jackets and blazers.
I once did and I have to admit, this was maybe five — this was when I was getting out of
the Marine Corps. I had a suit jacket that I recycle and I feel pretty good in it. I
would have to say that I maybe didn’t follow all the rules, but if you follow four or three
out of five, I think you’re going to do pretty well. So guys, let me know in the comments and go
check out Lee Jeans. I’ll link to them as well. Take care. See you in the next video.
Bye-bye. [0:05:53] End of Audio

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