5 Style Tips for College Student – How The University Man Can Dress Better – Male Fashion Advice

5 Style Tips for College Student – How The University Man Can Dress Better – Male Fashion Advice

5 Style Tips for College Student – How The
University Man Can Dress Better – Male Fashion Advice Hi. I’m Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. And today I’m going to be talking about five ways for the student to
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In any case, let me go ahead and jump into this. So if youíre a student, the first thing you
have to do is change your mentality. There are three things about this, you need to first
understand that appearances do matter. The example I use in the article, I talk about,
you know, if you go to a job fair and youíre at Boston College, youíre with 200 other
students. You know what, youíre education really doesnít separate you from everyone
else there because everyone else there is going to be seen and they ñ probably a lot
of them actually have a better GPA than you. And the big thing thatís going to separate
you guys is going to be how you present yourself, your appearance because you probably donít
have much job experience. And again, maybe someoneís got, like, a point
two or a point one higher GPA. But when it comes down to it as a business owner, I know
that if youíve gotten in the door, if youíve made it this far, Iím looking for the intangibles
because those are the real factors when you have nothing else to go off, you know, you
donít have a long history, those are the things Iím going to look at to make a hiring
decision. So you have to understand appearances are important. All right. The second thing is that life outside
of college has a dress code. So, those of us coming from the military, those of us that
maybe went to a military school or a school that is a bit more ñ has a dress uniform,
we understand that there are uniforms and that there are reasons for them. Most people
though that go to a, you know, say a public high school and then they go to a public college,
theyíve never really had to dress well because they usually been surrounded by people who
donít judge them by their appearance. And if they do, you know, itís something so slight,
you know. Itís not a big deal. But once you go out into the working world, youíre going
to find if youíve got a job at AT&T, there is a dress code. And whether or not you go
in as vice-president, whether or not you go into the mailroom, whether or not you go as
IT specialist, there is a way people dress and you need to pay attention to that. Itís
not all the time spelt out, and youíre going to need to pick up on that. Finally, understand fit. Growing up in the
United States, most men do not understand fit. We wear clothing thatís too large for
us. We never think to take anything to a tailor. You need to change that. And the best time
to do it is in college. Okay. So, what are the five tips? Number one, specifically,
stop wearing t-shirts, start wearing polos, or anything actually with the college. I give
polos as the one example, but Iím not against, you know, wearing flannel shirts or wearing
something with a collar because look at all those t-shirts and ask yourself, ìCould I
actually wear a collared shirt and would that serve just as well?î Because a collared shirt
ñ just because it has that structure, it has the heritage of a shirt that commands
more respect. So, always go for the collared shirt. Number two, sweat shirts to sweaters. Okay.
So, we wear sweat shirts all the time. When I was at UT, I really enjoyed my Texas sweat
shirt. I kind of wear that thing all over the place. But there was a time and a place
for it, whenever I was going to the gym, if I was going to go to a Saturday football game.
You donít want to be wearing that to class. You donít want to be wearing that to your
study group, even though itís comfortable, even though a lot of other people are wearing
that. In fact, most people look like they just rolled out bed and theyíre wearing their
pajamas around campus. You know, thatís not ñ you donít want to be like most people.
You want to ñ I donít know about you, but I look at myself and Iíve got really big
plans for my future. And you need to dress in that manner so that you are dressed for
that future. A part of that is introducing sweaters to
your wardrobe. Sweaters are so much more elegant. They are so much versatile and youíre going
to find theyíre very comfortable and they look great. On a man thatís in shape, a sweater
that fits them well is very flattery. So, look on corporate sweaters. Thatís number
two. Number three, the right type of jeans. All
right. As younger man, we can wear jeans that ride a lot lower on the waist. We can wear
distress denim and, you know, torn up and, yeah, I guess, you know, going through that
whole rebel with a cost look. But as you start to graduate, as you start to move into the
working world, youíre going to find that there are many jobs that they will allow you
to wear jeans to work but you need to have a certain type of jeans. These are darker
jeans. This is denim that almost looks like dress slacks. And thatís what youíre going to want to
migrate to because if you have ñ if all of your jeans are distressed and torn and light
colored, then youíre going to, you know, letís say you do get a pretty laid back job,
youíre going to find that those jeans are just too casual even for a casual job as a
programmer. So, look to migrate towards dark, non-distressed jeans that are more midrise
than low rise. Number four, repeat after me, ìIím only
going to wear running shoes if Iím going to be out running.î So, we wear running shoes
everywhere. And what you need to look to do is to isolate those. Hey, these are for exercise.
These are for ñ if Iím going to be running around or perhaps going to the gym in the
morning and just donít want to carry an extra pair of shoes to class, you know, what you
need to do is you need to have a pair of casual leather slip-ons, very comfortable. I think
actually in many cases more comfortable than running shoes, and the great part is they
slip on and off. Upgrade your footwear. One of the easiest things that we can do. In addition,
stop wearing flip-flops. You know, I saw this all the time down in Austin, Texas. Yes, I
know itís hot, but youíre going to be ñ you look so much better if you slip on a pair
of slip-on Markesanís or boat shoes. Your feet are going to sweat, okay, well, throw
some powder in there. And Iíd link to article which talks about that in great detail. Number five, pay attention to your face. In
this, I would always see guys wearing baseball caps. And you could easily tell that they
just put the cap on because they didnít want to brush their hair. Take the time, learn
what hairstyles complement your face. And this is pretty important because when you
get a job, youíre not going to be able to wear a cap. Well, unless itís really, really
laid back or youíre working, I guess, from your home office. But most of the time, when
youíre meeting with clients, youíre going to have to do something with your hair. And
you might as well start experimenting and learning about this stuff in college because
hair takes a while to grow in, to roll out and you want to have some time to experiment.
Why not do it in college? The other thing that you want to pay attention
to is using the right type of soap. So, oftentimes, I know most of you guys are probably using
Irish Spring or something else that is a good general purpose soap. But if youíre going
to be washing your face with that soap, you want to move towards a facial soap. And the
reason being is that itís just too harsh on your face. And, yes, I know up until now
youíve gotten away with it. Itís more ñ itís overtime that youíre
going to start to realize when your face starts to burn, when you start getting a lot of redness,
when you get that irritation, and then itís almost too late. So go ahead and start now.
Get facial soaps and use those on your face and use the general purpose soaps for the
rest of your body. Finally, learn to shave properly. So when you were in college, you didnít have
to shave everybody. Probably you could go weeks without shaving and no one is going
to say anything. Whenever you get down to the working world,
youíre going to want to know that you have other options besides the disposal razor.
Youíre going to want to look at straight edge razors and youíre going to want to look
at safety razors. Long-term, theyíre actually more cost effective, and for many men, they
are much less irritating to the skin. All right. Those are the five ways to elevate
your style as a student. This has been Antonio Centeno with Real Men
Real Style. Take care. Iíll see you.

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