5 Styling Tips to TRANSFORM Your Little Black Dress

5 Styling Tips to TRANSFORM Your Little Black Dress

– Styling your LBD. (soft music) Hi ladies, it’s Erin. Welcome back to my channel. Today I wanna tackle the LBD, or the Little Black Dress. This is one of those
pieces that all of you, should have in your closet. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. If you don’t have one that you love, that fits and flatters your body, that you feel like is
something you can pull out, in a pinch. Then you need a new little black dress. That is an absolute wardrobe must, and every woman should
have one in her closet. If you do not have one, I will put links to some
below that I suggest. But I think that you need to think about, the silhouette, what fits and flatters your body, are you better in A-lines, are you better in shift, are you better in sheath, are you better with a simple neckline, a V neckline, a scoop neckline. Think about what really
fits and flatters your body, and then find that little
black dress that is perfect for you and your body and your style. But everyone should have one, and when you’re looking for
your little black dress, I would definitely look
for something that is, versatile and neutral. I have a black cocktail dress, that I can wear to a cocktail party. But there’s not much else
I can do with that dress. So, I have this black dress that is much more versatile, that I can do a lot more with. And then I’m gonna show you five ways to style this specific black dress. But, you can use any of these styling ideas for your black dress. By the way, if you don’t already have a wardrobe basics checklist, to kind of see if you have those basics that you need for your wardrobe. I do give out two free checklists when you sign up for my newsletter. It’s free to signup and
then I send those to you, in your inbox. So you can check. Like yes I have that, yes I have that, yes I have that. For all seasons. I just want to throw that out there, and I’ll put a link below
for newsletter subscription. So if you haven’t already signed up, you want those freebies, go ahead and sign up. Okay, so let’s get started on styling that little black dress. (soft music) The first thing that you can do, very simple, very easy. Highlights the waist, creates a feminine shape. But also adds some
polish and sophistication to your little black dress. Add a belt! Your dress doesn’t have
to have belt loops, for you to add a belt. You can add a belt to any dress. If you’re like well, but
I’ve got this excess belt, what do I do with that? There are a couple of different
ways you can go about it. You could double-side tape it, or you could loop and swoop it. I did a video where I talked about some of the styling hacks that are life-changing. I’ll put a link to that in
the description box below. But in that one I show you how to deal with that excess of the belt. The only thing I will say about the belt, is the thickness matters. So, if you are short-waisted, you don’t necessarily wanna go and do one of those huge obi belts, or you know, the really thick belts. You may wanna do something that’s skinnier and medium size, small
to medium-sized belts. And an easy way to discern whether or not you’re short-waisted and I’ve shared this trick with you guys before. But I’m gonna mention it again in case you missed that video. Take your two hands, stack them like this. Right under your bust, and if this second hand
dips over your belly button, you’re short waisted. If not, if the belly
button is under the hand, then you’re proportionate. If it’s way under, you’re long-waisted. The reason I bring that up is, because if you’re short-waisted, that means there’s not a lot of distance between the bust and the waist. So when you add a huge, wide belt, it’s gonna take up all that
real estate in your torso. (soft music) The next way to sell
your little black dress is ideal for when it’s cold outside, and I use this all the
time in the fall/winter. And that’s all you do,
you add a pair of tights, and a pair of ankle booties. I usually put socks over the tights, and then my ankle boots, because then I feel like I’m
really staying toasty warm. And that’s the beauty of the
ankle bootie with the dress. Not only does it make it look
more modern, stylish and edgy, but it also enables you
to wear socks to keep your feet nice and toasty warm, which I love. With the tights, my preference is to do something that’s slightly on the sheer
side, and has a pattern. Because I feel like that adds
some interest to the look. You could go with a
more plain black tight, you could go with a darker version, you could go with lighter,
more sheer version, whatever your preference is. My preference, from an
aesthetic point of view, is the sheer-patterned tight, the opaque-patterned tights. You could even take this one
step further if you wanted to, and you could layer over
the little black dress. So if it’s really chilly, and you really want to bundle up. But you still want to be dressed up. Do your tights, do your booties, and then throw a little motto, or a blazer, or a cardigan over the dress to add even more warmth. (soft music) The next way to wear
your little black dress, is to add statement jewelry. So, whether that’s a statement necklace, or a statement earring
is totally up to you. But just an impactful
piece that could even be, maybe not necessarily
one big bib necklace, it could be layered necklaces. Kind of like what I’m wearing right now. And that also adds a lot of impact. So you’re just thinking
about adding one impactful accessory to your look, whether it’s a cuff bracelet, statement earrings, bib necklace, layered necklaces, awesome hat. You know, just one
standout, pop accessory, that will not only add
some polish to the look. But definitely add some really
fun, pop to the look too. (soft music) The next way to style
your little black dress is one I actually showed fairly recently, in a video I did on Styling
Cardigans Seven Ways. If you missed that one, you want more ideas for
those cardigan sweaters, I will put a link to that below in the description box. But, essentially. I took the little black dress, I threw a really long,
cashmere cardigan over it, I belted it in the middle. But you don’t have to belt it, you can just leave the cardigan open. It’s such a lovely look, It’s just definitely, like if
you have a kind of a dressier, little black dress, it
definitely takes it down a notch. It keeps you warm and toasty. It’s very wearable, it’s
very sheik and elegant. It’s a great way to mix up
your little black dress. Especially if you’re doing
a desk-to-dinner scenario. So let’s say you’ve got
business meetings all day, or you’re going into the
office during the day, and at night you’ve got something going on that you need to be a
little bit dressed up for. So you wear the cardigan,
over the little black dress for the office or for the meetings, and then you lose the cardigan, and you have your little
black dress underneath that you can wear out
at night for something a little bit dressier and fancier. So again, perfect desk-to-dinner look. (soft music) The last way to wear your
little black dress or LBD, is to layer pieces underneath the dress. I have done a whole video, on how to layer under your dress, and I will put a link to that
below in the description box. Because, there are so many
combinations that you can do layering under a piece as well as over. But essentially, what
I wanted to show you, is just a really basic turtleneck, under the little black dress, and how that is not only going to create, again that polish and interest. But it has the functional component too, which is warmth. (laughs) Now that I live in the mountains, at 9500 feet and it’s
cold a lot of the time, with seasons and everything
I’m not in Texas anymore. I wanna be warm, and so here’s a way to look stylish, but also add a layer of warmth. Which again, if you’re
in a climate like me with four seasons, and it gets
pretty cold in the winter, you’re gonna wanna use
this one all the time. You can play around with combinations. Again, watch that video I did before. But you could do sheer sleeves, you could do pattern sleeves, you could do balloon sleeves, you could do flared sleeves. You could really play up the sleeve aspect underneath the dress. But you don’t have to, you
can do something really basic. You can do a contrasting color, or you can do a pop color, or you could just go with all black. Whatever you are feeling that day. But there are definitely a lot of options when it comes to layering
under the dress as well. And then you can even
take another step further, and layer over it. In addition to the under layer, you could do an over layer. So you could do the white turtleneck, with the black dress, and then do a motto or a
blazer over that as well, or the cardigan. So many options. You can really reinvent
that little black dress to work with whatever scenario, or whatever event you have
going on in your life. But again, the most important thing is to have the correct, little black dress for your body, that fits and flatters your body, and if that is something you do not have, that definitely needs to be
high on shopping priority list. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but it needs to be something that really will be versatile for you, that really will work well for you, in a variety of different situations. Be mindful of the detail, keep’em to a minimum, keep that neckline minimal. It’s gonna provide more
versatility for you, and enable you to wear
that little black dress for a variety of situations. So, you guys let me know
if you have any questions. I’ll put links to anything I featured below in the description
box, just like I always do. But again, just pull
things out of your closet that you already have. If you haven’t subscribed
to my channel already, I hope you will hit that
red button and subscribe. Thank you all so much for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye!

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