5 Stylish Ways To Roll Shirt Sleeves l Dress Shirt Sleeve Rolling Video Tutorial For Men

5 Stylish Ways To Roll Shirt Sleeves l Dress Shirt Sleeve Rolling Video Tutorial For Men

[Music] Rolling your shirt sleeves is an easy way
to stay cool in hot weather. Keep your sleeves clean when working and give any shirt a more laid
back appearance. Today, we are going to cover five methods to roll your shirt sleeves. To start, first unbutton your cuffs and be
sure to unbutton the gauntlet as well. The first method is the Aifa Roll, also known as the
forearm roll. Very quick, very easy. Roll the shirt once using the cuff as your guide, then simply
roll again. This is a very casual looking roll and, it�s only problem is it�s easy to come undone
throughout the day. Next, we have the Basic Shirt Sleeves Roll. It starts up the same as the Aifa Roll, rolling
the cuff twice. The only difference is you�re going to roll
it a third time. This roll sits a little bit higher up the arm and it won�t come undone as easily
as the Aifa roll. Next stop is the High Roll. It starts the same as both the Aifa and the
basic roll, but instead of stopping at two or three rolls, you�re going
to roll it a fourth time to well above the elbow. This roll looks good if you got muscular arms and
it�s very useful for work situations when you want to keep your sleeves nice and clean. The fourth roll on this list is my favorite,
the Master Roll. For this one, you will put the cuff further up the sleeve, then fold the excess
fabric over it. This results in a very clean looking roll, one that will not come undone throughout the
day. And, best of all, when you want to unroll your shirt sleeves, one quick pull of the
cuff is all it takes. Finally, we have the old school Garter Roll. Not seen very often, this uses sleeve garters although you can substitute with a rubber
band. Pull the garter partway up your arm, then
slide the whole sleeve up the desired height. Cover the garter with the excess fabric and
you�re done. Though not technically a roll, this method
creates a very clean look that won�t fall down easily. For a step by step visual guide on how to
roll your shirt sleeves, check out the infographic and article over at Real Men Real Style. Make sure to like this video, subscribe to
our YouTube channel and let me know in the comments what
you thought of this video.

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    http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/roll-shirt-sleeves-infographic/ – Click Here For The Infographic on How To Roll Your Shirt Sleeves

    Video Summary:
    0:33 – AIFA (Or Forearm) Roll
    0:55 – Basic Roll
    1:17 – High Roller
    1:38 – Master Roll
    2:02 – Garter Roll

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  2. Two mins of silence to whoever has come here in search of knowing new things and as well as to the ppl who read the article.

  3. Never knew the name but it's been my all time fav is the Alpha Rolle but in reality I've always worn the complete sleeve more calassic

  4. Love the "Master Roll" — so easy, elegant, and practical!! Had never seen, or heard of it before. So glad these videos exist. They are a great resource that continue to guide my style upgrades. Once again, Thank You Antonio!

  5. Hey Antonio! I stumbled upon one of your videos from a website and liked what i saw. Im an optician at Costco and the dressier attire goes a long way but not entirely required. I'm not a rich man, however I like to put my own spin on looking 'right'. I look forward to seeing more! Cheers!

  6. I always feel manly, despite my deceivingly childlike look, when I do the master roll. It always give me that confidence to speak out to my boss or manager.

  7. I have to wear dress shirts for school and I always put 4 rolls (cuff guide) in before I put on the shirt. It never comes undone. It leaves wrinkles but i iron the shirt out if i ever need to wear the sleeves down

    Thankyou… your video helped me folding up my NCC UNIFORM SLEEVES
    Makes me wear my UNIFORM with PRIDE!

  9. As a high school student, I always roll my cuffs up, to bring down the formality of my everyday attire. I found this as an awesome building block for the future.

  10. Missing the style we used in the army, pulling back the cuff like you did with the master roll (but slightly higher so your elbow is exposed when you are done) and fold excess fabric up to the cuff (not over the cuff) and fold the cuff back down over the folded fabric… Looks good, and won't come loose easily (pluss you can still show off those cufflinks). I use the garters if I have a brightly colored shirt or a white shirt, it gives a unique look that I usually get positive comments from. Black, gray, blue etc I usually go with folding it.

  11. What I want to know is how to deal with Swiss tab/roll tab straps that loop around. How do you roll the sleeve then and then fasten the strap?

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