5 Things a Horse Show Judge looks for in a Hunter Under Saddle Class

5 Things a Horse Show Judge looks for in a Hunter Under Saddle Class

I’m gonna tell you five things the judge is looking for in your hunter under-saddle class Hi there everybody my name is Laura Kelland May and welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you’d like to improve your writing win more ribbons at your next horse show or Generally like horse related things then start right now and subscribe to this channel just click the subscribe button and the little bell icon, so you don’t miss a thing a Hunter under saddle is the type of horse that you would probably think of in the olden days That they hunt master or field hunters somebody who was doing field hunting to go from one place to another and it should be comfortable well-mannered easy Way of going nice mover and also looked nice, and that was kind of the history of the hunter under saddle battle number one Horse has to have a good performance and by good performance. I mean it’s going to have good gates. It’s got a walk It’s got a trot. It’s got a canter and those things have to be clear and Precise if you’re going around on the wrong lead Then you’re not going to be placing at that horse show. You know, everybody says That the winner has to be the best mover, and yeah the winner does have to be the best mover but if that best mover is going around on the wrong lead then it’s not going to be the winner so the performance is the Number one thing you have to show the judge performance is number one number two The horse has to have good manners by good manners, I mean no bucking no running away and certainly no rearing no shying and Also, no biting no kicking those are the types of things that will really mark you down on the judges card if I’m when I’m judging and I see a Horse that’s bucking. I just cross its number right out put it on my Do Not Call list Know it so the horse has to have good manners Number three Quality so the horse has to show quality doesn’t really matter what type or what breed of horse you have or what color it is or that type of thing But it has to be a good quality horse has to have good conformation good quality So that it shines above the other horses And number four it’s got to have good movement and as I said in the number one first thing the best mover should win the class and If you put number one performance number two manners number three Quality together you’re going to get a horse with good movement good movement means it’s got to be solid bold without running away Ground covering solid horse, that’s going to take you from point A to point B And if you remember the history history is this used to be a hunt force a field hunter So it has to have good substance good quality, so it can take a rider from point A to point B and then finally the icing on the cake number five is the Way of going is the horse? Generally and its overall appearance a nice horse does it have its ears up? Or just pinning its ears not wanting to do the job Or is it generally going forward going nicely in a calm relaxed manner Or is the rider always having to dig it in its sides or pull it back So it should be a nice soft round ride with the right the horses Frame and a round frame the lakes reaching out reaching forward showing a comfortable ride or one Got to be good performance number two it has to have good manners number three quality horse number four good movement and number five Nice way of going so if you get those five things all in a nice package You’re going to be a winner in the under saddle class

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  1. Great tips! Thank you. What is the difference between what a judge is looking for in the Hunter under Saddle class and the equitation flat phrase?

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