5 Tips To Look AWESOME Wearing Glasses | The BEST Eyeglasses For Men

5 Tips To Look AWESOME Wearing Glasses | The BEST Eyeglasses For Men

When I was in middle school I was a complete
dork. I know many of you guys will argue I’m still
a complete dork, but I think I’ve improved a bit. So I was in band, I was on the math team,
I was skinny, I couldn’t talk to girls. And I had glasses which made me looked bad. So in today’s video gents, I imagine that
I can go back in time and I give myself five tips on how to rock glasses and look great. So you need proof of how I bad I looked. Okay. I’m going to pull up a picture right here. That is me and looked at those glasses. I have to admit I did not like those glasses. The story is I had to get them. My mom bought the cheapest ones and for the
few years I did wore those glasses I hated them. So for that young Antonio, I’m creating this
video. Tip #1. Be confident. Own the look. Understand that wearing glasses actually makes
you look smarter. It draws attention to the eyes. The right type of glasses can make you more
trustworthy. There’s a lot of things about glasses that
are great. They don’t make you less of a person. I have to admit. When I was wearing I didn’t like them at all. They were the cheapest frames. I didn’t have any choice of the matter and
I just did not like them. They didn’t work for me. So, I wasn’t confident. But if I can tell myself anything, you know
just own what you got and don’t be ashamed to wear glasses. Tip # 2. Find the right frame for your face. So this was something I never knew. We simply went with the cheapest ones. In the military they called these birth control
glasses and yes that is what we actually called them and there was a reason because they were
ugly. They were thick. It was the same for everybody. There was no choice. Look at yourself in the mirror. Understand that you’ve got a face shape. Identify that face shape then find the right
frame types which are going to bring balance to your face. Now I’m going to pull up a whole chart right
here. This chart I’m going to link to down in the
description so you can go check it out but find your face shape. Find the glasses that work for you. Boom. It’s emerging. Understand that one face shape doesn’t have
just one particular glasses. There are definitely going to be a few that
you can go with. Tip #3. I will tell myself to build that time machine
go into the future and buy my glasses online. Because when I bought my glasses we had to
go to the only outlet that we know of there in midland Texas that would accept our partial
insurance and we still have to pay an arm and a leg for those glasses. They were super expensive. Guys, there are now so many more options if
you look online. Some of these options they’re going to save
you like 70%. Speaking of which glassesusa.com, guys, they
are the paid sponsor of this video and I’ve been with this company for over a year and
a half. I have them sent me some frames out here in
Ukraine. I had them sent them out to me in Wisconsin. Guys, good company at a great price. Let me go ahead and pull up their website. So the thing I loved about glassesusa.com
is their one mission to change the way people purchase classes by sticking with one simple
belief and that’s eyewear shouldn’t break the bank. Now let’s look at their frame selection. Glassesusa.com offers over 2500 styles. We’re talking name brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley,
Tom Ford or Armani. Also the quality, the lenses that are offered
by glassesusa.com are at the same high quality as retail. Now they’re virtual mirror. I’ve created an entire video where I walk
you through glassesusa.com their virtual mirror tool and you can try on any pair of frames
and see what they actually looked like on you. You upload your picture and boom you’re able
to see it. Also its risk free shopping. So we’re talking 100% money back guarantee,
full refund within 14 days delivery, no questions asked, 24/7 support. Gentleman, most of all, it’s about savings. I mean I really member this. My mom writing that check and her just like
hammer it like hey you do not break this, do not lose this cause this just cost us a
whole lot of money. And when you can find a website, when you can
find a company that you can work with and actually delivers you a great deal and that’s
their main mission. I love to support them and definitely go check
them out. Down in the description of this video I’m
going to put a link over to them with a special code. Tip #4. Consider having a few frames and actually
having them kind of as an accessory and having backups. So a lot of times people go with one particular
color and frame. Okay. That’s what they go with. Boom. This is what they have. Imagine if you would decide hey I want to
go ahead and purchase two to three frames, maybe go with this right here body in red,
body in yellow. There’s a guy named Seth Godin. I’ve seen him just owned the look of yellow
and red frames and I loved it. A lot of women do this but men can pull this
off as well especially if you’re in a creative field. But maybe you want to try something like a
half frame or a partial frame. You want to try something hey it’s a little
bit smaller, maybe even have some color on the side. The point is don’t be afraid to again going
back to point #1 own it, be confident, and try different colors, try different styles
and find what works for you. Tip #5. I will tell myself protect those glasses. Just simply just take care of them. Get a case. We didn’t opt for a case. So I can tell you what happened to those glasses
is they ended up getting scratched and within a few months I had some scratches on the lens
and I had those things for two years and the scratches built up. I swear by the time I got rid of those classes,
it looked so bad but we had to make do. Guys, get a good case which glassesusa.com
sends you a very nice case. This one case with a pair of Ray-Bans that
they sent me. Also, gentleman, use a cloth that’s specific
designed to clean your glasses. You don’t want to use something like your
shirt or something that’s harsh that’s going to end up scratching the lenses. Alright, gentleman, so now it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down the comments. Let me know about your stories about glasses. Do you prefer glasses? Do you prefer contacts? Do you have any good stories about wearing
glasses, getting compliments, looking smarter, feeling better about yourself? I love to hear from you guys. I love to learn from you and go check out
the sponsor glassesusa.com. I’m going to link to them down the description. That’s it, gents. Take care. See you in the next video.

100 Replies to “5 Tips To Look AWESOME Wearing Glasses | The BEST Eyeglasses For Men”

  1. Who can relate?
    When people wanna try your glasses and you say “Yes” they grab it by the lenses and leaves a mark on them.
    Now i have to clean my glasses.

  2. i just cant even go outside cuz im just ashamed of being seen in front of people not just people but i believe even i laugh at myself when i look at the mirror…

  3. having good eyes is a treasure,once i thought having glasses is cool,now i realize i am wrong,i can't live without glasses,glasses give me second eyes,without it i am just like a blind people. so please protect you eyes!

  4. As someone who rocks the round glasses BECAUSE it makes me look slightly dorky, yet smart, this video helped me feel mor confident about the look.

  5. You should be thankful that your mom bought glasses to you.
    Some people can’t afford glasses at all.

  6. My crush likes guys with glasses
    I just got my first pair of glasses today cus I am short sighted so I’m good lol 😂

  7. online shopping is not the best thing! – you gotta wear them , test, feel. when you are in the store you can feel and test a few even decide to buy more!

  8. I have round glasses that are kinda half frame but not really. I say that because the frame fades out into a clear color making it look like the glass. nothing to less, I love em. Good informative video.

  9. never trash your parents for buying you what you deem trash eyeglasses or clothing etc…they had to work hard for the money.

  10. i bought glasses last year and it made me So ugly .. now i think i will change that glasses to circle one what do U think guys

  11. I had my glasses for years but never wear them cause I feel like I look “ugly” with them, even though people say I look really good in them, it’s my second year in high school and I want to start wearing glasses, thank you for this video. Btw how do you know how big are the glasses going to be when you order them online, cause I feel like it’s going to be too big, or too small. Basically I don’t know what’s the size of the glasses I use.

    Edit: I actually want to start wearing glasses because of this video, the glasses I have I don’t really like them.

  12. Please reply. I own a pair of black round glasses That looks cool on me… but….I don't know of these glasses suit my face shape

  13. Wanting glasses used to be one of my guilty desires because I thought people with glasses were ungodly hot. Found out last week I'm near-sighted. Time to rock the cute nerd look.

  14. Support you local optician and optometrist practices instead! Online may be cheaper but what kind of lenses are you really getting? Can you confirm the lenses are authentic? Plus your optometrist and optician will take extra measurements to make sure you get the best possible vision instead of online companies just doing the bare minimum resulting in not the best possible vision for you! Online works for some people with low preacriptions and less sensitive eyes but not for everyone! A professional doing your measurements for glasses and fitting you is going to always be better than doing your fit and measurements by yourself!

  15. HATE glasses so much…… people perceive glasses as a sign of weakness and exploit it when the opportunity comes …. less desirable to most women ….and kids in early schooling are harsh when dealing with people with glasses

  16. Eyeglasses can be considered an accessory similarly to a wrist watch or for instance a ring. That is to say not only does glasses enable you to obviously see better yet it also makes you appear more stylish in my opinion. 🙂

  17. 1. look for the right shape for your face
    2. thick or thin frame
    3. plastic or metal
    4. kinda bonus, if you look good without glasses but looks ugly with one, then find the thinnest and compliments the face shape.

    i had to live years of my life to look bad with glasses, when i could just try out different shapes and sizes.

  18. Buying online is fine if you only have single vision glasses but it's hard to get good progressives lenses online because they can't place the pupils in the perfect spot without actually doing it while you are wearing the glasses.

  19. I got mine by Shopko but those glasses got chewed up by a dog but I used glasses USA and I have my good look back

  20. Great sunglasses , I’ve got mine from tasseti.com for much cheaper and very stylish. You should check their great sunglasses too

  21. My early 👓 years were brutal, my mother always picked them for me and I hated them all (with one exception but 1/4 is not a good track record and they were the only ones I had at the time) when I was around 15/16 got to pick my first pair, changed my life point is pick what you like even if other hate them on you because you are the one wearing those glasses not other people

    Btw if you are like me and only have 1/2 glasses don't go for outrageous colours, I stick to black grey and navy blue

  22. <Posted may 22, 2019>
    Should I get my frames from the pharmacy or from a retailer?

    I lost my last pair and INSURANCE doesn't cover them until december.
    They frames are stylish as ever but cost 218 at optometrist but most retailers sell them for 100 bucks.
    I had a stylish pair from Amazon once for $10 basic plastic Clark Kents style. I loved the price and the style but WARRANTY sucked. So I wanted to know can I buy a frame for prescription lens and still maintain my warranty. My optometrist will only cover the lense warranty unless I pay for the over priced frames too.

  23. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Eye Glasses on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/eye-glasses-review/ Thanks, Fredric.

  24. Yes I have power of eye , so I need to wear glass , but because of money problem I can't buy more than 1 specs 😔

  25. Well what’s worse is when you have glasses and braces at the same time. 😛

    So happy that my braces treatment was done only a year and a half after I got contacts

  26. hello everyone can you tell me about glassses name is "obeier" please tell me, im waiting for you all, i hope to get answer soon, thank you:)

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