5 Tips To Perfect Looking Shirt Collars | Wear Dress Shirts Without A Tie & Collar Looks Great

5 Tips To Perfect Looking Shirt Collars | Wear Dress Shirts Without A Tie & Collar Looks Great

All right, gentlemen. Let’s talk about a problem. So, you go out there and you buy a beautiful shirt. Maybe you find it on sale maybe you spend a little bit more, maybe you get something custom-made. You’ve got big plans for the shirt. You want to wear it out at night, you want to wear it without a tie and you want to look great. So, you get the shirt, get it at home get
it delivered. You put it on, put on your sports jacket and you look at yourself in the mirror and guess what? Ah, it is a limpy falling over itself weak
collar. Now, why does this matter? Because the collar frames the face. And, gents, if you’re going to spend good
money on a nice shirt and you want to see you just want to look good. So, how to get that perfect collar? In today’s video, I’ve got five tips on how
to get the perfect looking collar when you wear it without a tie. Now, gents, like with all of my videos I support this with an article over at Real Men Real Style. Bo check out the article. I go into a lot more detail there, I’ve got
some charts for you. I think you’re going to enjoy it. Now, let’s get into it. So, the five tips. The first tip on how to get the perfect shirt
collar actually has nothing to do with the shirt collar. What do I mean? Actually, guys, it has to do with having a
strong placket. Now, when you go out there and you look at shirts, plackets aren’t something most people think about unless maybe you’re going custom and you can design it. But, a strong placket is the core is the center
of your shirt and if you’re going to be able to wear a shirt without a tie, maybe have
one, two, three buttons undone and for it to look great, you’ve got to have a strong
placket. And, I know that there are, you know, all the other tips I’m going to talk about they’re important, but they’re not as important as
this one. So, what’s my advice? To buy a shirt with a strong placket. If you’re going to get a custom-made, make
sure maybe they’ve got it, you know, double material reinforced. This is going to be the key to making sure
it looks great. Unfortunately, most shirts out there have
weak plackets. Even shirts that you buy that have a strong placket at the beginning after maybe five to ten washes starts to loosen up and all of a sudden they’re not going to hold that look. Thank goodness, we have entrepreneurs. As you guys know I love businesses that solve
our problem. I want you guys to go check out Million Dollar
Collar. I’m using their product right here. Basically, what it does is they’ve tested
this like little material that you sew into your actual placket to reinforce it. Guys, I have tested a lot of things and you guys know I get stuff sent to me all the time. I was actually amazed at how well this work,
relatively inexpensive. Guys, again, go check out Million Dollar Collar. I love it when entrepreneurs come in and solve
our problem and that’s what these guys have done. Tip number two is to choose a shirt with the
right collar style. So, if you have a strong placket, you can
actually get away with a wide range of collar style. If you have weak placket, you’re going to
want to be careful. There are only going to be certain styles that are going to work and basically the placket that’s weak is going to be able to support them. So, you want to look at maybe more spread
collars, collars with a shorter point. There are two things to determine collar styles, it’s going to be the spread and it’s going to be the point length. In both of those, you’re going to want to make sure it’s something that isn’t too close together, so you want to be really careful of narrow point collars and you want to be very careful of anything that is going to
have a longer basically collar point length. So, those two things you’re going to want to minimize if you can imagine the placket just simply can’t hold that much weight. Now, there is a way around it. If you can find a shirt actually has a very
maybe an attached collar or one and you can, yes, take this to a seamstress and have her
sew on a stronger collar. There are ways they actually may be put a reinforcement in there, then it possibly can stand up a bit better on its own, but, again,
with a weak placket, it could start to fold in on itself. Really quick let’s talk about the button down collar. The button down collar is going to do a great
job of actually keeping the points in place, but it can still have them leaning to one
side or the other so it’s not truly going to solve the problem. The third tip I want to give you is look for
collars with collar stays. What are collar stays? Basically, guys, they are the bones underneath
here. So, I’m going to pull this one out right here,
this is a collar stay. You need to make sure when you’re looking to buy a shirt that it has a place basically to be able to put this and then it’s actually
going to work properly. Now, if you have a shirt that you already love and you it doesn’t have pockets for collar stay, you can possibly get those sewn in. Now, guys, I cover collar stays and I talk
about magnetic collar stays and a lot of other things in this video right here, so you can
go check that out. So, tip number four. Use starch. What you want to do is starch the front right
over here in the placket. Go ahead and starch the collar. Starch is a temporary stiffener. This is actually going to keep it in place. Now, notice I said temporary because the problem
with starch is after a few hours, it’s going to basically it’s going to stop having its
effectiveness. Also, it can irritate the skin and in some
cases if overused and if used for too many times, it can start to damage the shirt. However, it’s a very inexpensive and very
quick way to fix the problem. Tip number five. Button placement and fastening. So, the rule here is the more buttons that
you leave undone, the more likelihood the collar is going to basically fold in on itself. So, one way is to actually button it up a
bit more and actually see if that can better support the collar. The other thing is if you’re going to get
a shirt custom-made, perhaps you actually want to talk with a tailor and say, okay, I want to have a little bit maybe less room between there. Oftentimes, the differ the distance between the second and the first button can be shortened and therefore it’s going to hang a little
bit better. Guys, I covered a lot of tips in this video. I want to reiterate though number one, make
sure you get a strong placket. I want you to go check out Million Dollar
Collar. Like I said, guys, I’ve tested their product. I love supporting entrepreneurs that come
in and basically solve our problems and that’s what these guys have done and good luck. I would love to hear from you, guys down below
what you think about Million Dollar Collar, what your tips are for basically getting the
perfect looking shirt collar. And, that’s it, guys. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/perfect-shirt-collar/ – Click Here To Read The Article – 5 Tips to Have The Perfect Shirt Collar

    http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/mdc – Click Here To Discover Million Dollar Collar

    Video Summary:

    1:08 – Have a strong placket
    2:38 – Choose the right collar style
    3:58 – Buy a shirt with collar stays
    4:33 – Use starch
    5:04 – Button Placement

  2. Thanks Antonio, great tips, gonna check out Million Dollar Collar site. I'm still havig problems buying a right shirt. They shrink and the length of my arms shorten to be inside the jacket, hate it.

  3. Personally I'm not a big fan of the tieless suit look. If I wear a suit or a jacket (which does not happen that often) I'll always wear a tie, even if it's just a casual knit tie or something like that.
    However when I know I'm going to wear the shirt open (basically all my casual shirts) I'll make sure it has a button down collar. The rest of my shirts are purely used with a suit and tie or under a v neck sweater that keeps the collar where it's supposed to be.

  4. Hey Antonio, 19 year old college student here. Found your videos after I was told I had the fashion sense of a 9 year old. My question is what are your thoughts on the boat shoe/Sperry? As you might know they are quite popular among fraternities, but my question has to do with what category they fall under. Casual?

  5. You are my inspiration!
    I am amazed by the quality of your presentations, substance, script, image, sound, I love it!

  6. Hey man, how to find a good white shirt? Some times i see someone with a white shirt and it just looks bad and sometimes it look really good like on you and the guy on 1:46 . Is it the material or what?

  7. Hy Antonio, great and solid Information as always. Thumbs up! My personal preference is the Button-down business Shirt with the hidden button-down button.

  8. You forgot mentioning that after ironing your shirt and hanging you should button the top button so the collar stays

  9. Great video, I'm going to order a few from Million Dollar Collar. Are they easy to install if you don't have a sewing machine? And can you wash, dry and iron your shirts like usual with them in? Thanks Antonio

  10. While this isnt totally relevant to the topic, I just bought a track jacket (65%polyester to 35% cotton), and it did not come with any care instructions. Is it safe to machine wash/dry? Safe to iron? Any other tips?

  11. I've found that the way you hang your shirts makes a huge difference. You should always button the very top button when hanging a shirt. This helps a lot with shirts with weak plackets as it forces them not to constantly sag while they're hanging.

  12. last time he recommended me those army ball sack pouch underwear.

    I have had a ton of underwear, I have had versace, meundies, and many other brands. I found meundies to be the best and the ball sack pouch to be not that functional. also the material on that was not as nice as any of the other brands (less supportive, and very shiny after some washes).

  13. Antonio, Have you heard about anyone putting a slight bend in their metal collar stays to have this effect too? I know Joe from Dappered recommends putting a slight bend in your collar stay to have a more "rolled over" collar look. What are your thoughts?

  14. Aaron Morino had a great tip about this in one of his videos. Paying attention to both of you guys has been a huge benefit to a person who cares about the way he presents himself to the world like I do and I'm sure most of your subscribers do as well. In his video he talked about the two button collar. I've tried it out myself and it absolutely does have a huge effect on the way the collar stays in place. Here is a link in case anyone doesn't know about Aaron yet.
    Antonio, great point to think about. Keep up the great work my man.


  15. when I was on the website of modern tailors. I noticed an option for the coller was called a reverse button, where there was a button hidden on the inside of the collar. I've never heard you mention this option, is it viable, is it something else to consider?

  16. Great information the only thing I would add or suggest you mention adding starch to the shirt placket I would also include lightly starching the collar as well

  17. Gracias Antonio – Ya fui a la página y me compre 3 sets. Mi esposa ya me menciono que algunas de mis camisas favoritas se les cayó el cuello – A ver cómo me va – ¡Saludos!

  18. Thank you Antonio! This always annoys me so much! I like to leave 2 buttons undone and sometimes it looks okay with just the shirt, or the shirt and sweater, but as soon as I put any kind of jacket on top, the placket just folds in. It's really annoying because then the collar often shrinks down and you can't even see the collar from above the lapel of the jacket. I too feel like most people just talk about how to get a stiff collar, ignoring the fact that the placket is the real problem. Million dollar collar sounds really promising, I will definitely have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I really think a video about body language is something that would be really great.
    Well made video about collars though, it could be very handy to know this.

  20. Hi Antonio, is it wrong to wear two sweaters? Like for example I always wear a sweater either with a zip or with buttons (on the top like a henley shirt style) and underneath it I wear another light sweater. I do this because I feel very cold in the winter. The weird thing is it seems like no one does that.
    I cant even find a single picture on google of a guy wearing two sweaters. Everyone seems to wear just a sweater and a dress shirt underneath, but I feel too cold. What do you think Antonio?

  21. Great video Antonio! Just ordered some placket stays off Million Dollar Collar. Thanks! Hopefully they'll work well in unison with my Wurkin Stiffs!
    Keep up the great work on RMRS 😀

  22. Just saw that someone else made the real men real style page already on reddit. You should really get over there and build that community. No one is doing stuff like you on reddit.

  23. great video. i picked up a real nice brooks brothers french cuff shirt at Goodwill for 9.99. I have trouble though in my other shirts keeping them clean around the collar and cuffs from sweat/dirt. i shower prior but still have this problem. any tips?

  24. Thanks, Antonio. I really liked the placard advice as it's something I've never paid attention to but will now. I have made it a point to only but shirts that can take collar stays now.

  25. Great tips, I didn't know the placket thing. So now i know what look for. I have one shirt with a really good collar that looks great without a tie. I bought it from a company named Propercloth. They let you design your own shirt (made to measuere), I choosed the stiff english spread collar and it works great. If someone want to try it out, use this link to get $20 off:


  26. I'm not sire I like the look of such a stiff placket. I get it, but being french, and a little more drawn toward the Italian Sprezzatura, it does look uptight to me.

    Cheers Antonio, keep making videos!

  27. i solved this problem all my custom made shirts i make the placit on the collar bigger 1/4 inch more not standerd size bigger 2 buttons on top the collar is higher on your neck look much better tighter look sticks out more this is the perfect shirt collar.

  28. Wow thanks for the tips. I've always wondered why my collars fold like that. Good stuff I'll check out million dollar collar as well.

  29. Wow!! I always learn a lot from thus channel. I didn't even know what a placket was. I'm very picky about my shirts and I finally know how to pick them. I will be sure to pick the right shirt going forward and maybe try out the Million Dollar Collard.

    Keep up the good work!!

  30. I had initial feelings of resistance to liking the video. I've been a MDC buyer since last year. The tips i've already come across and I thought I knew it all then… BAM! The last tip hit me. Great video my man. Cheers!

  31. Thanks Antonio! Would love to have a video going into some more detail from you about the various collar styles 🙂

  32. unfortunately, I recently have noticed that I can't button the tie button of my new shirts. I'm considering going custom , because it's been a tough work to get a regular dress shirt without some kind of issues…

  33. I found a way to get the perfect collar in 5 minutes at home without collar stays or million dollar collar. Just need needle and thread, if you are pinch for time and want to look sharp do this then send off your other shirts for million dollar collar.

  34. Great video, and thanks for the enormous amount of useful information you have provided throughout the years.

    If anyone has used Million Dollar Collar day to day, can you comment on 1) how durable it is, and 2) how comfortable it is while wearing a tie? Thanks.

  35. What's up Antonio would you help me with linen pants ? Should I buy larger than my true size in order to prevent my junk from being obvious ?

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  37. Im going to pass on spending 99 dollars on million dollar collar and use a medium size clear zip tie. Collar looks great tho

  38. While you were talking, I was thinking, wouldn't starch be a great solution to this problem. Then you said starch. And I got a lil grumpy cause you stole my thunder. So, give me a minute to throw a tantrum 😉

  39. When I want to know something I google real men real style I actually remembered you while at the store once and went on my phone for real men real style in looking for shorts colors and style. I never knew there was so much info about collars, I knew the problem that it didn't look right when I unbutton the second button often, but didn't know it was a PROBLEM that needed to be solved. Moreover I didn't know there was a real SOLUTION! Wow. Thanks so much for your videos! I learn so much

  40. I just cut my strawberry packaging to create a long, thin straw and reinforced it. Then I've sown that inside my shirt like the million dollar collar and got myself the same effect lmao.

  41. Buy only button downs and ignore the people who say they are casual. The director of the FBI Robert Mueller wore a white button down shirt for his 12 years of service so it is chic enough for me lol. If you hate the look get the hidden ones.

  42. Hi Antonio, would it at all be possible to do a video that tests/examines all of the collar stays that are available on the market…or at least, the most popular ones? I'm frustrated with flat collars on dress shirts.

  43. honestly u r so boaring why r u repeating the same thing for 5 min?? so what is the DEF OF A PLACKETT?? come to find out…U R SELLING PLACKETT REINFORCEMENTS~~~…getta outta here with all YOUR nonsense…NEXT!

  44. Could you do a video on the "Cooper Collar" or "One-Piece-Collar"? I found this collar online but almost nobody has covered it. It seems like it should be an extremely common collar because it's designed to be worn open compared to other which are supposed to be worn with a tie.

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