5 untreated effluent drain canals, built illegally by NSL Textiles, are removed.

5 untreated effluent drain canals, built illegally by NSL Textiles, are removed.

( NSL Textiles, Chandole, Andhra Pradesh, India ) We will show the freshly patched drain pipe that was located at the factory entrance. Please notice here the fresh cement patch. Also notice the steps near the drain pipe. This was done with the help of irrigation officials. Revetment was built around 4 to 5 years ago. This is proof that the pipes were running since then. This is freshly dug out pipe. We are at the second pipe. This is the main one. Untreated effluent had been released using this pipe. See the blower at distance. It had been used to pump the effluent through the pipe into canal. These are freshly dug out drain pipes. Machine was working here as we came. You can see here. The steps to reach the pipe. See the fresh patch of cement. We the villagers saw the machine digging the pipes out. See this man overseeing the operation. You can see the machine returning after completing the job. You can see the machine at distance. Notice here the machine tracks and the broken road. Notice the third pipe. See the fresh patch of cement. There are pipes laid along this road by the factory. We the villagers came to see as we came to know that the pipes are being removed. Pipes were already dug out by the time we reached here. Notice here the effluent holding tank is now being covered with sand. Notice the machine working here. So far we have seen three pipes. This is the fourth one. Freshly dug out and covered the ditch with earth. Security guards are taking notice of the villagers. This is the fourth one. The machine reached to other end as it removed pipes. Notice the fresh patch of cement. All these pipes are built illegally and running for last 9 years. We are losing health and our lands and livelihood because of the pollution. This place is being used as dumping and burning ground for the plastic sheets. This is the last and fifth pipe. This is also removed just now. They have not patched it yet and you can see the hole. Please notice. What you have seen is done without legal permission. Being done for last 10 years. See the polythene bags. They are burning them and we are suffering with diseases. You can see the covers, threads. See the smoke at distance. By taking note of this, we hope you take action. Those who care for the welfare of people, we request you to take up the issue and bring pressure on officials. Thank You!

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  1. Nsl వలన మన ఆరోగ్యాలు అలాగే పంట పొలాలు నాశనం అవుతున్నాయి…. పిట్టలవాణిపాలెం రవి గారు రాము గారు ప్రెసిడెంట్ గారు ఒక మంచి పని చేసారు……

  2. thank you for giving for environment mesg where is the safety team what they r doing should be close that textile those r working in side out side villages r will become a sick m.khaja safety officer chandole

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