5 Ways to Upcycle Old Shirts

5 Ways to Upcycle Old Shirts

hey guys I'm gonna be showing you five ways that you can upcycle or revamp your old shirts that you want to keep but you don't really like how they are right now so the first one is a simple crop top and that's what the shirt looked like before it was like a long dress type of thing so you just want to mark out how much you want to cut off the shirt and just cut it I usually do this thing where I pull the end so that the ends will curl onto each other and hide any like mistakes the next one is a muscle T slash loose tank top so you just want to cut the sleeves off I ended the cut a little bit after the sleeves and I did the pulley thing again to make it stretch out and I also cut the bottom just because there are some stains I'm pretty sure you can see them and I didn't want it to be so long that's pretty much it it's really easy so this next shirt is bladder bhakti and I think it looks really cool basically all you do is make sure that the back is fold the back of the shirt is folded over itself and one sleeve is facing the front and one sleep will be facing into the back just like this and you want to start cutting about two inches down from the collar little strips into the back of the shirt the width of each of my strips were about four centimeters so you do this all the way down the shirt and then flip it over gently pull each of these strips so that it'll become more like a string and we'll give it that ladder pattern but you want to make sure you don't pull too hard it might look like I'm flowing really hard here but if you pull too hard it'll rip so don't do that now this is optional but if you want to spice it up a little bit more you can do this pattern where you take one of the strands and you pull the next strand through it and you continue this all the way down the back of the shirt and I also did this up the shirt that's what it looks like you don't have to do this of course though it's completely optional you can just leave it like it was the sport one is the one with lathered sides and that's what the sides look like basically start from inch below where the sleeve ends and you cut little strips like you did in the last shirt continue this on both sides I cut pretty deep because this shirt was really big for me and I wanted it to be a bit more tight so then you just do the pulling thing again and for this one you will take the string and twist it and then pull the next strip over it so take it twist it pull the next one twist it pull the next one twist it pull the next one through twist it pull the next one through and continue that all the way down then I did that again on the same side so there's two ladders here and when you get to this point you want to cut the ends and then tie the opposite ends make sure you don't tie like the same end otherwise it'll come undone so that's what the braided sides look like and I just pulled it a bit so you can see it looks like a braid so this last one is the braided racerback tank and Isis first started cutting off the sleeves cut off any loose strands of fabric to make the edges smooth quite a bit extra off the sleeves so the arrow it'll look more like a tank top [Applause] then just cut a straight line across the back where you want the braid to end now cut the back into three separate strips just straight down and the further down you cut them more braid there will be start folding the fabric for the first few sections of the braid and then once you get done with that you can just spray normally make the braid really tight and occasionally pull on it to lengthen it out once you get to the last few centimeters of the strip you just want to mark out where you're going to sew it so I started sewing the top part of the braid and you just I made the stitches randomly you want to make sure that it all pulled together and it won't come undone when you're wearing it I took five minutes to do this the more stitches you make the stronger it'll be so and make sure you're you're sewing through all three of the strips to make sure it'll stay together after that you want to cut the collar so that it's more of circular and start sewing the collar to the braid I was making these stitches in a row across the base of the collar so that you can't really see the stitches later so this is what mine looked like as you can see it's not perfect but I'm pretty sure it'll hold last step just tugging the sleeves on my shirt to make sure the edges bow under each other and it will look smooth and that's pretty much it thanks for watching guys

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  1. I love ur video.and after reading about ur hair and all I love u and ur videos even more!!
    May god bless u and stay happy ur really good.

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