5 Womens’ Brutally Honest Reviews of Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear | Actual People Try On | Cosmo

5 Womens’ Brutally Honest Reviews of Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear | Actual People Try On | Cosmo

this is for a baby not for me look at
this little butt cheek today we’re trying on Kim Kardashian West’s new
shapewear collection we’re gonna try the shapewear under our clothes and just by
themselves so you guys can kind of compare see the difference before I try
anything on subscribe to Cosmo right now I’ve never worn shapewear my idea of
shapewear would be wearing high-waisted pants I always wear shapewear so yeah
this is great oh my Kim Kardashian West. I mean at a first
glance I don’t know if I’m gonna get in here do you wear a bra your ladies are
they bare look at this little butt cheek it has legs this is for a baby not for me so this is it I actually kind of love it
yeah and I can feel sexy if I were to sit
down it’s not like anything would be immediately cutting me off and you know
getting those rolls so putting this on was a sport in itself it was actually
harder to put on than I thought it would be I don’t feel like I’m wearing like an
old lady girdle. the material is really nice and it is very lightweight
I didn’t notice ooh is see-through until I looked in the mirror and was surprised
maybe it’s for ventilation so I don’t know if it’s cuz my butt needs to
breathe more and that’s why it’s thinner I want to know what it’s gonna look like
once I have a dress on how do I look I definitely feel like a curvy
Kardashian this is like a very body con kind of like spandexy material which if
I was wearing without a shapewear situation I would feel very lumpy. I like
to eat before I go out so I think shapewear would help with that yeah I definitely
feel like it contours my waist a lot I’ve always been really afraid of like
me walking around looking really stiff but this doesn’t I feel like I can dance
it just smooths everything out so I had to well I will show you whoo
I just have to like fold it up a bit I don’t think you can really tell without
a bra it is nice if I didn’t want to have to worry about an additional
undergarment it feels this breathable absolutely at the eye I definitely wear
this my butt looks good I never fully feel comfortable wearing the tight long
dress and would love to and now that I have this shapewear on feel like I can
pull it off a little bit more yeah I like the way it looks so I feel
confident I still don’t have to pee so I’m okay right now but I feel like the
moment I do I’ll be like I would wear this if I was going to an event where I
didn’t have to eat or use the bathroom take the dress off take the shapewear
off all right oh another little peach butt. sticky kind
of material inside I’m assuming to like keep it up I’m gonna try to defy the
odds and try and get into this I guess it kind of looks cool like I’m rocking a
Yeezy look I don’t know I definitely have like a little bit of something if
you saw Kim at the Met Gala that’s what I kind of feel like right now it’s like
I definitely feel like I’m in a two-piece I feel like this midsection
everything’s just being squeezed there so I have the two-piece shaper on this
is definitely just as comfortable and just as breathable so now I’m wearing a
two-piece shapewear I feel like I can see the band through the dress which I’m
not crazy about it gives me this weird cut look that I don’t think it’s
necessary or natural looking I can see the benefit of two separate pieces it
creates more of that hourglass shape I still definitely like the freedom with
the two-piece you feel like you want to go dancing this is probably the option
here you want to go for thank you
okay oh my god there are hooks okay that’s bigger that’s nice this was the
easiest one to get on for sure super breathable super comfortable but it
still sucks in what needs to be sucked in
feels like it’s also like a bodysuit that I can wear out actually even like
some jeans and like a cute like blazer or something but I hate this like what
is this armpit flabby part cut or not we don’t like this and this accentuates
that so I definitely like this one under the dress it feels comfortable it
smooths out my tummy I feel like out of all of the shapewear this is my favorite
for sure but I’m all about the Comfort so I like this one well I feel
comfortable and I feel like it holds me up I do have a little problem with the
weight cuts into my thigh here she can tell that I have something on I think if
you’re going to wear shapewear I think it should be something super seamless
and secretive I guess I mean it’s very nice and smooth I just don’t know how
much it’s like holding me in sucking me in but it does feel very nice once again
just feel like my hips are popping out shapewear cuts off right here and it’s
just making everything down here protrude. t definitely don’t feel like I
have the hourglass figure and these but it’s a little bit more comfortable than
the two-piece Kimmy if you’re watching this make a pee hole
she definitely like nailed this for women of all shapes and sizes I have a
couple things that are in my closet that I can definitely wear but I haven’t
because I’m like oh but I think after trying on that shapewear I’d definitely
bring that out of the back of my closet and definitely put that on so I would
see myself buying the one-piece shapewear with the longer shorts I could
see my mom buying it I could see you know friends buying it of different
sizes that one is universally flattering it really does make a difference
sometimes you need things to you know smooth it all out if I’m like going out
for a special occasion I think I definitely where’d the
shapewear what else should we try on for more videos like this subscribe to Cosmo

41 Replies to “5 Womens’ Brutally Honest Reviews of Kim Kardashian’s Shapewear | Actual People Try On | Cosmo”

  1. Made me low key sad that the smaller woman said her idea of shape wear was high-waisted jeans and the plus size woman said she wears it all the time…

  2. For most of the girls the first one and the last one literally did almost nothing. The second one make most of the girls look worse because of the skin that sticks out up top. I feel like I would never wear shapewear because it doesn’t do enough to be worth the discomfort. I would rather stick to high waisted compression shorts that are made of the same things as activewear leggings

  3. I have never understood American sizing. The x-small was so much smaller than the small. And the small had so much variation within the size itself. I wish we would be sized like men are- waist and hip inches

  4. I really don’t see much of a difference, if anything I think the two piece makes more lumps at the waist to ladies who don’t even have lumps…

  5. 🤔🤔🤔 Maybe it’s just me, but to be honest, I didn’t see anything spectacular or different that this Shapewear did for any of these ladies 🗣🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. well i guess the important part is that it boosts your confidence because there isn't much of an actual difference, just buy cheaper shapewear i guess

  7. People if you really think by using this you will look like her ?! I’m sorry to break it up for you , the only way you will look like her is by all the plastic surgeries / which is not bad !? By why promote stuff like this when you already know you have a perfect body . I bet you never used them . Why ? Because you don’t fucking need to . Just more ways to make money 💰. I’ bet there is garment for cheaper price and looks like this I have seen many in the stores , and I’m not gonna lie I have one or two but thinking ima look like this never !!! Like I said I bet they don’t even use them , the already have perfect bodies, shit if I had perfect body I wouldn’t be felling uncomfortable just because no bye jaja !!! They just trying to make more money 💰 then aagain the reason they look like this is because all the ways the take care of them self / and plastic surgery and how do they do that ???? WITH YOUR MONEY 💰 instead of wasting your precious money you work for , get a gym membership and this will help you achieve a closer look to your body goals !!!💕

  8. No shade …but I dont see a difference..The two piece actually gave a couple of them pertruding back fat which they didnt have when not wearing the shapewear…Nice try tho Mrs West😬

  9. Why the fuck did they not put an opening in the body suit so you can pee. You’re supposed to go out all night and just hold it? You’re gonna keep a lot of girls dehydrated or give them UTIs, Kim. I can totally picture myself being a drunk lazy idiot and drinking less water so I won’t have to take my outfit off to pee haha

  10. This looks very much like an ad/partnership, you know you have to inform people about that right? And just like most other people here I couldn't see much of a difference.

  11. The kardashians look good only bc of all of the surgeries not bc the shape wear was good lmao bc tbh there’s waaaay better ones out there

  12. Shareware isn’t really meant to make fat disappear it helps most with extra weight from grass and food, that’s where you would see the real difference as that can move but normal body fat won’t

  13. Shapewear isn't a miracle worker. The point of it so to take out lumps, make curvier sand so forth. The only person whose actually gonna notice the diff is the wearer. That goes for ALL shapewear. Us who observe won't notice tiny difference but the wearer would. It's like how we criticize our big arms and thighs but outside looking in, they don't see it as big know what I mean?
    If you're gonna buy shapewear, the point should just be the texture and how comfortable it feels on the skin. Does it restrict too much? Itchy? Too chafed?

  14. Okay, the before and the after…there's almost zero difference. In two women the waist seemed a bit more defined but that's about it. The point of this is what again?

  15. This is some foolishness there's completely no difference when these ladies put it on and when they did not have it on once again they have managed to let the Kardashians full the world again people are just making these frogs rich more and more by the day

  16. I mean not too had on the pricing, but also didn't see anythyng special..🤔
    however, I went to target and they definitely had the shapewear I needed and did miracles under my dress, is called assets by spanx for less than $35.00

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