6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise – If You Ask !

6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise – If You Ask !

you’re about to discover things that you
can get for free on a cruise if you simply ask for them. I’m Gary
Bembridge and this is another of my tips for travellers. I’m going to tell you things
that you can get for free on a cruise that the brochures, and cruise lines
don’t necessarily tell you about. Simply by asking, you can get more bang for your
buck on a cruise. First of all extra free food. On pretty
much every single cruise line, you can order more than one main course.
Some cruise lines tried to introduce charges for ordering extra main courses, but they soon
backed away. You can ask for more than one main course, so if you want the
lobster and the steak you can order both of those for no extra cost. The other
thing to do is go off menu. On some premium cruise lines they allow you to
go off menu, however, if there’s nothing on the menu that appeals ask the waiter
if you can have something off menu. Particularly if it’s something that was
on the lunch menu, or perhaps the night before.
You often find that they have courses and dishes that they can do at short
notice. Many cruise lines have some
standard items that they offer every night, like steak or chicken, but a lot
of cruise lines if you ask for something off menu you might find that you
can get it. If you’re vegetarian or vegan it is a great way of getting extra food
that’s not on the menu. Most cruise lines will have some vegetarian or
vegan options, but the secret is if you’re interested in that or you want
different food, then talk to the maitre d or waiter and they will often start
to cater for you and create specific dishes for you to meet your specific needs. If you have any dietary needs, you can often get extra
free food that is different or is specially created for you.
If you’re a big fan of ice cream, lots of cruise lines have gelato or
ice cream shops, however most of them do offer free ice cream too. You’ll either find
that up in the Lido buffet or on the pool deck and
in the restaurants at lunchtime and dinner if you ask for ice
cream you will get it free without any extra cost. Another great tip is room
service. A couple of cruise lines will charge for room service, but many of them
do not – so if you want an iced tea or coffee in the
morning just phone room service. Certainly, room service is a great way to get extra
food, and you’ll often find they have a slightly different menu to the main
restaurant. Secondly free drinks. Most Cruise Lines charge for drinks. There are
a couple of ways of getting free drinks. First of all, the most obvious is
attend the cocktail parties like the welcome party and farewell party. You’ll
normally find there is a big selection of drinks that are offered for free. If
there’s other events on board like you often find the shops will have special
events, and art auctions have special events where they provide
drinks for free. Normally that’s champagne, but not necessarily. Attend
those events. You don’t have to buy anything and you’ll find you get free
drinks. Another important thing to note is that tap water is drinkable on
cruise ships. Some people say they don’t like the taste, but it’s 100% safe
to drink. Bring along a refillable water bottle and perhaps bring some flavour
sachets or cordial, and use those to give your tap water a little bit of
taste. Tap water is free and is completely drinkable, and by bringing little sachets of flavour you can spruce it up and probably save a
lot of money on buying things like sodas or other soft drinks. Another great way
of getting free drinks is sign up for a Cruise Critic Meet-up. Many cruise lines
host meet-ups for members of Cruise Critic. If you’re on Cruise Critic,
have a look for your particular cruise and find out there’s a meet-up, sign up for
it and go because you’ll find there are free drinks and often
little nibbles and snacks. Remember that tea, coffee, juices and
things like lemonade are often available 24 hours a day in the Lido buffet
restaurants. No matter what time of the day or night, if you want some tea or
coffee you can get those free up in the Lido deck. My third tip on free
things you can get on a cruise by asking are gifts, and there’s quite a few
options here. First of all, one of the things to do is take part in all of the
activities. You’ll find that many of the activities, whether it’s trivia games,
deck games and other events run by the entertainment team, if you go to those you will have a card and build up points, and at the end of the cruise you can redeem
those points for gifts and prizes. A lot of people
take part in activities and don’t do that and so miss out on getting
free bits and pieces of gifts. They often tend to be branded merchandise. So,
if every cruise you go on if you do collect the points you will collect a lot
of free gifts. Another way of getting free gifts is going to the shopping
talks. This tends to happen more in places like the Caribbean or Alaska
where duty free shopping is a really big thing. On board there will be shopping
advisors and they have lots of free gifts and incentives to get you to
go into the shops. Again you don’t normally have to buy anything, but by
simply going to the talks you’ll get free gifts and then by going to some of the
stores you can redeem vouchers for free gifts.
It’s definitely worth doing that because you’ll come away from the cruise
with all sorts of things like T-shirts, lucky charms or free
samples. Another thing to do is if you’ve forgotten some of your amenities, so that
might be a comb or a brush, stuff for shaving or toothbrush, instead of heading straight for the shops go to the Guest Services desk and
ask them if they have an amenity kit. You’ll often find, like in many
hotels, you can often get those for free. The other thing to do is you’ll often
find in your cabin or by going to Guest Services, you can get stationery,
envelopes, writing paper, pens and postcards. One of
my favourite ways of getting free gifts is to take part in some of the raffles,
especially on embarkation day you’ll find a couple of places around the ship have raffles to get you to go there. One of the best ones to go to is the
Spa. They enter you in a raffle, often give you a free drink and you
just have to be there a certain time (normally just after the muster drills) at
5 o’clock or 6 o’clock and they do the draw and you
have to be there to get the prize. On a couple of cruises I have won packages
with free massages and facials. So, that’s definitely something to do. You’ll also
find sometimes the shops will do these, particularly if they’re launching a new
range they’ll have a raffle as they want you to go there to
look at the new merchandise. Definitely look out for the raffles
around the ship where they’re giving away prizes. My fourth tip is an
easy one to do and that’s to cruise when there’s a special event
taking place like your birthday or a special anniversary. Make sure the cruise line knows that it’s a special event and let your cabin steward know.
Most cruise lines will make a fuss over a special event. If
it’s your birthday at dinner they will bring you a cake. If your cabin
steward knows that it’s a special anniversary or your birthday
they will also normally do something, like they might bring a cake, put up
some decorations or bring you a bottle of something bubbly. So, make
sure that they know that you’re cruising on a special event. Pick cruises when you have a special event because it’s very likely that
if the cruise line knows, they will make a fuss and give you something free. The
fifth thing that you get free is medication and the Medical Centre.
Medication and seeing the Medical Centre can cost a lot of money, but there are
two pieces of medication that you can get for free.
First of all, seasickness tablets. You’ll find that the Cruise Line at the guest
services desk will normally give seasickness
medication away for free, particularly when rough sea or they know that it’s getting
rough. The second is around if you have stomach
upsets and you need anti diarrhoea. Very important if you think that you
have any of the signs of norovirus, like you are the vomiting or you have
diarrhea problems, if you contact the Medical Centre they will usually
see you for nothing. You will normally get a consultation by
the doctor, or nurse, for free. If you have those symptoms, they
will give you the relevant medication. My sixth tip is one that I have used quite
a lot, and works me, and this is around getting your cabin improved. If you have
any issues with your bed, so it’s too hard or too soft or you don’t like the
pillows, speak to your cabin steward and see what they can do. Often they can bring in new mattress toppers, give you feather
pillows or memory foam pillows – and you normally find that you
can get your bed adjusted and improved so that it really suits you and there are
things they can normally do very easily. So, don’t suffer if you’re not happy with
your bed. The second thing that you can do is if you have a problem with your
cabin, there’s a noise problem or something’s not working, always make sure
that your Cabin Steward knows and that they’ve also reported
to their supervisor. Once they’ve done that, then go and report it to Guest
Services. It is very important that sequencing of events. I’ve had
problems on different cruises where I’ve had a noise problem or something hasn’t
really worked, I made sure the cabin steward has known about it and I know that they
reported their supervisor, and then I’ve gone to guest services telling them that
I’ve reported it. The cabin steward is verifying that you have a problem and
when that’s happened I’ve often been moved to better
cabins, because everyone agrees that there is a problem. Then Guest Services
know and the hotel manager knows that it’s not just you creating a fuss for
fuss sake, and that your steward agrees there is a problem and I have been moved
(when of course there’s availability) to better cabins as a result. So, cabin
improvements definitely can happen by asking and working with your cabin
steward. As you can see, simply by asking there’s a whole lot of things that you
can get for free to give you more bang for your buck on your cruise fare. I hope
you found that helpful. I have loads more videos with lots of tips and advice
about cruising, so why don’t you watch one of those right now?

56 Replies to “6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise – If You Ask !”

  1. You saved the best tip for last. I’ve never had a problem with a cabin. But if I did, I wouldn’t think to go to Guest Services after talking with the cabin steward.

  2. Very good tips. I think the main thing is to speak politely to everyone when you're asking… and ask, don't demand. Also, the last tip is really good because it tells me what the process is for letting someone who can do something know that I have a problem with my room. I wouldn't have thought to tell my room steward but would go directly to guest services. Good to know who to talk to, when.

  3. I reported a noise problem but instead of looking after us and giving us a similar room, the Cruise line downgraded us! Thanks Royal Caribbean! 👎👎. And yes this was our first cruise with RC.

  4. Booked for 2020 last year on our cannarie island cruise then came into some money and booked the same cruise for this year and its the wife's birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary while we are on the cruise so we be seeing what we can get thanks for the tips big thumbs up 👍

  5. the food one is 1000% spot on. I had lobster and steak almost every night on my last seven day cruise. You can also ask not to have the extra fillers like salad, bread, etc.Also, fun fact, you can always get any pasta dish you want almost at any time. They always have it on the kids menu and will be more than happy to slap some cut up chicken or meatball or steak on it if you ask. You can get red sauce or white as well as extra cheese. nom nom nom

  6. I won a spa voucher on a Princess cruise to Alaska because only a handful of people turned up to the raffle draw and they had to keep re-drawing names. Definitely worth 30 seconds of stupid celebratory dancing and sitting through 20 minutes of a spa sales pitch! It was a lovely bonus to my holiday (I was planning to get a spa treatment anyway). Just be aware though that if you do win a voucher, you will have to use it on a port/embarkation day.

  7. Great tips 😃!

    I am always asking for firmer more supportive pillows pretty much first thing from the steward as I know my neck and shoulders will suffer without them. Every line I have been on is super good about this, some have even come back with options for me to try out. Also usually get asked in a couple of days if all is still good with it. So opportunities to adjust if anything is needed.

  8. Oceania tip: Filet Mignon used to be available from the Waves Grill, but it seems they have removed it because it was competing with their steakhouse. But you can still get that cut for “free” at any time from the room service menu.

  9. We got a lovely bottle of wine, some chocolates, and a pretty flower arrangement on our anniversary on our last cruise with Celebrity. We were pleasantly surprised.

  10. I’ve been on the celebrity constellation and I’ve been on the royal Caribbean explorer of the seas and I’m going to the Caribbean next April on the celebrity siluet and I might be going on the jeep of the seas to dubi in January

  11. Most cruise ships do not charge for coffee/tea room service early in the morning. We schedule early coffee daily to get in gear for the day. However, even though there is no charge, you should tip the server every day $3. Per day for coffee/tea is reasonable.

  12. I was on a Carnival Cruise to Alaska and arrived early for an evening dance show. They picked me to dance on stage. The next evening I was invited to a celebration event at the bar for all those who participated. The dancers brought ~6 bottles of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. It was also a great way to (casually!) party with the dancers.

  13. We had a cabin problem on MSC where the floorboard was broken. It took them 4 days to fix it but we got a free excursion and a gift.

  14. The medical center will definitely see you for free if you have diarrhea and if you report 3 occurances of it to then when seen you will have mandatory isolation to your cabin for 24 hours so they can watch you and if norvirus you don't pass to others. This was not my ideal way to spend the last 24 hours of our cruise because I got food poisoning in the dining room at lunch.

  15. Great list Gary! On our last Carnival cruise I won dinner for two at the specialty restaurant just by attending a sailaway gathering in the theatre. We shouted our friends and the four of us had a fabulous dinner for the price of two. It was a very lucky cruise for me as I won at bingo one day and in the casino another day. At the end of our cruise we only had a small amount to pay on our account.

  16. Thank you for another informative video. The shops will often have liquor tasting if you want some small drinks, being known in the shops can sometimes lead to bigger amounts.

  17. Great tips Gary!!! My next cruise is NCL Jade in October, Med and Adriatic! I’ll be trying to get some freebies then!!!

  18. just because it's F R E E !
    Doesn't mean you have to act like a cheapskate (like someone in my family) and go there and horde everything.

    it's nice if you need or want it but you don't have to get it just because it's free and everyone out there is out to get your wallet

  19. I drink the tap water oñ a cruise. I ask the cabin steward for an ice bucket with ice. I find this very refreshing on a hot day while sitting on the balcony and it is free.

  20. Good points ! We were on a celebrity cruise this year and had vibration problems in the cabin. Unfortunately they could't give us a new cabin (full cruise) but we received a $450 gift voucher each for a future cruise with a pretty lengthy expiration date. It's definitely worth saying something !

  21. You tell them you are vomiting and you will be locked in your cabin until the cruise is over. DO stay in you cabin voluntarily until you feel better. Then go have a blast. OF course go to the med bay if it is bad. No matter what.

  22. On our NCL cruise our cabin was very noisy and we have complained many time but no one has offered to change our cabin. they offered us with a bottle of wine which we dont drink alcohol so we ask them to take it back. the noise was from several places:
    1- we were under the pool deck so at night when they were organizing the sunbeds it was noisy.
    2- next to our cabin was the staff service door and the employees lockers happened to be there, so when the crew were using it, it was very noisy
    3- next to our cabin as well was the handicapped wheelchair access to the Italian specialty dinning so it was a little crowded and the restaurant smell was coming to the cabin

  23. Excellent suggestions !!
    Your videos are of the most informative. Thank you
    ( I was wondering how to get in touch with you concerning the cruise company in Bora Bora )

  24. I ran out of dental floss during our Mediterranean cruise, and the customer service desk sent me to the shops. It wasn’t a cheap cruise company either. Cheapskates!

  25. Carnival cruise charges you for EVERYTHING…we were charged a $70 per person gratuity when leaving the ship

  26. Gary, thanks for the tips. Caught a couple of new ones. NOW the important question: At 1:29 there's video of a Republic of Georgia meal being served. What cruise line and ship? Was it a special cruise? We really enjoy Georgian food and getting it on a cruise would be wonderful. I saw kinkali and Katchapuri. Both probably misspelled.

  27. Cruised for some years on Princess Cruises. They were wonderful in many ways. Then Carnival bought them, and I have never seen such a cheap, and cheesy company. Thanks to Carnival and their cheap ass way of doing things, I no longer cruise at all.

  28. Getting free vouchers to redeem free gifts at the shops onshore, I can imagine the HUGE pressure the clerks will put on you to buy something.

  29. 1) Extra free food. You can also go off the menu. Free Ice cream, free room service
    2) Free drinks ( Tap water is drinkable) sign up for cruise critic meetup.
    3) Free gifts, example – collect trivia games points. Go to shopping talks. Stationary, envelope, amenity kit at guest helping centres.
    4)Cruise on a special event like your birthday etc make sure they know it too. You can get cakes, alcohol Rev etc.
    5) Medication i) sea sickness ii) anti diarrhoea meds.
    6) cabin improvement. If you don't like the bed then you can let the crew know they will fix it. If there's a noise etc let the cabin stewards know and go to guest services.

  30. Special foods? Nope, not always. Lousy desserts. I ask if there is anyway to get apple pie for one dinner. Was told the bakery doesn't do apple pie. Now there were loads of apples, sugar, flour, eggs, cooking oil, spices, and butter visibly available, but the baker doesn't do the apple pie thing.

  31. Hello sir how are you sir please you sent make one vedio at own workes about Waiter house keeping cleaner dishwasher security guard gatekeeper etc please

  32. We told the cruise line that we were celebrating our 20th anniversary and they made a big deal on formal night all about it. I made a banner and hung it in our cabin because I didn’t want to pay an extra $50 to have plates hanging from our selling so I made it myself and they wrote all over the mirror happy anniversary. I wish I would’ve known if I would’ve told them our refrigerator in our room didn’t work we could’ve gotten maybe moved to a better cabin but I really liked our cabin.

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