6 UGLIEST Hairstyles Men Should AVOID! | DO NOT WEAR THESE!

6 UGLIEST Hairstyles Men Should AVOID! | DO NOT WEAR THESE!

I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I
don’t know, maybe and nobody else is like me, but personally I’m always looking out
for you guys. I’m always thinking about my TMFI fam. And I’m thinking man, for
2018 I want to make sure the TMF squad is the most stylish, the most attractive
one out there. To the point that well they’re just gonna be stealing people’s
girls, that’s how attractive you’ll be. But back
to the main subject, the other day I was in the mock Christmas shopping, and
needless to say it was fast and the amount of bad hairstyles that I saw in
one single day, it made me cringe. And it also made me want to make this video. So, today we’re gonna go over the top 6 ugliest hairstyles men should definitely
be avoiding. Number one, the bull cut or the beaver
cut. Obviously made popular by Justin Bieber himself, this is the haircut you
get by your mom when you’re in elementary and sadly most guys are just
too lazy and grow with that haircut until they’re in high school and college.
Long story short it makes your head look like a mushroom tip, all you have to do
is just push your hair back add a little bit of volume in a styler and the
difference will be astronomical. Number two, the rat tail. Obviously first made
popular by Shia LaBeouf himself, now being rocked by Post Malone, this is a
hairstyle you most definitely want to avoid, nothing against obviously Shia
LaBeouf or Post Malone, they’re both great, but in essence the
hairstyle itself nothing of it screams sexy. This is more like a F-U to the world,
I wear whatever I want and I don’t care how ugly this is. Now hey, if that’s you
so be it but I have a feeling, if you’re watching this video if you’re subscribed
you’re probably the complete opposite. You do actually care about what you’re
wearing and how you look because well you know, you’ll probably want to be
breaking necks everywhere you go. The third ugly hairstyle you want to avoid
is the flat top. And in my experience there’s only one group I’ve ever seen
being able to rock the flat top and actually look good, and those are African
America. Other than that any other person I’ve seen with the flat top just looks
weird. Number four, the blowout. Especially the over exaggerated ones. The blowout
cut basically is that you start with the skin fate and then you just abruptly cut
your hair to make it appear or seem like it’s blowing out, it looks
disproportionate and it’s pretty dated since it was popular back in the early
2000, so when you’re wearing today again you just look out of place. If you
want something equivalent that’s more modern try something like
a skin fade with an undercut kinda the same, it’s more structured and not so
disproportionate. Number five, the spiky haircut. I mean do I really have to explain myself, it’s unnatural up abrupt and it
just doesn’t flow. This in particular is in my list of trends that I hope never
make it back. And finally number six, is the emo cut. Usually this haircut
features a lot of hair falling in front of your face which gives you the
appearance of being very dark, shady, almost a little bit depressed kind of
reserved than into yourself. But the worst part about this cut is not any of
that, it’s that it hides your best features, your face. That’s what girls
want to see, that’s what when you interact with people they want to look
into your eyes, but it’s covered by your hair it doesn’t look good. If you want to
have the same hairstyle without it being so extreme, try the fringe cut it’s
actually pretty popular right now. Make sure you get a taper on the sides,
even a skin fade and the fringe in the front, doesn’t fall past your eyes. And
trust me, it’s a choice that it’s a hundred times better and your face is
gonna thank me for. And that’s ba…., wait a minute I feel weird kind of like I’m kinda like sick.. Is the sky falling? no way I’m 100% today I’m not 100% sure why that’s right, I didn’t plug anything today. Damn it, I messed up guys. and I
can’t even plug my ESNTLS company that sells a world best, perfect, most
amazing fitting t-shirt ever because it’s completely sold out. I mean I guess
just follow my Instagram and my Twitter. That’s it for me today guys, I hope you
enjoyed it. If you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below also don’t
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100 Replies to “6 UGLIEST Hairstyles Men Should AVOID! | DO NOT WEAR THESE!”

  1. 0:55 so according to this guy, men aren't allowed to have fringes at all. Yeah ok, so I guess that's why almost every korean guy does :thinking:

  2. Oh dude… Shut up. When people hate homosexuality u'll stand up 4 them. But when smb says sth about EMO's everybody are thinking that it's good. If u're not into that subculture than shut up and keep doing what u do and don't say that girls don't like.That's just stupid

  3. Forgot to mention the worst haircut: The Undercut

    Like looking like Hitler youth? Like looking like every other guy and being lost in a crowd of basic? Like people knowing you walked into a salon looked at the front cover of a magazine and said "give me that"? Then the undercut is right for you.

  4. I REALLY AGREE to that Justin Berber cut.
    I typically like to make a fohawk on the front of my head, like in my avatar

  5. I’ve never felt good about my face. I naturally have no eyebrows, a major deviated septum on my nose that I won’t be able to fix until I’m 18, a big over bite, and a mole on the right side of my face. On top of this, I have the “Justin Bieber Cut” and get made fun of and called his name at school for it. I want to change my haircut, but I’m afraid I’ll get made fun of even more, because it will look stupid, and show how bad my eyebrows are. I don’t know what to do, I’m starting 8th grade and all my friends have a girlfriend or have at least been asked out by one, and I’m the only one who hasn’t. If someone has advice on what I should do please tell me, I’m going through a bad time right now, because of how much I’m being made fun of. No matter how good my style is I’m still ugly, and I’m tired of it.

  6. This zunigga ruined my life swear just unsub this nigga channel and dont evert think anout fashion or how to impress girl shit just be who you are

  7. Bro why u throwing shade at Justin hair the 2nd u were just racist about the hair excuse me bro u throwing shade at Emo hair Bruh leave them alone ur just being a bully n the most ugly hair style I’ve ever seen is urs

  8. u ones said we're gonna be the most attractive men in class or even school and u know what ur right bro. Ur videos really helped me . Soo thank u

  9. Lol when My hair grows out too long it kinda turns into the Bieber cut, but I still think it looks fine as long as you look young and have the right facial structure. I definitely would not call that a “bowl cut” tho….those are different hairstyles. Obviously nobody would get a bowl cut. I do think skinny guys can pull it off fine if you take care of your hair. Definitely looks awful on the wrong person so i see what you mean

  10. There’s a kid at my school who has an extreme blow out cut and he made it so it’s really tall and we all call him jimmy neutron because he looks like him and it’s hilarious

  11. Id say swap out the emo hair and replace it with balding combover. Unlike the other styles listed, there is an entire subculture with style behind it. It's just a small accessory to a bigger package. That being said I both share and respect your opinion, but only addressing a small aspect without addressing anything else makes it incomplete. You would have to address the rest of your opinions on that style in a separate video.

  12. Fair enough but I'm just gonna say this: In my opinion, Bowlcuts/Moptops can work if it's cut more blunt and you're going for a 60's mod look

  13. Me: why are you watching him? You're not even a guy
    My sister: he's hot, even hotter than you, no argument to that

    Well, that's true

  14. i just like cutting it short i had lil yathcy braids but now i just get the number 4 with a taper i notice hispanics dont look good wih braids

  15. True flat tops are stupid but African Americans make them look somewhat notmsl but they look like nerds

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