[Music] like take board okay hey guys welcome back to my channel so I have another fashion video for you I’m super excited we have Christina here with us again hi guys I’m back no no but in all seriousness I’m happy to be back I love doing these style videos with you so thanks for having me yeah I love doing these style videos with you because you really can see style has no sides like you can’t be playing it no matter what size you are so today’s video we are gonna be sharing how we style the famous falled staple the teddy bear coat I feel like I’ve been seeing these pop up for like two years now right they’ve had like a pretty sure it was a really nice jacket because one is super comfortable to like as you’ll see in this video you can wear it several ways several days and the reason why we chose the teddy bear coat was because I know I sometimes a juggle like I feel like I’m drowning in it one of those jackets that’s like a little intimidating in a sense to Niall because I gots a petite woman you feel like you’re drowning exactly and it’s like a curvy woman I feel like holy crap like I look ten times larger like should I be wearing this and I’m so happy we did this because I even proved to myself like how cute is I’m right and like they always like silly fashion role that we tell ourselves we’re just be s so let’s get right into showing you how we’re styling these pieces let’s just start with these outfits that we have on right now so this is actually a little bit out of my comfort zone but like I always say in a lot of my videos I love to mix textures together so I decided to do these black leather pleather pants and these are from Nasty Gal actually and I’ve been super into these racing motocross kind of pants I just thought it was like a way to edge up the jacket a little bit so I went for these pants and I love like the Pops of red Annette you guys know I love to introduce red into like it’s basically my color palette so I really love these and I just paired them with some white pointy heels just to give me some height because the pants were a little bit oversized and since the jacket is oversized as well I feel like it’s kind of important to balance that I love your outfit because I never ever would have thought to pair a teddybear Jackie which like you honestly think about let just being cozy and wet like these like racer tight pants like I thought you’re the only one who make like a teddy bear jacket look at me aren’t you like yeah I did it but I love this outfit it’s super cute preppy fall vibes yeah you know sometimes I’m like am i preppy and I’m like no and then I’m like yeah yeah girl you’re from Jersey like you’re not your East Coast preppy girl very sure so I’m channeling Blair Walter that’s love I hope you’re familiar so I’m wearing this plaid dress kinda have a sweetheart neckline so I layered a white turtleneck underneath it just to make it a little bit more fall a little bit more winter and just to add a little layer and some more style to it and then I paired it with my black thigh high boots which I’m obsessed with and just FYI on my channel we’re doing how to style thigh high boots yeah so a three ways so this is just like a little bonus lucky for you guys I love this look because it’s definitely preppy but it’s a little bit more dressed up too because of the dress and the high boots and it feels very elevated and it’s definitely me and I feel like wearing a Teddy jacket it’s really nice to pair it with a dress and some thigh-high boots because it elongates you and it shows a little bit of skin so you’re not like swallowed up by fabric and I think this is just a really great different way to wear it so now let’s move on to something that I feel like most people probably gravitate towards which is denim so I’m hearing my storage jeans I know these ones are a little bit more funky but that’s just my style so I just paired it together and I found this little body suit on Nasty Gal and it does have like a little crop feel to it and a way to kind of make it a little bit more edgy I guess and like not so basic since it is just denim and then I busted out these little white moody’s again cuz I just felt like it really fit the vibe and again just to like lengthen me since the jacket is a bit more bulky but I also wanted to point out that this Teddy jacket is from who wear from Target and I feel like it hits me at such a perfect length because it is on the crop side but on me it doesn’t fit us crop because I am petite and so it fits me kind of like perfect mm-hmm so I feel like it just kind of works with my measurements which I would totally recommend this jacket and it’s not that expensive so you’re not really investing in something that it’s probably not gonna live on for you know ten years or something like that I chose this Teddy jacket because I just love the color it’s so warm and rich for this time of year I just feel like it’s perfect and I love this like walnut color I kind of call it like a rust I think it goes but navies Gray’s blacks it kind of just goes with every single color palette and I just love the Lund so for my second look I did this all Canadian tuxedo sort of thing I’m all about denim on denim I love it and I just edged it up a little bit with a snakeskin belt because animal print is super huge and I love the little contrast and color and to add the print and then these white boots that were also from Target from the who what where collection and the white boots I just love and it just adds a little bit of edge to it as well and just look is super downtown easy very comfortable I feel like you can wear this in so many different ways I’m like the round no-brainer yeah super easy but super cute at the same time yeah I really love how you mixed in that snake print belt because it pooled like those brown tones from the jacket it just like made everything work it’s like okay so yeah for sure so that’s a really good tip for you guys up there as well so moving on to our last outfit I also introduced a little bit of animal print this one is Leopard and I feel like it really complemented obviously a black jacket it goes with everything right that’s why I love the black Teddy and I paired it with sneakers just like make it really casual and cool I feel like the teddy is more like a casual jacket but because of the satin slip I just like to chill it out with sneakers I think this is a really good way it’s like wear dress with it too and like dress it down dress it you’re still elevating it at the same time right right right right so I really love kind of mixing the unexpected together so and your hat was so cute too yeah you got a hat and I cute really cute back so for my third look I’m actually writing the same turtle and I can go ahead and just I’ll show you guys another way to like I have one piece worn it totally two different ways and I just paired it with these high-waisted black jeans a little fun belt and then these snakeskin boots and a little beret I’m channeling Frenchy vibes Priya downtown freezin chic like I’m definitely shopping at the bon marché Hey but I love this outfit because it’s so easy again and it’s casual but still a little bit elevated I love like that the beret adds an unexpected twist and these boots rooms are just so cute there’s such a great color and and again it pulls so perfectly with like these brown tones yeah and then I just like love a good belt this is a Gucci belt it was definitely an investment for me I’ve gotten so much use out of it so I feel like do you ever want to invest and designer pieces a good belt or like a good pair of shoes or bag right definitely the way to go hold on your money on accessories if you want to invest in something so those are the three ways that we each style this teddy bear jacket we really hope you guys found some inspiration and don’t forget to check out the three ways that we’re styling a thigh high boots another I feel like very fall winter staple absolutely let us know what looks you guys like let us know in the comments down below we love to hear from you guys I need feedback what do you guys want us to style next if you are into this little very what I really love having her on my channel like I said so you guys got a really good mix of how to style different things with different style different body types and etc so thank you so much for watching thank you again for being on my channel I love this thank you guys so much thanks for having gaming and we will see you over on your channel haha bye – bye


  1. I was so excited for this video bc I bought a long teddy coat from mango that is adorable but I'm 5'1" and feel like I may have to return it bc I can't figure out how to wear it without it just looking like A LOT. And I got a xxs so it's not too big… But u guys only style 1 type of teddy jacket! And a bomber style which is easier to style than the traditional longer teddy! Why???!! 😣 I'm still totally lost.. wish u could show different styles! I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks this!! ☹️

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