7 classic outfit ideas | style over 50

7 classic outfit ideas | style over 50

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  1. Sleeveless an absolute no no for a lady your age …….. sorry.
    Are you serious with the short length skirts …… whats up with you?

  2. Love your style and your pup ! You go girl with the shortish skirts. If I had your legs I would wear them for sure.

  3. love your classic sense of style..everything looks gorgeously fine with you.. me too,love to wear shirts…

  4. I think you are a very fine looking lady & very attractive. However, that being said, I do believe that ones shirt or dress should be elow he knee a bit and also a woman should wear a three quarter long sleeve.

  5. I love how you look great in any length skirt, shorts, or dresses because your legs are perfect ! Which is also why you look great in flats or heels 👍🏻

  6. I love the combinations, except for the length of skirt….you have great legs, but I never like skirts any shorter than resting just on or approaching the knee for women of a certain age. I always feel proportionately they look out of balance, that said they were well put together, but skirt and dress lengths bug me, because of the lines and flow that for the sake of a couple more inches would look even better, and I feel shops skimp on material x

  7. OMG! Thank you. I'm over 50 and I do take care of my body. I hesitate to wear skirts because I thought I'm too old for it. I will definitely add this to my fashion playlist. Sometimes I forget.. duh.. Im subscribing …

  8. You and Oscar are the best program to hit the YouTube channel you Inspiring me thank you for being a true classic

  9. i would like to ask a question in regard to necklace lengths. when one wears a round neck– highish and a necklace would the look be better if both items followed the same line rather than 2 lines across the neck area

  10. I like all 7 outfits. As far as the length of shorts and skirts, it depends on the fit.
    You look great. Someone can wear a long dress and if the fit is not right it will look indecent.

  11. Well, I guess I am doing something right as I wear classics and have many outfits similar to those. I just do not wear my skirts that short, I did right up to age 70 but then decided to go below knee which works fine yet at 75 !! Loves sun hats in summer, have quite a few and I also have several pair of espadrilles as well as flats. Thanks for the style show, loved seeing I am in style and can still rock size 4-6 !

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