34 Replies to “7 Clothing Items All WOMEN Love TO See Men Wear”

  1. U should change up your hairstyle man,shoudl grow a bit and straighten up your hair,your hair is getting boring now,i'm following you since 2015 now i have learnt the most about men's grooming ouftit and all from you man, that's why i think you should totally change up your hairstyle,should get highlights 😍😍

  2. Lol, when this man got sponsor he always posts video twice a week
    But it's okay we gochu its the house rent rt😂

  3. For the love of Christ stop pushing products so desperately! You do a good job… people will opt for the products regardless but just stop being so pushy

  4. This was such a sellout video, you were selling out shop tag while you had honey installed also 😂

  5. Jose , I would wear pink I love the colour but it does not help my skin tone as I have very sensitive skin

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